Beyond The Eyes/C10 Roseville Town Fair
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Beyond The Eyes/C10 Roseville Town Fair
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C10 Roseville Town Fair

"Can you drive faster, were already late for the show." I squealed excited. I'm sure you'd be wondering where we're headed to. Guess what, the Roseville town fair was finally here. I always anticipate this time of the year because theret a lot of goodies and games to look forward to. "Is she always this excited anytime you go there?" Max asked Jamie who was at the back with Jack. She wanted to go with us, unfortunately Jack decided to tag along but that wasn't my problem at the moment, I couldn't wait to get to the fair. "Yup she's always like this, she has a special calender which she always marks each day until it's time for the fair." Jamie responded sighing. "I've never seen anyone so enthusiastic about some fair." He remarked. No one talks bad about my fair.

"You never should have says that Max, now she's angry." Jamie muttered lowly. "It's not just some fair,it's the biggest event in Roseville town. I always look forward to the prizes and food to be won every single time so don't you dare call it some fair." I scowled making air quotes at the word some. "I'm just saying, I don't think there's anything special about it though." He defended. "You won't be saying that when we arrive." I smirked. He's going to be shocked, the only down part of this is that I wouldn't be able to see the decorations, the games or good food. Anyways I'm not going to let that dampen my spirit, I'm going to go there and have endless fun. "I sure hope so." He replied.


"Lily, you were right, this place is amazing. Look at the delicious wings they have here." He moaned taking a bite of his wings splattering the sauce on my face in the process. "Easy there wolfie." I called out cleaning up my face with napkins. "Where's Lucy, I haven't seen her yet. Are you sure they've gotten here?" Jamie said. That's true, she and Ace were behind us with the other kids when we were driving. "Lily." Lucy yelled in my ears. I yelped jumping up in the process and falling on my arms. "Oops I didn't mean to scare you." She apologized not sounding sorry at all. I scowled at her wondering what was wrong with her when she decided to do this. "The least you can do is help me stand up, I'm blind for pete's sake." I huffed folding my arms.

"Give me your hand, stop being such a big baby. Look at the good side, you didn't get hurt." She adds. Like that's enough reason for her to scare me. "Where were you guys, we've being waiting for you. Max got hungry here and order for wings." I questioned. "Oh you wouldn't want to know that all." She replied slyly. What is there to know about. "I'm sure it's not that bad for you to share." I argued. "Fine,you really want to know." She sighed. I nodded at her. "Ace and I were having a little fun in the car while we sent the kids to pay for our tickets." She says smugly. Eww, I didn't expect that at all. I wish I never asked in the first place. "Please don't share such information with me again. My poor ears are literally bleeding." I exclaimed. "Next time think again before you ask." She retorted.

"Mom can I go on the ferris wheel, pretty please."Jane begged. "Of course, how can I say no to my sweet little daughter." She gushed making baby noise. "Thanks mom, for a second I thought you were going to say no." She breathed a sigh of relief. "About that if you're going you have to take your brothers with you." She added. "No mom please I want to go by myself not take dumb and dumber." She scoffed. "Hey we're sitting right here." James whined. "Of course I know, I'm not blind. Sorry for the reference Aunt Lily." She mumbled. "It's fine Jane, so tell me what's his name." I smirked knowingly. "What are you saying? I don't know what you're talking about." She stuttered. "You can't fool me Jane." I retorted throwing a popcorn into my mouth. Gosh, this was so good. It had the perfect amount of sugar and salt mixed together.

"Jane you have a boyfriend?" Lucy shrieked. Maybe I shouldn't have said this in front of her parents. "Thanks Aunt Lily." She retorted sacarstically. "I'm always happy to help." I replied sending her a salute. "What am I hearing young lady, when did you start dating?" Ace, her father demanded sternly. Oh oh, I'm actually regretting calling her out in front of everybody, she's going to be so mad at me. "I'm not dating Tyler, he's just a friend dad." She muttered lowly. "So that's his name huhn, I don't want to see you anywhere near that boy even if I've never met him before." He warned. "Dad I promise there's nothing going on between the both of us, I just want to go on the ferris wheel with him." Jane exclaimed. She shouldn't have said that. "So he's right here." Ace said standing up from his chair.

