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C1 Socializing

"Come on, Lily. You need to go out, I promise you'd love this new club that just opened few blocks away." Jamie exclaimed throwing the pillow at me. I dodged it immidiately, the fact I'm blind doesn't mean I can't sense anything. "Hey that's not fair, I can see with both eyes but you're still faster than me." She whined. I'm hundred percent sure she's pouting right now. "I can help with that." I said pointing my scissors at her. "Of course not, I'm just joking Lily. I didn't mean it." She stuttered. "I guessed as much." She narrowed her eyes at me.

"Don't you dare try to avoid the topic missy. You're still going clubbing with I and Lucy whether you like it or not." I crossed my legs on the bed looking at her pointedly, it always freaked her out when I'm able to face her directly. "I'd like to see you try." I said smugly. "Mrs. Carter, Lily's playing hard to get." She smirked. What the hell, mom's involved in this. I should have known. "Lily if you don't get your butt out of that bed I'm coming upstairs right now." Mom shouted from the kitchen. To be honest I'm scared of my mom, she's the only that knocks some sense into me. It's been me and her for the past ten years and I'm happy that way.

"Lucy I can't believe you made me wear this thing, I feel really uncomfortable." I said dragging the gown lower, I can't see it but I can feel it and I know it's horrible. "You can't even see it Lily, you look amazing in this outfit. Guys are going to swoon when they see you." She replied patting my butt. "Mom how can you be okay with this." I exclaimed folding my arms. "Honey you hardly go out and socialize. This is a wonderful opportunity to see more people." She reasoned. Not again mom, I'm perfectly fine with my life. Less people, less drama and pain. "I'm happy mom, I have Jamie and Lucy here." I replied pointing at them. They all sighed at my statement.

"This is what I've being saying Mrs. Carter. Your daughter has some loose nuts, no offense ma'am." Lucy said. I threw a shoe at her which unfortunately she wasn't fast enough to avoid because I heard a loud thud. "I can't believe you're still violent after all these years." She said holding her head. "I'm happy I haven't lost my touch yet." I replied picking out imaginary dirt from my nails. "Enough with the drama girls, now off you go." Mom said pushing us out of the room.


"I'm so happy I can't see anything, I can imagine the unholy things happening on the dance floor." I shivered when we arrived at the club. The music was unnecessarily loud, I'm surprised the sheriff hasn't come to fine them for making too much noise. "Loosen up Lily and have fun. It's not that bad here at least there's free beer for the newbies. Let's go grab yours." Jamie shouted through the loud noise dragging me to the bar. There was a whole lot of sweaty bodies and the stench of alcohol was at it's peak, how are they coping here.

"Heeey Adam, my friend's new here. Her name's Lily." Jamie dragged out talking to the bartender. He laughed softly at her words not even taking offence to her loud voice "I thought you have a boyfriend." I whispered into her ears. I completely forgot that drunk Jamie was also the same as loud Jamie. "Of course not Lily, Andrew is a complete and absolute douchebag. He doesn't even know what he's missing." She hollered. Her voice was loud enough to wake up the cats in the neighborhood. "I'm so sorry about my friend, she's always like this when she's drunk." I apologized to him looking rather awkwardly.

He didn't seem fazed at all by her dramatics rather he just sighed. "I experience this every Friday night so I'm used to it." He replied pouring out my drink into a glass. "Oh my goodness, please don't tell me she's stripped here before." I asked mortified. When we were in college Jamie would always do that when we go clubbing and it always ended up in a disaster. He threw his head back and laughed loudly. "Lily you have a very wild imagination. Well she hasn't but I've had my own fair share of her awful voice during karaoke night." He explained.

"Hey, how do you know my name." I questioned narrowing my eyes at him. "Everyone knows you Lily, it's a small town besides she just announced it to the world few minutes ago." He replied pushing my glass towards me, I downed it at one go. Of course, why won't they know me. It'd be hard not to recognize the blind Lily. He caught on to my pissed expression and tried to retract his statement. "I didn't mean it like that girlie." He apologized, his voice having a hint of pity. "It's fine, I'm not surprised though. It's a small town, it's bound to happen. So tell me what's the new info in town." I said changing the topic.

I'm sure he's in the know of every single thing that happens in and out of this town. "Don't tell me you gossip girlie, I never saw you as that type of girl." He teased. "Hold on a second, is this a nickname you gave to me." I asked. This guy got to be kidding me, we just met and he's acting all buddy buddy. "It can be whatever you want it to be." He replied. "Are you flirting with me." I asked raising my eyebrows if he is I can't wait to burst his bubbles by saying a very big no. "Actually I am but judging from your expression I should never try that again or else you'd have my head." He replied.

