Between Two Alphas/C4 Chapter Four
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Between Two Alphas/C4 Chapter Four
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C4 Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Michael's POV

James carried her throughout the journey to our house. We left our car and walked all the way to our place. It wasn't a big deal for wolves. We can run miles without breaking a single drop of sweat. Plus, my father needed to attend the party much more than us, as he was the Alpha and didn't have the option to leave that place earlier like us. He was the Alpha. He needed to attend business like those.

And he knows that we do not like to attend this sort of parties. We usually leave earlier with any girl we find to fend our needs. Hence, if he didn't find us there then he would not get worried. He may think of us as kids, but he knows we can defend ourselves from any threat. Not just defend, we can pick up a fight with the strongest of wolves and still can win it. We were kids for him but the next most powerful Alphas after him.

Anyway, we arrived at our place. It was already midnight, so most wolves were at their own houses. Only the ones who guarded our house were standing outside. We walked inside without giving any explanation to them. Even though they were looking at us or more specifically, to our mate really curiously when we walked inside.

James started to walk in the direction of his room but I came in front of him and stopped him with a growl.

“She's not staying with you.” I grumbled out the words. He snarled at my words.

“Of course, she's staying with me. We had a deal.” He barked. I wanted to smack his head in a wall.

“We had a deal that you will bring her here but not about her staying with you.” I snapped at him.

“She's not staying in your room with you too, then.” He said. I calmed my nerves down a little. I could fool this idiot into letting her stay with me but for ones I decided to let it go.

“Fine. She will stay in the guest bedroom.” I said, huffing out breath. At least, she's not staying with him. I could deal with her staying in a different room, that is not his. He nodded his head, and we headed for the guest room.

We entered the room and James put her on the bed. Then stood up beside me. We both stared at her. Both looking at our possession. Did I mention how beautiful she was? My god! Her skin smelled so good that it made me just want to kiss her. I wanted to drown in her scent and cover her with mine. I heard James taking deep breaths. When I looked at him, my doubt was confirmed. He was panting and looking at her like he would eat her alive.

I smirked.

I can't say that I don't want to do the same, but she needed medical help. That's when I was snapped back into reality. She was injured. She needed medical help. I tapped two times on James shoulder to get his attention. And I did. He stopped heaving like he was running in a marathon.

“Adan.” I said, loudly. One of the bodyguards came to the door and knocked on the open door to inform us about his presence.

“You asked for me, Michael?” He asked. I nodded my head.

“Get Dr. Moore. We need him here. Now.” I said. Adan bowed his head and disappeared to look for Mr. Moore. I heard heavy footsteps coming towards our room and with that came the aura of an Alpha. Our dad was here.

“James, Michael, I told you to not get into any trouble.” He said as soon as he entered the room. He stopped speaking when he saw our mate lying on the bed. He looked at us and then back to our mate. He was about to speak but stopped when Dr. Moore entered the room. He bowed to dad and then looked behind us to our mate.

“You asked me to come here?” He asked me. I nodded my head.

“Our mate needs medical help.” I said and a dead silence descended over all of us. I said 'our' and not 'mine'. The message was clear.

“I want to talk to both of you. Now. Let Mr. Moore look at… the girl.” Our dad said and I nodded. I glanced at James and he looked at me. Both of us understood that we needed some explaining to do.

My dad left the room. Expecting us to follow him. James walked after him. I started but stopped in my tracks and looked at my mate.

“If she gains consciousness or has any problem then don't hesitate to come looking for us.” I told Dr. Moore. He bowed to me and I glanced at my mate one last time before leaving.

I entered my father's room and shut the door behind me. James and my dad were already waiting for me. Dad crossed his arms across his chest and looked from James to me and back to him.

“Tell me what happened.” He commanded. My wolf bowed a little at his demand.

“We were outside. When we heard our mate's voice for help.” I said.

“She was running away from four men who were chasing after her.” James said.

“When we found her, she begged us for our help before passing out. All of them started the fight first. We just saved her from them.” I said and shrugged.

“In our fight, they got injured. Two of them had weapons, one with a crowbar and second one with a baseball bat. So we did what we had to do.” James concluded. My father heaved out a heavy sigh.

“I told you to stay away from breaking someone's head. But I understand why you did what you did. Still, do you both know how much of a mess I needed to sort out before coming back here?” He asked. He shook his head in disappointment. He looked at me.

“Before, what did you mean by 'our' mate?” He asked and I stiffened. It was a topic that I wanted to avoid for some time.

“We have the same mate.” James and I both said at the same time. Dad raised both of his eyebrows at us. Looking shocked and not so shocked at the same time about this information. James and I both looked at each other in resentment.

“Both of our wolves smelled her scent and called out at the same time. They knew. But it is not possible. How can we have the same mate? Something is wrong with this.” I said. A look of determination crossed my face.

“But I'm making one thing clear. She's mine and only mine. I will not share her with anyone. Anyone.” I said and I heard a growl from James' side. He grabbed my collar.

“And what makes you think that I will share her with you? She's mine and only mine.” He said, and we got face to face with each other.

“Both of you. I can see the situation is a little twisted, but we'll figure something out. If both of your wolves take her as their mate then it means that the moon goddess has something special for both of you.” Dad said and we pushed each other back. A knock sounded on the door. Dr. Moore poked his head inside.

“She's awake.” He said, and I was out of the door before anyone else. I walked inside the guest bedroom and saw her in a state of half consciousness and unconsciousness. Dr. Moore entered alongside James and dad behind me. I kneeled in front of her and without even a second late James was on the other side of the bed. She looked at both of us.

“Thank you for helping me.” She said. Her voice was somehow hoarse, like she was too tired to speak. I smiled at her.

“No worries. You are safe here. How are you feeling?” James asked. I felt a bit jealous when she smiled at him.

“Tired. But I need to go back to my house.” She said. And my wolf roared in protest. No, in the hell was, she is going anywhere. From now on, this is her house. I controlled the urge to shut her off.

She tried to stand up but I pushed her back down gently on the bed.

“No. You can rest tonight here. Plus, you look like you will lose consciousness at any time. So just rest here.” I said. She smiled a little at me and I felt a different type of warmth spreading through my veins.

“He's right. You should stay here and rest for tonight.” My dad came over and said it while hovering over us. He put a hand on me and James.

“Kids let her rest. She needs it.” He told us. I agreed. She needed to rest. Thus, reluctantly, I stood up. So did James. We started to leave the room but I stopped.

“What's your name?” I asked her.

“Linda.” She whispered and passed out right back into deep slumber again. It was barely a whisper but I heard it. Loud and clear. Wolf advantages.

“Linda.” I whispered her name and tasted it on my tongue. It felt good. Too good to be true.

We all get out of the room and shut the door behind us.

“Any serious injuries?” My dad asked Dr. Moore. He shook his head in a no.

“Not even a scratch. She just must be exhausted emotionally or physically from running or something.” He told us. I sighed in relief. At least she's not hurt. It was good enough. Dad dismissed Dr. Moore and looked at us.

“You too. Go to sleep. We'll see this matter tomorrow. Till then, I don't want any of you even going near this door. You understand me?” He asked and reluctantly we both agreed. Dad looked at us like we were The white liars.

“Adan.” He called out. Adan came in front of us. He had a way about him from coming out of nowhere. I didn't understand where he got that talent from.

“You guard this door and don't let any of them go in. If they tried to force you out of the way by using their powers or using the card of being my sons, then you come to me. I'll see them myself.” He told him. And I wanted to snap something in half. How does he always find out what I was thinking?

So I guess, I had to wait for tomorrow morning.

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