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C12 New York?

"Mom someone's at the door." I called out from my room. I was currently listening to music on my ear pods, music was one way I could escape from reality. It has helped me through my blindness. "Lily, Max is here to see you." Mom hollered back at me. What could he possibly be doing here, I thought we're done with our arrangement. I rushed downstairs to find out what he wanted. "Hi goodmorning, how can I help you?" I greeted curiously. "Lily don't be rude, he's our guest." Mom scolded. Guest my foot, I don't know why he's here but I'm sure there's something he's not telling me. "I'll be right back Max let me go set the table. Would you like to have breakfast with us." Mom offered. "I'm sorry Mrs. Carter but I just had one not too long." He replied. Trust my mom to always be hospitable.

"Are you turning my breakfast down?" Mom said feigning hurt. Max didn't understand that my mom was joking, she's really getting good. "No, Mrs. Carter. I'm so sorry please lead me to the table." He apologized profusely. We both laughed at his flustered state, he sounded like he was about to shit in his pants. "I was joking Max, come on. You know next time never say no to me okay." Mom reprimanded. "Yes ma'am." He stuttered. "Please stop calling me ma'am or Mrs. Carter, I'm not that old. You can call me Olive." She said . I was actually shocked because mom hardly lets anyone call her by her name, she must really fancy him. "I'd leave you guys to discuss while I set the table." She said leaving. I didn't know what to say at the moment, I'm still curious to know what he was doing in my house.

"Stop squinting your eyes at me Lily, I just came to tell you something really important. I just hope you'd accept." He muttered with a sigh. "Okay what may that be, please don't tell me you want another tour, I'm exhausted. I've being going out for the past five days in a stretch." I chuckled with a bit of seriousness. My body hurts all over from moving to one place to another, I really needed to rest. "Are you saying you don't want to spend time with me again." He whispered sounding a little bit hurt. "No I didn't mean that but I'm serious though I need to rest, it's kind of hard moving around when you can't see." I retracted. It wasn't like I didn't want to spend time with him, I was tired and I didn't want to get my hopes high thinking that anything would ever happen between us.

It would be best if I give him some space for him to settle down in his new home. "I'm sorry about that, are you feeling better now." He said sounding worried. He stepped forward to place his hand on my forehead, this was what was confusing. I didn't know if he had any feelings for me because he has refused to say anything about our chemistry and I'm not one that just opens her mouth freely without any shame. "I'm okay, stop freting." I retorted slapping his hands away. "I'm just being caring you know." He replied smugly. I looked at him and genuinely smiled. "I know and that's one of the things that I like about you." I confessed. "If you lovebirds are done smooching would you mind coming to the dining to eat." Mom called out. I'm going to get her back for saying such embarrassing things in front of him, I'm still baffled he tolerates I and my crazy family.

"I'm sorry about my mom, she can be a little bit crazy." I whispered silently. " I heard you very well Lily." She responded. Oops, I completely forgot that we have thin walls. "Oh now I see where you got that trait from." He retorted walking past me. Did he just insult me. "I hope you enjoy my signature french toast with eggs by the side." Mom gushed giving him his plate. I've always told mom to pursue her cooking dream of being a chef but she'd always turn me down, she is an expert in the kitchen. "It looks delicious Olive." He responded. Kiss arse, he's just saying that because he wants to get in her good books. "Thank you Max at least someone appreciates my cooking not like some people." She said. I could feel her stare on me when she made that statement. "That's not true mom, I always compliment your cooking." I exclaimed.

"So tell me Max are you enjoying Roseville town?" Mom pried curiously. "Yes I am, I've met some really nice people and Lily's one of them." He replied. I blushed at his statement, I'm sure I haven't been the only one nice to him. "That's very good but you promise to let me know if anyone disturbs you. I have connections in the police department." She said slyly. Eww mom, no one wants to know about your love life. Speaking of the police, I haven't seen the sheriff around town or maybe because I've been spending a lot of time with Max. "Oh really, who if I may ask?" He questioned sounding genuinely curious. "Oh Lily never told you, I'm dating the sheriff of this town. Cole Morris." The room turned cold at her revelation. I completely forgot that Max and Cole weren't on good terms but Mom didn't know that. "Oh I see, that's nice." He responded.

