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C3 Three

"Okay, it's time to open the final gift bag," Sera announced, picking up the bag and handing it over to Gabby.

Gabriella brought out a medium-size rectangular box from the gift bag. She opened the cover and was greeted with a small card which was neatly placed on top of a folded dress and beside the beautiful dress was a matching pair of heels, purse and jewellery.

Gabby picked the card and read out the words in it.

I would like to take you out tonight to celebrate your birthday. Please make me the happiest man on earth by saying YES to my invitation. I'll be waiting for your reply.

"Hell YES! you're so going." Sera voiced out.

"But I have plans with you guys. We are going out to celebrate, remember?" Gabby said.

"Our plan can wait, We'll go celebrate with you tomorrow. Today is your day and you deserve to spend it with Sam." Bella reasoned.

Gabriella's heartbeat quickened. Seeing Sam today was not on her to-do list. She was not prepared. Most of all, she couldn't believe her best friends were encouraging/forcing her to go.

"We don't have to cancel our plans, Sam would understand if I tell him I have plans with you guys," Gabby said.

Sera and Bella took a glance at each other.

"NOPE!!!!" They said in unison.

Gabriella looked at them in defeat.

"Stop chickening out Gab!" Sera encouraged.

"I know you're nervous but hey? What's the worst that could happen?" Bella intervened.

"Right! He can't kidnap you and I'm sure he wouldn't dare to rape you. Well, that's if you don't want him to make love to you. But I think he will be great in bed." Sera teased.

Gabby let out a quiet groan as she tried to hide her blush.

Bella made Gabriella look into her eyes and spoke. "You really have to go, nothing bad will happen."

"He must have made preparations while Sera and I haven't so it's only fair that you accept his invitation."

"Also, we will be waiting for all the juicy details." Bella completed with a grin.


Samuel Carter was seated on his chair, behind his huge mahogany desk going through some papers when a knock on his office door distracted him.

"Come in." He answered, not taking his eyes off the documents he was reviewing.

"Just when I thought my buddy was finally taking a break from work-related matters." Sam's best friend, Evan Wesley said as he strode in casually.

Sam smiled as he rose to his feet "It's working hours Evan. Don't make it seem like I'm committing a crime."

"Besides, I have to work extra hard to meet up with my daughter's outrageous spending. That girl will be the end of me." Samuel joked even though he could very much afford his daughter's expenses.

Evan let out a chuckle as he approached his best friend and pulled him into a brotherly hug.

"So what did our princess spend so much money on this time?" Evan asked as they both took their seats opposite each other.

"Like every other week, she received her allowance on Monday. And late last night, I got a debit alert of $3900 on one of the cards that I gave her to keep for an emergency."

Evan let out a light laugh upon hearing what his Goddaughter did. "And what did she say she used the money for?"

"Don't know. She hasn't replied my text and neither did she pick when I called her this morning."

"She probably used it for shopping," Evan predicted.

Sam chuckled, "I won't be surprised. She's always taking advantage of the fact that she has me wrapped around her fingers. She makes me mad and happy at the same time."

"Glad you were able to stop by today. I can finally hand over these papers to you." Sam reached for a brown envelope in his top drawer and handed it to Evan.

"Great business idea, I never knew you could be a genius." Sam teased.

"For peace sake, I'll take that as a compliment," Evan concluded.

Just like Samuel Carter, Evan was also well to do. He was in charge of his family's beverage company and at the same time involved in several investments, making him just as rich as Sam.

"So??????" Evan asked for Sam's response. He came up with a business idea that could fetch them a lot and he wanted his best friend, Sam to be his partner in the new project. So the envelope handed back contained everything Sam needed to know about the business, including his share as a partner.

"Sure bro, count me in," Sam responded.

"Perfecto! Welcome onboard partner." Evan stretched out his hand to Sam for a shake and Sam accepted it.

"We should go out tonight to celebrate." He suggested.

"I won't be available tonight!" Sam replied immediately.

"Am I missing something? Evan quirked a brow at his best friend.

"Today is Gabby's birthday and she has agreed to have dinner with me tonight."

"Wow! No wonder you couldn't stop smiling since I got here."

