Beyond The Eyes/C11 Marko Beach
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Beyond The Eyes/C11 Marko Beach
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C11 Marko Beach

"Happy birthday my favourite triplets." I gushed kissing James and Jane on the cheek but when I got to Jack I gave him a nod. Maybe he's not extremely evil like I thought he was but today's his birthday he's entitled to be respected a little bit. "Thank you so much Aunty Lily." They squealed squeezing the life out of me. I pinched their cheeks and gave them a huge kiss on their forehead. I love these kids so much, maybe because I was present during their birth. "I got you guys presents." I said raising the bags up. They cheered thanking me again, I felt on top of the world that I was the reason behind their smile. "Hey devil I got you something." I muttered to Jack handing him his present, I'm pretty sure he'd love it. "Cool, you got me a new action figure of spiderman. I've being begging my dad to get this for me." He gushed excitedly. "Yeah I did, I figured you're really into the spidey guy." I chuckled akwardly.

"Thank you so much Aunt Lily." He said hugging me, he actually sounded genuine which was shocking. This was very first time he called me Aunt Lily willingly. "Awwn he's starting to like you, I see that babysitting did wonders." Lucy exclaimed. If only she knew what happened I'm sure by now she'd be on a mission to look for that woman. "Keyword, starting. That doesn't mean he likes me." I retorted making use of the air quotes. "It still doesn't matter, this is progress." She countered. "What makes you think I'm starting to get used to him because this can't be one sided for it to work." "Stop fighting it Lily, you care about the kid." She muttered heading towards the backyard. There was a party going on there since the triplets were turning ten. Almost everyone in town were invited even the sheriff too. "Hey what are you doing here standing alone." Max questioned coming towards me.

Yup he was also invited which was surprising because I never thought that he and Lucy were that close. "Lucy was just here with me, she left for the backyard." I replied feeling warm inside that he cares about my well-being. I sniffed the air getting the smell of cookies. "Are you the helping hand she hired." I chuckled. I can't imagine he agreed to do this, he never ceases to amaze. "Unfortunately I am, I never knew it was going to be this hard." He huffed. "Of course it is, can't you see it's a big party. I can bet the whole town is practically here." I retorted. "Maybe I should have thought of that before agreeing to help." He whined facepalming. "That you should do, so can I have a cookie." I pouted giving him the puppy dog eyes.

"Nuh uhn, that's not going to work this time around." He snorted. I scowled at him wondering why he's refusing to give in, no one can resist my puppy dog eyes. "You're such a meanie." I pouted. "Fix your face beautiful." He chuckled walking past me. "Lily here you are, I've being looking all over for you." Jamie shouted coming to block my airways in the name of hugging. "Jamie please it's too tight, can't breathe." I squeaked. "Oops I'm sorry, please don't tell me I'm late for the party. Where's my cutie pie?" She gushed. Did I forget to say that Jack was her favorite, honestly they are a good match. Most of the times he played a prank on me Jamie was the one who gave him such outrageous ideas. "I don't know, you can check the toilet. I may or may not have tried to flush him." I smirked evily. "Lily Hannah Carter. How could you do that to an innocent child." She shrieked slapping my arms. I hate it when people yell my full name. "Calm your horses down I didn't do that if I did Lucy would murder me. They're at the backyard, there's a huge party going on there." I said. "Don't play that prank on me again I seriously thought that you flushed him into the toilet." She exclaimed. "I don't hate the kid that much enough to do that. Like you said he's still a child, the devil's spawn at that." I scoffed baffled that she thought I could do that, yeah I didn't like the kid but not to that extent. "So why aren't you at the back enjoying the party?" She asked suspiciously. I rolled my eyes at her failed attempt of acting like a detective. "You know very well that I don't like crowds. It's like a zoo outside, the only reason I came here was because of Lucy and the triplets. Oh yeah I forgot also the free food." I said munching on the cookie I stole from Max. "Lily you're becoming boring you know and it's like you're distancing yourself from us your family." She sighed. I doubt if that was what I was doing, I can never ever push my family away. "That's not true Jamie, you guys are my main priority. I could never do that." I defended, a frown marring my face. "It's just something I noticed and you know I'm someone who voices her opinion out. I literally can't keep things to myself." She huffed. "I know that but I promise to spend more time with you guys." I said. "I would be waiting." She replied going to the party.

