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C13 Pizza and Alcohol

"So what do we have to do today." I said coming out of the bathroom drying my hair with a towel. I didn't hear a sound so I decided to go to the kitchen, it smelled divine there. "Goodmorning princess, you're up already. I'm just trying to make breakfast." He said beating some eggs. I could get used to this, I never knew he could cook. "You should have called me so I can help out." I whined pouting. "Oh please no and risk setting here on fire." He snorted loud. "Hey how did you know I can't cook." I whined. How did he ever get to know that because I can't remember sharing such embarrassing information with him, except. "Your mom told me about it so I'm going to be extra careful, you're going to stand two feet away from the gas cooker." He said moving me to the other side of the counter. I should have known my mom would do such thing.

"Whatever, well I am happy I don't get to cook anything but I don't mind baking though." I suggested. "You can always teach me your secret recipe, I'd be happy to learn from the best." He said slyly. Like that's ever going to happen. "Of course not, that's my secret to keep." I replied taking a bite out of an apple. "Today I would like to take you to a pizzarie and then maybe we could go to a bar downtown." He added. I don't think I want to go to any bar right now, too much crowd and eyes on me. "I promise this bar isn't going to be like the one back home, this is much more calmer." He assured . "I'm not sure about this Max, you know I don't do well with crowds." I sighed. This is a new place so I'm still getting used to it, the stares and everything else.

"Hey look at me, I promise I'd do everything to make you feel comfortable. If we go and then you don't like it let me know immediately." He said coming to hold my cheek, I looked up at him. I could sense the sincerity from his voice, maybe it won't be a bad idea. "Okay then, I'm up for it." I replied smiling. "That's my girl." He chuckled giving me a kiss on the forehead. Anytime he does this it's like there's a thousand butterflies in my tummy, I love him so much. I love him, how did that happen. What if this is all a show to him, maybe he doesn't love me back. What if I'm not his type, I could never match up to his standard. Geez I'm really thinking too much. "Lily why's your face like that. Are you thinking again?" He scolded. "No I'm not, I'm just imagining all the pizzas I could eat, yummy." I stuttered.

"If you say so. By the way have you called your mom,she's been bugging my line ever since I woke up this morning." He said. Oh shoot, I completely forgot about mom. Now she's going to bite my ear off. "I was exhausted last night that I forgot to call her, I'll be right back." I said running out o the kitchen. "Be careful and take your time princess." His words sent a smile to my face, he always knows the right words to say. "Hey mom, how are you doing." I muttered lowly. I needed to tread slowly if I don't want to incur her wrath but I guess luck wasn't on my side because she's not in a good mood. "Lily Hannah Carter. I've been trying to reach you since yesterday. Why the hell aren't you picking my calls." She screeched. I had to move my phone from my ears, it's a miracle my ear drums haven't bursted all these years from incessant screaming.

"Mom I can explain I was extremely tired." I defended. "Hmm doing what." She teased. "Eww mom, not that. Stop putting ideas into my ideas, that would never happen." I exclaimed turning red at the sudden thought of me loosing my virginity to him. "Honey I'm not bothered, you're a grown woman so you're free to make your own decisions." She said lovingly. "I know mom but not such decisions for crying out loud he hasn't asked me out yet." I whispered lowly so he doesn't hear me. "Don't worry baby, very soon. I'm sure he's waiting for the right moment to express his feelings to you. Please don't scare him away, give him a chance." She begged. I don't know mom, my head says he would never love me while my heart says something differently.

"Mom I don't know, what if he isn't the right person." I whispered. I didn't want to make the wrong choice and get my heart broken because I wouldn't be able to bear it. "That's for you to find out yourself Lily." Mom sassed. "Thanks mom for the good advice." I replied sacarstically. She laughed at me knowingly. "I'm always happy to help and if you want anything or someone to talk to I'm one call away okay. Never you forget that." She said. "Thanks mom I know that I can always count on you." I replied with a smile on my face. "Remember don't let anyone discriminate you there, the fact you're blind doesn't mean you can't do anything." She sternly said. That has actually been my greatest fear, in Roseville I can survive because it's my hometown but here is out of my comfort zone.

"I know mom, I know how to put them in their place." I smirked thinking of the comebacks I could throw at them. "I'll leave you now for your date, bye sweetie." "Bye mom and it's not a date. Please don't tell the girls, they'll pressure me for details." I begged. "I'd try my best Lily, you know I have a very big mouth." She sassed. "That you do, bye. I love you." I chuckled ending the call. "Breakfast's ready Lily." Max called out from the kitchen. "I'm coming." I hollered heading towards there.


