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C5 Five

"Thank you sam, you made my day. Thanks for all the gifts."

"You're welcome. I hope you like everything I got you."

Gabriella replied with a positive nod."I like them very much and thanks a bunch for the MacBook. You just rescued me from spending my savings. I had planned to go get another laptop tomorrow."

"There's nothing to thank me for. You deserve it and even more."

"Thanks for honouring my invitation. You coming over means a lot to me."

Gabby smiled. "I guess you owe my best friends a treat then."

Sam cocked an eyebrow.

"They were the ones that forced me to say Yes to your invitation. On each other's birthday, we do go out together to celebrate but they gladly moved the celebration to tomorrow upon hearing you wanted to spend my day with me." Gabby explained which earned a smile from Sam.

"I definitely owe them a treat!"

Gabriella smiled in return. "They will be counting on your word."

"I hope you like my suite. It's my second home. I'm here on most weekdays."

For the first time since she stepped into his suite, Gabby decided to take in her environment. It was spotlessly clean and decorated with beautiful pieces of furniture. The living area where they were was breathtaking and she had no doubt the other areas of the suit will be anything less than beautiful.

Sam was also right about it being his second home, the decorations indeed gave it a homey feeling.

"I love it." She answered sincerely. "You also have a very beautiful hotel. Your parents must be so proud of you!"

"Thanks. But why do you say so?" He asked as he bridged the gap between himself and her.

"Every parent wants their kid to be successful and you already are." She said casually.

Sam nodded. "I have no doubt you'll be successful too. You're very determined and hardworking."

Gabby smiled sadly, "Thanks! I hope so."

"So how's college treating you?" He asked as he placed his right hand on the small of her back and led her somewhere in the suite.

What made Gabby like Sam the more was the fact that he cared about her academics. Whenever they talked on the phone or chatted, he always asked her how school was. Gabby had always been an average student and sometimes, a little bit below average. But since Samuel's path and hers crossed, he had been her tutor, mentor and motivator.

Gabriella was studying for a degree in business administration and fortunately, Sam had a wide knowledge in that area.

He was always of help when she had difficult assignments and projects. Whenever there was a topic she didn't understand, he was there to explain to her. He had also bought textbooks online for her, to help her with her studies.

"Fine. Thanks to you who made things easier for me. I have a test next week though."

Sam made them stop in their tracks and he looked into her eyes. "You'll do great!" He assured.

"I really hope so."

"I believe you will. Just keep in mind the tips I gave you when you're studying and answering your questions."

"I will, thanks."

Gabby's lips curved into a shy and grateful smile as soon as she sighted Sam's portable dining table. It was a pretty big table for two, filled with food, wine, a medium-size cake and a few romantic decorations.

She looked at Sam. "This is plentiful."

"Anything for you," He smiled.

Gabriella closed the tiny gap between herself and Samuel.

She tiptoed, kissed his left cheek and hugged him, inhaling the sweet smell of his cologne in the process. "I think you're the best thing that has happened to me this year. I'm so grateful, Sam."

With a heartwarming smile, Sam returned her hug. "I can say the same about you too."

After she pulled away from the hug he asked, "I hope you're starving because I had the best chef in the restaurant make your favourite."

Gabby nodded. "The aroma is making me go crazy already."She grinned.

Sam connected his hands with hers and led her to thetable. He pulled out a chair for her and she took her seat.

"You should cut your cake before we dig in. What do you think?"


Samuel brought the cake closer to Gabby before pulling a chair close to her and taking a seat beside her.

Sam caught Gabby looking at the cake with a glint of amusement in her eyes.

"You like it?" He asked even when it was clear that she did.

Gabby looked into Sam's eyes, 'Happy birthday babes?!" She repeated the words on the cake. It was just as big as and as beautiful as the one he sent to her in the morning.

"Aren't you Samuel's babe?" He countered softly which earned a blush from Gabriella. She could detect some sort of possessiveness in his statement.

She silently wondered why she said that out when he had made endearments like that to her in their chat and truth be told, she loved it.

Gabriella avoided his question by giving him the go-ahead to light her cake so she could say a wish.

"I would have sung for you but I don't have a good voice."

"You don't need to have a good voice before you sing for me?" She pouted.

Sam chuckled "My voice is beyond horrible Gab!"

"I still want to hear it." She persisted.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." He said before proceeding to sing 'Happy birthday to you" for her.

"See! It wasn't that bad." She grinned when he finished.

"Yeah, you're just saying that to make me feel better."

She gave his left hand a light squeeze. "I'm serious."

He smiled, "If you say so!"

"You can now make your wish."

Gabriella closed her eyes for a second, said a wish, opened her eyes and blew the light off the candles.

Sam handed her a cake knife and she cut a piece. She ate half and fed the other half to Samuel who gladly accepted it.

"This tastes so good." She moaned, reaching for another piece.

"I'll introduce you to Damien." He voiced out.

"Damien?" She said cutely with a mouth full of cake.

"He's in charge of the kitchen in the restaurant. He's multi-talented. He cooks and bakes very well."

"But since we opened the restaurant, he's been doing more cooking. Though he bakes when he's free and whenever he's opportune to, he serves some cake or cookies to the customers who seem to love it."

"He's been bugging me for a while now to have a bakery section for cakes, cookies, pies and pastries that we've not included in the menu. Whenever I go visit the kitchen, he keeps telling me about the new ideas he has come up with that will make the baking business successful."

"So what was your reply?" Gabby asked, pretty interested. The cake was the best she has had in a while and she had no doubt the business would do well. 'Who doesn't love cake and pastries?'

"I've been thinking about it lately. Then a few days ago, I told him I was going to give him a test and the test was to bake two cakes for someone special. If the person likes them, we will bring all of his ideas to life."

Gabby smiled, "So I guess he's pretty nervous, waiting for your reply?"

"Not really. He's confident in his skills so I think he's rest assured. Only probably waiting for me to give him the go-ahead."

"As much as my heart is melting because you made my response be the decider of a huge thing, I think you should follow your heart."

"In my own opinion, the cake is great and maybe you should give Damien's idea a try but do it only if you truly want to."

Sam freed Gabby's hand that was intertwined with his and placed a kiss on it.

They both ate a few more pieces of cake. Then proceeded to devour Gabriella's special birthday dinner made by Damien.


Despite Samuel's reluctance, the birthday girl helped him clear the dining table.

Gabby was resting her back against the colourful marble counter in the small kitchen area when Sam cornered her.

He circled his left hand around her waist and gently raised her chin with his right fingers.

"Spend the night with me."

Gabriella's heartbeat quickened.

On her way coming, she had it in her mind that she would stay as late as Sam wanted her to, provided he would be dropping her at her apartment. Never did it cross her mind that she would be sleeping over. Hell, she brought no spare clothes.

"Please." He added, interrupting her thoughts and waiting for her reply which didn't come, instead he saw the conflict in her eyes and he instantly understood what could be going on in her head.

He caressed her cheek as he spoke. "I give you my word that I won't do anything against your will. I just want to spend the night with you."

"After days and months of calls and facetime, you finally agreed to meet me in person. I wish you knew how happy I am tonight. I honestly don't want this day to end"

"Please say Yes but it's fine if your reply is No. I'll understand." He assured her but his eyes were silently pleading for her to say Yes.

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