"Come on Ace cut the girl some slack. I'll make sure she doesn't try anything funny. Jane let's go." I reasoned taking her hands into mine, she was unwilling at first but then she gave in. It was the least I could do for her. "Aunt Lily I didn't expect that from you." She scoffed taking her hands out of mine when we got to a distance. "I had to kiddo, you think you like him but you don't." I reasoned trying to make her understand that this so called love she thinks that she feels was meaningless. "I don't know Aunt Lily he says he likes me." She confessed sighing. "Is he pressuring you, tell me I can always pay him a visit." I threatened cracking my knuckles. "Yeah right like you can fight in your condition." She sassed. I wasn't offended by her choice of words, it is the way we communicate with each other.

"No he's not, I think I'm just in love with the idea of someone else having feelings for me." She added. This kid is too smart for her age. "I'm proud of you kiddo, it's nice that you understand now." I told her smiling. "Thank you so much Aunt Lily, you're the best." She thanked hugging me. "Why don't you go meet him and tell him your mind." I suggested. "I thought you di-" "Have you forgotten that I don't follow the rules. Go to that boy and make him understand that you don't want any of this bullshit." I teased. "You know you're saying a very bad worry Aunty." She teased tapping my nose. "Shut up, I'm sure you know a whole lot of colourful words that I haven't heard of." I deadpanned rolling my eyes at her.


"Guys is anyone up for spin the bottle." James hollered. "Yes I am but please we need to keep it pg, the kids are here." Lucy begged. Everyone groaned at that well except me because I'm the only holy one here. "Happy to know that you guys love us very much." Jack muttered sacarstically. "So who wants to go first?" Jamie asked. "I think I'll go first." Max said. He took the bottle and spinned. I think it landed on Ace. "I dare you to kiss Lucy on the cheek, is that pg enough." He huffed probably rolling his eyes. I heard the sound of a kiss thereafter. "You guys are boring, my classmates play this game better than you guys." James scoffed. What are these kids of nowadays turning into. "What did you say?" Lucy demanded. "Nothing mom." He stuttered. I knew what I heard perfect well.

"I want to go next." Ace said. He spinned the bottle and I think it landed on me, I groaned at my fate. "Hmmm Lily are you attracted to Max?" He asked. I didn't expect that, I was thinking he was actually going to dare me that I would have preferred but now everyone would know my feelings. I know that I can always lie but that means Max wouldn't ask me out on a date if he thinks I'm not attracted to him, I had no choice. "Yes I do." I whispered. "We can't hear you ,speak up." Jamie said smugly. Gosh, I'm going to get an earful of I told you so later tonight. "I know you heard me perfect well Jamie, you're sitting beside me." I retorted with an eye roll. "I told you so." She whispered into my ears. Curse her for always predicting right. "I want to go next." I said ready for payback. I just wish it lands on her.

I crossed my fingers for luck when the bottle started spinning, how I'd love it when it lands on Jamie. "No shit sherlock." She muttered. That's my cue. "So tell me Jamie, are you and Adam dating now?" I smirked wiggling my eyebrows at her. "Please remember we're keeping it pg." Jack reminded probably because Jamie is known for having a loosed mouth. "Kids would you mind closing your ears, I'm about to some bad words." She said sweetly. I braced myself for her response. "I can show you our text it's really descriptive, I never knew he was that good with his hands. I thought he could only mix drinks." She said smugly. Maybe this payback of a thing was a wrong idea because I'm not comfortable knowing the details. "It's okay Jamie we've heard enough." I shuddered.

"You asked for it,next time pick your fight." She retorted patting my back. "I sure would next time." I muttered disappointed that she won. "I'll go next." Lucy said to which the bottle landed on Ace. "How much do you love me?" She questioned dreamily. "More than you can imagine." He replied without missing a beat. Awwn that's so sweet, I can bet that Lucy's blushing right now. "Dad I'm getting tired, I think I want to go home." Jane muttered sleepily. I think it's getting late because there wasn't much noise at the fair anymore. "I think we should start heading home guys, we have a long drive ahead of us." Lucy agreed yawning. "You're right, the kids have school tomorrow." Ace concurred.


"Did you have fun today Max." I questioned on our way home. Jamie and Jack were knocked out at the back. They were snoring soundly, I guess they were worn out. "I actually did especially the part of spin the bottle." He responded slyly. Gosh, I thought he was going to forget what I said. "Trust me when I say I'd never forget what you said." He said smugly. "How did you know what I was thinking?" I exclaimed pouting. "Like I said Lily, you're like an open book."

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