"What are you doing here standing alone Lily." Max asked coming into the living room, again. I removed my ear pods from my ear so I could listen to him clearly. "I'm just listening to music, nothing much." I replied crossing my legs. "You know you're a very big party pooper." He teased coming to sit beside me. "I'm not that bothered. Why aren't you at the the party?" I replied throwing his question back at him. "It got a little boring and kind of disgusting. The kids are having a burping challenge." He shuddered. I laughed at that, I'm sure Jack was the one who brought up the idea. "It's a kids party what did you expect." I sassed rolling my eyes. "I've been to a lot of kids party but I've never experienced one like this." He retorted laughing at his comment. "So what do you want to do to keep you entertained?" I asked curiously. "You still owe me a last tour and this time I'm choosing."


"Wow this place is amazing Lily, I never knew Roseville town was this beautiful." Max gushed when we arrived at the beach. Something tells me that all these places I've taken him to he's been there before especially this beach. "Don't lie to me Max this was just for fun right. You aren't actually a novice right?" I piped wanting to know the truth. "You got me, I just wanted to spend quality time with you and get to know you." He confessed. I took off my shoes and buried my toes into the sand. Ever since I was a little girl I've always loved the beach,my mom would take me here every Sunday. "Why?" I asked. "I did it because I wanted to know you more not the blind girl people paint you as. I wanted to know you for who you are." He said moving closer to me. "How did that turn out?" I inquired.

"Well I got to know how amazing you are, you're sacarstic, witty, smart, selfless. There are many other things but most especially you're beautiful inside and out regardless of your blindness." He said with all seriousness. I was touched by his words that I felt like crying. "That's one of the nicest things someone has ever said to me." I gushed sniffing. "Hey don't cry Lily, I can't handle crying ladies." He teased wiping my tears. I pinched him in the arm playfully for acting all sweet and then he had to ruin the moment. "I would like to ask one question Lily." He said, a little bit unsure of himself. I didn't like the way he sounded, I think it's something I wouldn't like at all. "Okay I'm listening, I'm all ears." I replied sitting up straighter. "How did you get blind?" I took a sharp breath at the question, the memories were all coming back to me. "I'm sorry I shouldn't ha-.

"My dad wasn't there during my childhood but he later came back when I was about to go into college. It took a lot of convincing for my mom to let him into my life but I didn't care all I wanted was my dad at that moment." I interrupted taking a shaky breath, this was a really delicate topic for me. "When I finally got into college, I and my dad grew closer we could be mistaken for a boyfriend and girlfriend considering he had me at a young age." I smiled remembering the times he sneaked me out of dorm to have late night ice creams. "One day he suggested we go on a road trip together,we encountered heavy traffic which lasted for hours. Unfortunately we were still on the road by night time driving and singing the lyrics of the song playing on the radio." I sniffled. "We were having the fun of our life until the unexpected happened." I said bursting out in tears.

"You don't have to continue if you don't want to." He consoled holding me close to him. "No I have to do this, the guilt is eating me up." He squeezed my shoulder urging me to go on. "We didn't see it coming at all but a truck was headed our way and it hit us forcefully. I was unconscious but when I woke up I realized I was out of the car while my father was still in there. I couldn't see anything, I raised my hand to touch my eyes and they were bleeding. I didn't even know what happened but I smelt fire, I heard my dad shouting for help but I couldn't see him." I sobbed. "I kept calling out to him and he screamed my name so many times, I didn't know he was on fire. It was tragic, I couldn't do anything to save him. It's my fault he's dead." I wailed throwing my arms on him. "No Lily it's not, you couldn't do anything at the moment. What about the driver?" He said. "He was already dead before the ambulance came, he was drinking and driving." I responded.

"Listen to me you need to let go of this guilt before it kills you." "How do you expect to me to just forget my dad like that, he was my hero." I defended. "I understand but you need to let go and come to the terms that it wasn't your fault. It was the drunk driver who was at fault." He reasoned. I mulled over what he said, it's going to be hard to let go but I'm willing to try. "Thank you Max, I feel much better now. I think all I needed to do was just talk it out with somebody and I'm sorry I ruined your shirt." I apologized pointing at his shirt. I'm sure there are tear stains on it, I can't believe I embarrassed myself in front of him. "You don't have to ashamed Lily, people cry all the time." He teased. "I'm happy that you shared this with me, it makes me feel like you trust me." He confessed caressing my cheek. Actually I did trust him, if I didn't I wouldn't have shared my deepest secret with him. I pulled him and kissed him, I didn't know what I was doing but all I knew was that I've dying to have his lips on mine.

I felt like I was in heaven, the kiss was slow yet it was sensational. I know I may regret doing this by tomorrow but I didn't care at the moment. For once I was going to take the bull by the horns and let my heart lead instead of my head.

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