"Do you think she would be any different, meeting her in person?" Evan asked.

Sam smiled. "I don't even know what to think. All I know is that I'm excited and nervous about tonight. We've talked on the phone, texted and even face timed and now I'll get to see her."

Evan did not fail to notice the twinkle in his best friend's eyes as he spoke about Gabby. He had no doubt Sam likes her a lot and he hopes Gabriella feels the same way about Samuel.

Evan was not bothered about their age difference as far as both Sam and Gabby were happy and as far as it was what they both wanted.

"I've not met Gabby but I think I like her for you. Getting to know her has sort of changed you. I like the new you as compared to the workaholic/boring you."

"I'm glad you're giving the opposite sex a chance again. You deserve to be happy, bro."

"Thanks!" Thanks for forcing me to join that dating site. Turns out it worked in my favour."

Evan smiled proudly, "You're welcome."

"You plan on telling my goddaughter about Gabby?" Evan asked.

"Definitely, but not yet. I'll have to really prepare for that. You know how much of a handful my daughter can be?"

Evan nodded in agreement

"She can be a handful when she wants to but I'm sure she will understand when it comes to your happiness."

"I hope so!" Sam mumbled.

"Anyways, you and Gabby should have fun tonight, take very good care of her and Hey, be careful, I'm not ready to be a godfather again. Not this soon."

Samuel blushed and shook his head in disbelief.


Gabriella did not know how her best friends did it but they succeeded in convincing her to send Sam a text, accepting his invitation for tonight.

The trio spent the whole day in Gabby's cosy apartment, celebrating her birthday with food and drinks, making conversations and gushing over all the expensive items Sam bought for Gabby, especially the dress she was to wear tonight to the dinner date.

When it was two hours to Gabby's dinner date, Sera shooed her into the bathroom to freshen up. And when she was done taking a shower, her besties assisted her in dressing up and they also helped her look good.

Sera did Gabby's hair and helped her put on her jewellery while Bella did Gabby's makeup.

"Babe, how did you get so fucking lucky? Your outfit costs half the price of my car!" Sera pouted.

"Stop exaggerating Sera, It's just an outfit," Gabby said shyly. Truly, she felt like a princess and all thanks to Sam. She wasn't used to something this expensive.

"All you're putting on is not JUST an outfit. The necklace alone costs more than you can imagine but fuck the price. You look very gorgeous and that's what matters." Bella assured.

"I agree. Sammy Jammy has a great taste and he's willing to spend his money on you to treat you like the Queen you truly are."

"I hope his intentions are pure. I'll make sure I find him and cut off his balls if he's doing all of these to only get into your pants."

"But you trust him right?" Sera asked, looking into Gabriella's eyes for the truth.

"I do." She answered sincerely and confidently.

"Good!" Sera voiced out.

"So babe, just be yourself and have so much fun. And just in case, Sera and I beautifully packaged a condom for you. It's in your purse." Bella whispered the last part.

Gabriella's eyes almost popped out of its socket.

"Come on, don't give us that look, we were just looking out for you in case anything happens." Sera defended.

Gabriella wanted to facepalm badly but she didn't because she could ruin her makeup.

"Girls!, nothing like that is going to happen!"

"You can't say,"

"Anything is possible." Bella and Sera said respectively.

Gabby let out a frustrated sigh. "This is the first time Sam and I are meeting and I'm going with a condom in my purse. What do you girls want him to think of me?"

"I'm sure he won't have any reason to open your purse unless you tell him to," Bella said.

Gabby shook her head in disbelief. "You guys are so impossible."

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that and I'll be waiting for you to thank me later," Sera said while Gabby rolled her eyes.

Isabelle did the finishing touches of Gabby's hair as she spoke. "I'm a little disappointed you refused his offer to come to pick you up. I would have loved to see him and let him understand he will have Sera and me to deal with if he hurts you in any way."

"Don't worry boo, we will meet him eventually," Sera assured. "Let's just give the both of them the space they need so they can figure out they are truly head over heels for themselves."

As a blush crept to Gabriella's cheek, she managed to look everywhere except into her best friends' eyes.

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