Between Two Alphas/C3 Chapter Three
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Between Two Alphas/C3 Chapter Three
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C3 Chapter Three

Chapter Three

“Mate.” We both said at the same time and pushed each other away.

A gust of wave hit me and I couldn't help but close my eyes and inhale my mate's scent again. Her scent wafted over my senses. Goosebumps erupted all over my body. She smelled like roses, forest and home.

“We have the same mate?” James' voice rumbled beside me, in disbelief. We looked at each other. The realization setting in between us.

Born at same time and same day, from the same mother.

We were fraternal twins.

Two body one soul.

Twins with the same mate.

“Help.” A soft spoke from somewhere afar. It was a scared voice that boomed around the forest nearby. James and I looked at each other and at the same time we broke into a run. I ran as fast as I could in my human form towards the voice of my mate.

It was not hard for me to find her, with my heightened senses. I would have been there in seconds if I was changed into my wolf but it would have scared her. And I didn't want to scare her, hence I was running in my human form.

It was clear that she was a human.

I got to where her voice was coming from. It was an empty street which was lit by only streetlights. A streetlight that was flickering every five seconds. Completely useless.

I was there in a mere few minutes but James was faster, and he got there earlier than me. I always envy his speed. His face didn't betray any emotion for the lust of murder. He looked like he was ready to kill anyone who would come in his way. So would I.

He ran straight ahead. I followed after him.

It was then when I saw a figure running towards us. And there were four guys behind her. My speed increased on its own. I ran towards her. She stumbled on her own foot and fell forward.

James and I both caught her at the right time and stopped her in mid fall. Her blonde hairs had fallen over her face. When she looked up. It was like, I have nothing ever seen before.

The street was dark and lights were not exactly great but with my wolf vision, I could see how beautiful she was. Her smooth blonde hair smelled like flowers. Her eyes were like two blue oceans staring right at me. Her cheeks were rosy red and her full pink lips were soft looking.

For a moment, I forgot where I was and what I was doing there. Without realizing, I leaned in.

“Please. Help me.” She whispered in a quivering voice. I heard James take a deep breath. When I glanced at him, I knew he was calming himself just like me.

“Please help.” Our mate begged us before she passed out. Watching her in this state, jumbled hair, heavy breath and tear — stricken face, I could not control myself. Nor did my wolf hold back. And I let my wolf take control of my body.

Four men who were after our mate, now walked leisurely to us. One of them had a crow bar with him and another had a baseball with him. Rest of the two were empty-handed. All of them were grinning and smirking like idiots.


“We don't want any trouble boys. Give her to us, and we'll let you both leave without any harm. We'll forget that two of you ever existed here.” One who had a crow bar with him, told us. He brought back the crowbar in his and bought it forward, making a 'swish' sound.

“Or they can join us. We can share, for one night. What do you think?” He asked. Baseball guy, who now had his baseball bat on his shoulder, gave us a look.

“What do you two think? You can have a taste of her with us. We definitely won't mind sharing for one night.” He said.

Oh, I would have a taste of her but none of you will.

When James and I didn't speak. One of the empty-handed guy came over to us and knelt down to touch our mate, who was lying down on the road.

A wrong move.

Before I could even react James kicked the guy so hard that he who flew back and hit one of his buddies, one with a crowbar.

“Urgh!” One of them grunted. Rest of the two looked stunned for a second. When one of them shouted, “grab them” then all hell broke loose.

My wolf roared in anger. I dived right down into the fight. I took two of them in one go. I grabbed both of their necks and threw them onto the ground. One of them stood up in a hurry and tried to punch me. I grabbed his fist right before it hit my face and twisted it. A crunching sound had him screaming as I broke his arm in between. Just as I turned to face the other, a hit of metal landed on my arm.

I looked from my bleeding arm to the person who did it.

And I smirked.

Eager as much as I was, I could not kill them. I swung my fist back then brought it down with as much as power my wolf could muster and punched him in his stomach. He flew back and struck his buddy behind him. When both of them hit the road, they didn't get up. They already passed out.

Happy with the results, my wolf retreated.

I looked to my side. Two of which James picked, were already on the side of the road. I could hear them breathing, so they weren't dead.


My eyes darted to the human who was lying peacefully behind me. I walked to her side and picked her up.

“She's mine.” James growled from his side. He was in front of me in seconds. He grabbed her hand and tried to take her from me. I snatched her back.

“No. She's mine.” I growled right back at him. I won't share my mate with anyone. No one. Not even him. I would fight anyone who will try to take my mate away from me. She's mine and only mine.

“Give her to me.” He said. He took a step forward. Looking like an animal about to pounce. His tense muscles showed he was on edge to lunge at me. Sensing trouble, my wolf jumped at tension. He was ready to take over, if needed. He wanted to take control of my body again. But I held it back for now.

James grabbed my mate's hand. A bit too hard.

“Ahh!” The person in my hand stirred and winced and I stared at her in an alarm. James snatched his hand back. Looking as alarmed as me. I waited for her to open her eyes, but she went back to being stationary. She passed out again.

“Let's get her home. Let our father decide it for us.” I told him. I didn't want to include anyone who would decide that she belongs to me. She was my mate but I don't want to get in a fight with him. At least not now.

“I'll carry her. Otherwise, we both would have a problem.” He said. It was clear from the way he spoke that it wasn't up for debate. I would deny him in an instant but I didn't.

“Okay. Let's go home.” I said. Passing her over to him, I felt like a knife was digging into my heart. Yet, I managed.

Right now, she needed medical help and rest. And I was ready to give it to her. Even if I had to compromise with him.

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