"Oh my goodness this is so nice." I moaned taking a bite of my pizza. Max called this place Ben's Pizzarie, from his knowledge this is the best place that sells pizza. The owner was actually one of Max's good old friends,he was a very flirtatious and loud guy contrary to Max. I wonder how he met him. "I knew you'd love it. Easy there before you mess yourself." He chuckled cleaning the side of my mouth with a napkin. I blushed at his actions, I'm sure people were looking at us. "Stop it Max I can do it myself, I'm sure people are staring at us." I whispered flustered. Gosh, what this guy does to me is unexplainable. "Well, I don't mind cleaning up after you." He flirted. Now he's making me feel all goey inside with his words. All I did was send him a smile to show how appreciative I was.

"So tell me what did you study, you never told me about that." I asked curiously. I'm going to make good use of this opportunity we have together. "I studied Law and then I did my masters in Business Administration when my father threatened to cut me off from my allowance." He muttered coldly. I think this is a very delicate topic to him but this time around I'm not going to back out from finding out everything about him. "So you wanted to be a Lawyer? What happened to that?" I pried. He cleared his throat akwardly. "I dropped my career and started working in my father's company." He replied. "That's so awful, I'm so sorry about that." I consoled holding his hand, he squeezed back reassuringly. "It's okay, what about you? What did you study?" He said changing the topic.

That's also a delicate topic for me but he shared which I'm sure was hard for him to do so it wouldn't be fair if I didn't share mine too. "I studied Pharmacy." I said silently. "Wow that's great, you didn't struck me as someone that'd love to go into the medical field." He gushed. I forced a smile on my face. "Well yeah, I've always wanted to be a pharmacist but then I got blind." I mumbled coldly. "Like I said before Lily, it isn't your fault." He said sternly. Everybody has been saying that but the screams of my dad in the car calling for help keeps reoccurring. "It's hard you know, I couldn't help him when he needed me." I muttered. "There was nothing you could possibly do. At that point you needed medical attention." He assured. I still felt guilty about everything no matter how much I try to stop.

"Thanks so much for your words, I don't know what I'd do without them." I thanked placing a kiss on his hands. He inhaled sharply not expecting my sudden action, even I was surprised. I wasn't one to make the first move ever. "I'm always going to be there Lily, remember that." He assured.


"Are you sure about this place Max?" I asked worriedly. It was too quiet to be a bar, I looked up and squinted hoping for a miracle to happen and I'll see. He called it Rastafari Bar, honestly the name doesn't fit the vibes it gives. "Come onn Lily, don't tell me you're being a chicken." Max teased chuckling at me. He knew I hated being called a chicken, it just gives me the motivation to go on. "I'd prove to you I'm not a chicken, watch me." I countered puffing up my chest. "That's my princess. I forgot to say you look very beautiful in that outfit." He whispered into my ears leaving a kiss behind my earlobes. I shivered not because of the weather but because of the feelings he erupted in me. "Close that pretty mouth of yours unless you'd want to catch some flies." He chuckled.

I'm pretty sure that I've turned into a ripe tomato, I opened my eyes looking at his direction. It's a shame that I couldn't see his eyes I'm sure they're beautiful. "You're so going to pay for that stunt you pulled." I muttered shaking my head with a slight smile on my face.


"This place is so much fun Max, I don't regret coming here at all." I screamed into his ears. Oh I was so drunk, I'm going to regret this tomorrow. "You know you don't have to burst my ear drums to tell me how excited you are." He whispered lowly mainly because there wasn't any loud music, this bar was really different from the ones I've been to. "I can't help it." I hollered back at him with a dazed smile on my face. I was having the time of my life, I sincerely made the right decision of coming here. "There's no loud music Lily, I can perfectly hear you well." He sighed. "Are you ashamed of me?" I questioned my face falling drastically. I could feel the waterworks were about to burst out any moment from now. "That can never happen Lily, ever." He said seriously. I smirked at his response.

"That's better or else I'd have shown you what you're missing." I replied feigning innocence. I heard him inhale a sharp breathe, perfect. "Are you playing dirty with me Lily?"He whispered into my ears huskily. "What if I am?" I retorted putting my hands on his leg. "Come on, let's go dance." He said dragging me to the dance floor. It was a slow music which was perfect for the moment. "Are you having fun Lily!" He asked taking a hold of my waist. I placed my head on his chest and sighed, this is the best fun I've ever experienced. "It's the best thing I could ever ask for Max, thank you for bringing me here. I wish this moment would never end." I whispered silently already feeling sleepy. "Let's just enjoy the moment." He whispered back.

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