"Perfect reply, I never knew you were that smart." I smirked ordering for another glass. I've never drank so much like this, oh well there's always room for new things like Lucy says. Gosh my friends are such a bad influence, mom needs to work on her friends laser scanning eyes. "You hurt me girlie, you need to slow down you've taken two glasses now. You're on your way to your third. I can't have a blind drunk girl here." He teased again. Wow, he has a good sense of humor. Interesting. "Come on spill, I'm always up for gossip. What's a blind girl got to do without her eye sight." I smirked.

"Okay, there's a new guy in town that's got the whole ladies falling at his feet." He whispered into my ears like it some top secret which it isn't because I'm sure I'm like the last person to hear this news. I decided to tease him again. "What did you say, I can't hear you above the loud music." I slurred, spit flying all over covering his face. "I know you heard me, I saw you smirking mischievously." He countered. I laughed, not because of what he said but the emotion put into his words, he sounded wounded. "I'm grateful I'm not part of those ladies because I can't see anything." I remarked using the air quotes.

"Yeah that's not what you'll be saying in some few months." He snorted . I looked at him pointedly. "Did my friend Jamie ever tell you that I'm very good at castrating males." I asked drawing him closer to him. He tensed a little at my words but relaxed moments later when he heard me laugh. "Don't be scared Adam I'm just messing with you." This is drunk me, I say a whole lot of rubbish when I take excessive alcohol. "Is that all you know about this Max guy, any other gossip." I pried. "Well except he's drop dead gorgeous and he owns a farm land here there's nothing special about him. Before I forget, rumour has it he's from the big apple."

A New Yorker, that's strange. Why on earth would someone trade a city life for this ditch right here. "Before you ask, I don't know why he's here." He defended. "How do you always know what's going on in my head." I exclaimed throwing my hands up in the air. "Like I said before, your expression says it all." He replied. My mom always says that I'm like an open book so I'm not so fazed by his new found revelation. "Well I don't care if he's the new guy or he's from the city. The only thing is that he shouldn't cross my path." I snorted already getting bored of the conversation. He's just human anyways, not like he's some demigod.

"Whatever floats your boat. You look sick, why don't you use the bathroom." He asked worriedly. I thought I could bear it but I can't anymore, I feel like throwing up all my intestines. This is why I don't drink. "I think I need to, where's the bathroom." I asked placing a hand on my forehead, a headache was fast approaching. "It's down that hallway, first turning by your left. I'm sure you wouldn't miss it." He answered steadying me on my feet. I wobbled a little, this why I hate heels. It makes me feel like a freaking barbie. "Do you need help getting there." He offered.

"Of course not, I'm a big girl. Besides thanks for the company." I said saluting. He chuckled at my actions "Is Lily really being thankful, that's an improvement." He teased. "Don't get too comfortable I'm not in the right state of mind. I need to go now or else you'd go back home smelling differently." I said holding my stomach. It wasn't a big deal finding my way to the bathroom except for the pushing and shouting directed towards me. When I finally got to my destination a huge wall bumped into me. Oh wait, is that really a wall. "Hey slow down and watch where you're going to." A masculine voice grunted out. How dare he talk to me in that manner, who the hell does he think he is.

"Excuse me, can't a blind girl have access to the bathroom anymore." I sassed putting my hands on both hips. Out of everyone here he smelled differently, like home. Eww, where did that absurd thought come from."I'm sorry I didn't know you're blind." He said, the tone of his voice changed taking a 'u' turn. "No problem, I get that a lot." I said trying to sidestep him, if he keeps me here any longer I may end up throwing up on him. "Hi, I'm Max it's ni-" Oh please, not the new guy. I didn't want to meet him like this. Hold on when did I start caring about my appearance, this alcohol is messing with my head. "Yeah yeah, I know you. Now scram, I need to puke. I think consumed a lot of alcohol."

When I was done with my business I came out feeling better, now I needed water urgently. I was shocked to find out he was still there waiting. Don't ask but when you're blind your sense of hearing and smell comes to the rescue. "Did you wait outside here for me." I inquired looking at him. "Yeah I did, I just wanted to apologize again. I'm not usually like that, I was just upset at that moment that's all." He begged. I crossed my arms pissed off. "Like I said, I get that a lot. You didn't have to wait outside for me that's outrightly creepy." I exclaimed. He kept mute at my sudden outburst even I was shocked at my reaction. "I'm sorry about that, do you need me to take you home."

"Enough with the apologies and FYI I'm blind not impaired the same way I came here I can perfectly go back home. Thank you." I said turning my back at him.

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