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C4 Four

A lot of thoughts were going through Gabby's head on her ride to the address Sam gave her. Even though she didn't see it coming tonight, a part of her was shy and extremely nervous about meeting Samuel. But at the same time, she was excited for what tonight held for them. It was definitely going to be a step forward in whatever was going on between them.

After a couple of minutes' drive, the taxi driver informed Gabby that they had arrived at their destination.

Even though Seraphina and Isabelle grumbled about her rejecting Sam's request of coming to pick her up, she was happy she declined his offer. Meeting Sam for the first time in front of her friends was not something that sat well with her. She wanted the moment to be special, just the two of them.

One of the hotel security guards opened the door for Gabby and like a Queen, she gently got down from the taxi and thanked the kind-hearted middle aged security. She paid the taxi driver who thanked her and took his leave.

Gabriella mentally awed as she took in the view of the building she was standing before. She was sure as hell that it was Sam's hotel. It was very big and undoubtedly a seven-star hotel.

The first floor of the building was the hotel's restaurant which was one of the best in the city. Sam once told her that the 18-hour restaurant always had lots of customers, Hence, she could see people going in and out.

Just as she was about to reach for her phone from her purse- to call Sam that she was around- a handsome guy in a suit who Gabby presumed was in his early forties, approached her.

"Gabriella King?" He asked politely and Gabby nodded as she held her clutch tighter. Not that she was afraid he was going to rob her, she was just nervous.

"Yes......Good evening." She tried to sound confident but ended up answering with a shaky voice.

"Good evening ma'am." He replied with a smile which sort of calmed Gabby. "I'm Eric. Please come with me, Mr Carter is waiting for you."

Gabriella replied with a positive nod and Eric led the way. She thought he was going to take her to the restaurant but he didn't. Instead, he led her towards the main hotel entrance, they passed by the reception and made their way into the elevator.

Despite the fact that Gabby's heart was beating faster than usual, She tried to stay calm throughout the elevator ride. She was just a few minutes away from seeing Sam and for some unknown reason, she couldn't contain herself.

She and Eric were the only ones on the lift and the only sound that could be heard was from him, typing away on his phone.

After what seemed like forever, the elevator came to a halt. It was only when they stepped out that Gabriella realized Eric had brought her to the 13th floor which was the last floor of the building.

And as they made their way towards where Gabby believed Sam was, She could tell from the expensive decorations and the aura of the place that the floor they were was a VVIP suite.

Just a few more steps and they came to a halt in front of a door which was at the far end of the 13th floor.

"You can go in ma'am, Mr Carter is in." He gestured to the door.

"Have a nice evening!" He smiled and before Gabby could respond-not that she actually had anything to say to him, he took his leave- receiving a phone call as he made his way back to the elevator.

When Eric was no longer in sight, Gabriella turned her attention to the door separating her and the man she had grown fond of but had never met.

She really wanted to make a good impression and at the same time, she hoped she could be herself around him just like how comfortable they both were when chatting, talking on the phone or even face-timing.

She heaved a sigh.

As Gabby was about to connect her fist to the door, she felt someone open it from the inside, making her heart beat faster.


As the owner of 'BELLA' S', One of the finest hotels, restaurants and suites in the country, Samuel had very easy access to all security footage so he had seen Gabriella when she got down from the taxi.

He was totally blown away and for some reason, he couldn't stop smiling as he watched her make her way into the hotel with Eric whom he had requested to bring her to his suite.

He chuckled when he saw how nervous she was as he was also pretty nervous. He had wanted them to meet for a long time and he was glad it was finally happening.

Seeing that it was taking her a while to come in and afraid that she might change her mind and runoff, Sam decided to open the door and usher her in.

When their eyes met, Gabby looked away, shyly. Sam noticed the blush on her cheeks. He smiled.

He reached for her right hand and politely ushered her into his suite.

Gabriella shivered when Sam intertwined his hand with hers. Her small palm fitted into his slightly bigger ones as if they were meant to be and for some reason, she felt safer.

Samuel's smile grew bigger when he felt Gabby shiver. He knew it was due to the tingling sensation of their bodies connecting. He felt it too.

He shut the door behind them and immediately, he snuck his arms around Gabriella's waist. Still, she did not look into his eyes.

"I still find it hard to believe that my Confident Gabriella would be shy to even look into my eyes."

"I'm not shy," Gabby whispered, her eyes glued to Samuel's chest. Not only was he older than her, but he was also taller than her and perhaps sexier than her which made Gabby start thinking if she was truly good enough for him.

"I'm not shy." She said again.

Sam tucked a few strands of hair behind her left ear.

"Then prove it." He encouraged.

Gabriella slowly raised her head and her eyes eventually met with Sam's beautiful ones.

They've sent pictures of themselves to each other and they've facetimed countless times but Sam could swear that Gabby looked more beautiful in person.

The two of them spent a minute in silence, looking into each other's eyes and appreciating how gorgeous they both were.

Sam caressed Gabby's cheek and she couldn't help but lean into his touch.

"You're way more beautiful in person, Gabby!" He said sincerely.

Gabriella chuckled. "It's the same face you see when we facetime. Maybe it's the dress and makeup."

"The dress is beautiful but your body made it more worthy and you have just a little makeup on. You're a natural beauty, Gabriella and you look stunning tonight.

She blushed. "Thank you."

"I wasn't expecting to see you in something so simple but I must admit, you look pretty hot."

Sam chuckled. He was glad his Gabby was finally being herself around him.

"So what were you expecting to see me in?" He asked, smiling.

"You sent me the most expensive outfit I've ever owned so I was expecting to see you in something similar, like a suit." She said sincerely. She was hoping to see him in one of his expensive suits and not in a simple sweatshirt and matching top which was making her mouth water. Sam's shirt clung to his body like a second skin, making his muscles and packs very much visible.

"I've been in a suit all day. I came back from work, took a shower and decided to go for my every day after work look. Well, except for this shirt I'm putting on. But I can take it off if you want me to."

Gabby blushed and nudged his right arm. "You're such a tease!"

Sam smiled, he leaned closer to her. "Happy Birthday Babe." He placed a long kiss on her forehead.

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