Between Two Alphas/C2 Chapter Two
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Between Two Alphas/C2 Chapter Two
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C2 Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Four of us, including the driver, climbed into the car. Before the party, three of us had to attend the Alphas Council meeting. My father did not tell us what were the issues going to be discussed in the meeting. He threw the words, “You'll see for yourself” at us and ignored the matter like it was never asked.

He didn't tell me but I knew it was about the threats from hunters. I knew we were in a strong position, but how strong? I had no idea about it.

I glanced at James. Was he aware of the subject that we were going to discuss? From his looks, he did not seem concerned. I smiled at his obliviousness. He definitely did not know about anything. I was glad that he was not concerned. It would work in my favor. However, It still bugged me that for a person who fights so fiercely to get what's mine, Alpha's position, he seemed pretty careless. It was not like him. He's not the type of person to use his brain but man, something felt wrong.

I should not care or even take notice, but he was wearing his almost normal attire except that he wore a black jacket that looked expensive. It was expensive but not as much as mine. I wore a black coat and a white shirt. He looked decent enough for a meeting. I was prepared for both — meeting and party.

Our car was pulled to a stop as we arrived at our designated destination. Three of us climbed out. We walked towards the entrance when our dad stopped us. “Remember my words. No trouble.” He said, pointing his finger at both of us, warning us. James gave him a two finger salute and I gave him a quick nod.

We were escorted by a man to the council's meeting room. Finally, we opened the door and walked inside. It was like leaving the normal world and entering into the royal world.

Six chairs stood on each side. Table between them was covered with blue tablecloth. Under our feet, the floor was covered in a red carpet. A chandelier was hanging over our head. The aura around us felt heavy with power. Royal.

Around the room, Alphas from different packs were seated on chairs, while their sons stood at their side. Their pride for their kids shone in their eyes.

For me, this meeting was about meeting my competitor and assessing them. After all, when I become the next Alpha, they would be my next rivals apart from hunters.

At the center of the room was seated one man.

The Alpha of Alphas.

Alpha Elijah.

Three of us bowed our head and greeted him.

“Welcome! Welcome, Alpha Samuel and their sons. I thought we wouldn't hear from the Blood Moon pack today.” He said in fake, forced enthusiasm with mockery.

He looked like a person who was transitioning but stopped in the middle. With a mixture of wolf and human, he looked fairly ugly. He had a weirdly lighter voice. Lighter than I've seen on any Alpha. It's been said that wolves are born extremely handsome but I don't think so and anyone who had seen his face would agree with me. I wondered about his mate and couldn't help but feel bad about her. She didn't even have a choice to reject him. His ugliness made me feel like I was about to puke.

“Apologies for the late coming. I had some urgent matters to handle within my pack. I hope we didn't miss anything.” Dad said as he sat in his own fixated chair. James and I both stood on the opposite side of him.

“Of course. And you didn't miss anything, we were just about to start.” He said, smiling. His eyes flickered on James and me for a second then he looked away.

“As we all know that there were few cases of death in two packs but it's not certain that they were done by a hunter. If they are active than we are strong enough to fight them if they cross our territory. So we don't need to panic. Everything is under control.” He stated.

“Are you sure, it's not done by a hunter? Because the evidence shows otherwise. What about the kid found dead in your own pack? I heard it was dismissed without any proper investigation and his death had undetermined cause? If we are so strong then why are we ignoring this issue upfront?” James spoke up. It was like a blow to my ego. I was always the one making points between us and him listening to it foolishly. When did he find out about all of this? Earlier, he did look oblivious. Now he looked like he knew much more about it than any of us. Now, I knew why he acted so careless before?

At his question, everyone's head snapped in his direction and I stood there like an idiot. Even Alpha Elijah raised his brow at him. He looked at me for a second then turned his attention back to James.

“I didn't know you were keeping tabs on me, James.” Alpha Elijah said.

“A good member of the pack, especially an Alpha's son should keep tabs on every matter.” He said. I glanced at him. He was behaving differently today. Even, I was surprised.

“Good, very good. But you didn't gather enough information. He died because his mate died. He willingly gave his life up. It has nothing to do with hunters.” Alpha Elijah explained. I smirked at his stupidity.

“If you like to keep tabs on me then make sure it's the right one.” He said. James flushed at his insult and I felt his anger radiating through him.

“Still, we cannot disregard the death that occurred in our two packs. If it's not decided what caused them to die then we can't ignore the possibility that it might have been done by a hunter.” I told him. It was clear that he was frustrated with our questions and concerns. We were probing the matter that he was trying so hard to dismiss. He wanted us to believe that everything under his reign was okay and everything was in control. However, it was pretty obvious to everyone that it was not.

“We'll double our security and would always be on the lookout for any hunters.” He replied.

“Anyone else has anything to say or ask?” He asked. When no one said anything, he nodded his head.

“Alright, so this matter is dismissed.” With that, he stood up. As we all did.

“Enjoy the party, Gentlemen.” He told all of us. We all left the room and walked into the hall where the rest of the party was happening. Everyone dispersed to meet new people and make friends. I stood where I was and looked at the scene in front of me.

It was exactly the way I was expecting. Drinks, music, lights. The most supreme attractions were the women. They all were looking models and the perfect meal for my dinner.

However, I left the room and walked outside. I don't know why but I wanted to look around. So I leisurely walked a little. Suddenly, I heard a crunching of leaves. I stilled and took one step toward where I heard this sound.

“Scared of mice?” I snarled and spun around to look at him. James walked to me slowly.

“I'm not scared of you.” I retorted. He pushed me back. I stumbled but gained my control back. I knew he was looking for a reason to fight. He fought his urge to break something in the meeting but now, nothing was stopping him.

“I don't want to fight.” I said and turned to leave but a blow from behind had me flying, and I was struck the tree with a thud. Then I fell down.

“Why? You're scared of losing?” He taunted me. After this, I didn't hold back either. I ran towards him and with full force, struck him on his cheek. James brought his fist back and forced it down with all of his strength and anger to punch me on my face but stopped right before it landed on my face.

We both heard a distant voice.


Both of us closed our eyes and took a deep breath of the scent that wafted in the air. Both of us spoke at the same time.


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