It seemed like he was thinking about something, I wonder what goes in that mind of his. "Yeah we started dating two years ago. I know you'd say that I'm old or isn't it too late to be in a relationship but I really love him." Mom gushed oblivious of the tension. "That's wonderful Olive, breakfast was amazing but I really need to talk to Lily about something." He said excusing himself. "Oh okay then, we'd see each other some other time." She replied disappointed. I glared at him for making my mom feel bad but all he did was take my hands and drag me to the front door.


"I have an offer for you." He said leaning on his car. "Okay what is it?" I replied folding my arms. He'd better have something good to say or else he's going to get it hot from me. "I want you to see it like an appreciation for the help you rendered to me by taking me round town. I would like to take you to New York." He muttered. I laughed out loud at his pathetic joke, he must really like cracking me up. "You aren't joking?" I exclaimed looking at him shocked. "No I'm not, I'm actually being serious but you aren't." He huffed. This guy must be crazy if he thinks I'd just pack my bags and say goodbye to my family. "I don't mean you should come live there with me. All I'm saying is that I'd love to take you there just for sight seeing." He explained.

Oh, he actually got me there. I thought he wanted me to live with him there. "I'm not sure I can do that Max, I've never left town before. I only did when I went for college and you can see how that turned out." I sighed remembering the incident that made me loose my eyesight, I never want to experience such again in my life. "I know Lily but I promise this is going to be different just say please." He begged puting a hand on my shoulder, I shrugged it off. This was a tough decision to make, it's like digging up my memories. "I don't know about this Max, I'll let you know my final decision by tomorrow." I concluded leaving him standing there. It's hard when he wants me open up to him fully but he's not even making a move to do the same.


"Are you crazy Lily? Why didn't you say yes to him?" Jamie shrieked at me. I actually missed her but not her loud voice. "I don't know Lily, I'm scared besides it's going to be a long trip. I don't think I'm ever going to be ready for that." I sighed taking a sip out of my smoothie. I was at my diner, it's been a while I came here so I invited Jamie over to spend time with her. I was expecting her to give me some useful advice but then she's siding Max. "Come on Lily, you can't keep living in fear. Go out, see the world. I know you can't see but you know what I mean." She sassed. I was still sceptical about his offer, what if I get lost? What if something bad happens to him, how do I get home? "Please talk some sense into my daughter, she needs it." Mom said coming to our table. I huffed at her. "Lily don't be scared, I know it's hard but you need to let go of that guilt." Maybe I needed to, I thought making my decision.


"Bye Lily, make sure you send me pictures. I repeat do not make new best friends or else I'll murder you." Jamie replied sweetly. Gosh, I'm going to miss this girl. I gave her a hug showing my appreciation for everything she's done for me. "Have fun bestie." She whispered into my ears. "You guys should stop this or else I'm going to cry, it's not like I'm not going to come back." I pouted. I was one second away from bawling my eyes out if they didn't stop. "Come on girlie, give me a hug. I'll miss you so much." Lucy gushed squeezing the life out of me. "Enough, let me have a piece of my daughter. I gave birth to her remember." Mom whined. I laughed at that, mom has always been dramatic. I guess that's where I got my personality from. "My baby, don't forget to have the time of your life but please I'm not ready to be a grandma anytime soon." Typical mom, I'm really going to miss them.


The flight wasn't that long, I was expecting to sit down for hours but I guess luck was on my side. When we finally got our bags we waited to hail a taxi. "Are you okay?" Max asked holding me close during our drive to the hotel we would be staying. I looked at him and smiled. "Yes I am although New York is really busy." I replied sincerely. "That's the unique thing about it." He chuckled at my statement. If only I could see outside, I'm sure it's beautiful like Jamie once said. "Don't worry I promise you'd have a good time here." He assured. I really hope I do and I also hope that I didn't make a wrong decision by coming here.


"What do you mean that there's no extra room. I specifically booked two rooms online." Max said shouting at the receptionist. I actually felt bad for her but it wasn't her fault. "I'm so sorry sir about the inconvenience but we have an executive suite available." She squeaked. "It's fine just give me the keys." He ordered. We finally went to the elevator and got into the room, the smell was divine. "I'm so sorry Lily about this, I actually booked two rooms because I know you won't feel comfortable with me sleeping with you in the same bed." He apologized. It was fine by me, I didn't mind. "It's okay and you don't need to sleep on the couch, we can share the bed together." I suggested. "I wasn't even thinking of that." He added. I blushed at his bluntness. "I'll be right back soon I just want to have a quick shower." He said giving me a kiss on the forehead. Gosh, I'm so going to melt from this affection.

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