Between Two Alphas/C6 Chapter Six
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Between Two Alphas/C6 Chapter Six
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C6 Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Michael's POV

“What?” Linda asked. I searched for an excuse but couldn't find one. Hence, I decided to go with the one that my father told me to do.

“Actually, one of those guys, who were chasing after you yesterday, were captured and put into jail, in police custody. However, their local friends are searching for you. To have you deny any accusations against them, so the police let them go. So I think you should stay here for a few days.” I told her. Her expressions were horrified when she heard I said that some friends of those rascals were after her. James placed a hand on her shoulder, and she looked at him. James gave her a reassuring smile.

“Don't worry. You can stay here with us without any problems. For a few days. We have people here who'll protect you from any danger.” He said and a mischievous glint came and left his eyes. I knew what that fucker was thinking. We will protect her from any danger except from us. We were the biggest danger that was roaming around her.

I gave him a dark look. He just smirked at me.

“He's right. It's not safe for you to leave this place. At least for now. You are welcome to stay here. Adan will help you to meet everyone.” I told her. Her face scrunched up, and she tilted her head in confusion. Then she nodded her head and smiled at me.

“Okay. I will stay here. Thank you for your hospitality. Who is Adan, by the way?” She asked. I internally sighed in relief when she agreed with me.

However, it also concerned me a bit. She was so innocent that she agreed with my request just like this. If I were someone else, and they would have made the same excuse and asked her to stay with them for a few days, then would she have agreed? What if they had ill intentions? And she innocently would have said yes to their offer.

“Linda.” I said her name, and she blinked her eyes like a little kid, waiting to hear given instructions. I smiled at her innocence.

“Linda — Linda look. It is just us. If someone else asked you to stay with them like this then please don't believe them, okay?” I told her softly. She looked between James and me.

“Okay…” She said cautiously. I shook my head.

“Everyone else except us.” I told her. She took a step back. Sensing her reaction, James pushed me back and came to stand in front of her.

“Don't listen to him. Let me introduce you to Adan. He'll help you introduce you to everyone around here.” He said. And proceeded to put a hand around her shoulder. He started to lead her out of the room but turned his head back to give me a look of anger. Puff. Like, I even care about what he thinks about me.

I did not want to be left behind therefore I followed them. I knew that I was behaving like a little kid but who cares. Not me at least.

So I followed them and saw Adan coming James' way. His eyes darted towards Linda but he covered it up. He side — glanced her way and took her in. It was done in a subtle way, but I caught it. It was good that he was being subtle because if he was full on checking her out, one of us between James and I would have killed him. James would have killed him first because he was standing near him than me, but it would not have stopped me to be any less quick.

Even though I know it was natural for him to look at my mate for her presence or for her looks, because I knew she was damn well beautiful, yet my wolf roared in reaction to it. I think James also caught Adan's side — eye because he became stiff. I came beside them.

“Linda, he is Adan. Adan, she is Linda, and she is here to stay for a few days as a guest. So make sure that she doesn't have a problem staying in this place. Okay?

Make sure to introduce her to everyone around here. Also, get our guest something to eat. Her health isn't that great.” He said to Adan and he nodded obediently.

“Make sure that you or someone else is always with her. Criminal activities have increased in our neighborhood. I don't want to worry about our guest's safety.” James told him. He gave Adan a very subtle clue to make sure that someone guards her every time. And that we had made up an excuse about criminals to be lurking around.

“Of course. I'll make sure she feels like she is home.” Adan said. He was a smart guy, who had worked with us for a long time. He got James' hint and walked away with Linda. I have to say, James was not as stupid as I thought him to be.

I busied myself in pack business. I checked the people who were situated to guard our territory. Making sure that they didn't have any problem or if anything was needed. Then I went to work out in the work field and helped in labor work. Finally, I walked into the place where we wolves fight. Here we learn how to fight, defend, attack and dodge. We learn how to fool our enemy and take advantage of their foolishness. How to never miss a chance to attack if we got any. We learn how to survive. We learn how to live. This area had everyone. From kids to adults and from men to women. We teach everyone how to survive in the worst of worst conditions. And never give up.

It is my second best hobby. I like to fuck with mind first and go for a physical attack later. That's how I always like it.

But somehow, I wasn't feeling like I wanted to be in this place today. My mind was somewhere else. With someone.

Still, I tried to fight. I walked inside the arena. My first fight was with Cary. He was a son of beta and my childhood friend. He was already fighting with someone when he defeated them, he gave a goofy smile to anyone who was watching them fighting. It was especially for the ladies. Even we all know that a mate has made for us, it doesn't stop us from flirting or getting involved sexually.

I entered the arena, and he gave a nod, acknowledging me. I did the same to him.

Without further ado, he went in for a punch but I grabbed it and bent down, swiping him off his feet with a swing of my leg. He fell but stood up. Ready to go for an attack. I dodged his fist and slammed mine against his face. He staggered back but managed to still be on his foot. He rushed to get back in but with one gesture from my hand, I stopped him.

Because I couldn't focus. I just couldn't.

I tried my best but I just couldn't. If this continued then I would lose this fight and I don't like losing. If I lose today it will be humiliating.

So I left the fight, unfinished. Leaving people with their mouth opened. I didn't leave a fight unfinished. At least, it was not a common occurrence. I did not care what the onlookers would think about me. I just left the place.

I walked to go into the garden to look for my mate or even get a sniff of my mate's scent. But I couldn't find it anywhere. Suddenly a servant came towards me.

“Alpha Samuel wants to see you.” He told me. What did dad want? I dismissed him and walked into his office. Without even hearing me knock, he told me to come in. I walked inside and saw him among some files.

“Where's… your mate?” He asked me without raising his head from the papers.

“Taking a tour of the place. And her name is Linda.” I told him. He looked up at me.

“Linda.” He said as if he was weighing her name on his tongue.

“Is she staying?” He asked. I nodded my head in a yes, and he replied with, “hmm”.

“Good. But we have other problems as well. What do you think about what Alpha Elijah had told us? Are there really no threats of hunters?” Dad asked me. His question made me ponder but I told him exactly what I was thinking.

“I think Alpha Elijah is trying to downplay the situation. Just because there isn't enough evidence to prove their existence, doesn't mean that they don't exist. Plus, if our enemies are quiet, it can be for two reasons. First, they are in such a weak position that they are not able to fight anymore. And second, they are trying to downplay their position so that they can go for a bigger attack then we are expecting.” I told him and after a second continued.

“We don't know if anything of those guesses are true or not, so we can't make assumptions. All we can do right now is to prepare for the worst. Any sort of procrastination would make us end up in real trouble.” I said. He smiled.

“That was exactly what I was expecting from you.” He said and I felt a hint of pride.

After that, I got busied in the work once again and I almost forgot about Linda. Day turned into night and I jumped on my bed to get some sleep. When my bedroom door slammed open. It was Adan.

“Linda's gone.” He said.

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