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Beyond The Eyes/C14 Secrets
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C14 Secrets

I was still mad at Max for the stunt he pulled yesterday, he can't go around hitting people. Yes I know the guy was being a jerk but that doesn't mean he had to punch him that hard. I didn't know what to think again, he's been acting so weird. I thought I was the one that's supposed to be acting up, considering me being in a new environment. I didn't know what to do to solve the problem between us, it's like he's just pushing it away and acting like there's nothing he's hiding. "Lily, are you still mad at me." He sighed coming to lay on the bed beside me. Yes I was very very mad at him, the only thing that was going to make me forgive him is if he tells me every single thing about him without lying. "I'm so sorry Lily, it would never happen again. I don't know what came over me."He begged.

"This is my problem with you, you always think that everything can be solved with you saying sorry but you can't always have your way Max." I exclaimed. "Then tell me what you want me to do to make you forgive me, I promise I'd do anything to earn your forgiveness." He begged. "If you really want me to forgive you then you have to tell me everything about you because I know you're hiding something big from me." I replied. He has to earn my forgiveness and this is the only way he can. "I'm not ready to share such information with you Lily, you can ask for any other thing but not that." He responded coldly raising his walls up again. "Well that's what I want or else you can kiss your forgiveness goodbye." I retorted. "Fine then." He scoffed turning his back at me. What he's hiding is it really that bad that he can't tell me or he just can't trust me.

My phone rang, and the voice told me it was the sheriff calling. I know it wasn't surprising he was calling but it was the time that baffled me, what's so important that he couldn't talk to me about in the morning. "Hello Cole, why are you calling by this time." I asked sounding rude, it wasn't intentional though. Max was the cause of my sudden mood, he stiffened at the name of the sheriff. That's weird. "It's urgent Lily, I need you to leave New York now. You're in danger." He panicked. Danger, what danger. "Are you sure about that, I haven't noticed anything lately?" I questioned. "It's Max, he's a murderer." He blurted. Wait, what. My Max is a murderer, that's not possible he's the most sweetest guy I've ever met except for yesterday that he almost beat that guy into a coma.

I looked at him, this wasn't a conversation I was going to have with him right here, I excused myself from the room and headed to the lounge to continue. "What are you saying, that can be possible. Are you sure you got the right person?" I questioned. I know that Max had something he's hiding but I don't think he's capable of murder. "I'm very sure of it Lily, that's why he has a criminal record. He went to jail for five years, he recently just came out." He said sounding sure. "I'll call you back, I need time to absorb this." I muttered shaken up. "I understand, please be careful, call me if you need anything." He said ending the call.

"I can see you were talking to Sheriff Morris." Max said coming into the lounge, I straightened up. "What am I hearing about you being a murderer." I whispered. "That's what I've been meaning to tell you." I gasped at his revelation, I couldn't believe my ears. I was in love with a killer, how many people has he killed. "Before you freak out it was self defence. It all happened when I went clubbing with my girlfriend Sheila." I inhaled a sharp breath at the mention of the word girlfriend. "Relax Lily, we've broken up. When we got there some guy was touching her which I flared, little did I know it was all planned. Sheila brought me there to kill him, she knew I had anger issues but she didn't care." He continued.

"I kept on hitting him over and over again until he was unconscious but by the time we got to the hospital he was confirmed dead." He sighed. I gasped closing my mouth. "After that I was sent to prison but I pleaded guilty. I explained to them that he threw the first punch which was the truth. With the help of few witnesses and my parents connection my sentence was reduced to five years." He muttered sliding to the floor. "Before the incident I used to be very wild and impulsive, I did a lot of things that I regret and I'm ashamed of." He mumbled. I couldn't take it anymore I had to sit down.

"My parents were furious with me that they cut me off, I went into depression. When they realized I wasn't doing well they took me for therapy and gave me a huge amount of money and that's how I got to Roseville town. All I wanted was to heal." He concluded. "Let me guess, the lady that came for room service is Sheila and she's the same person at the diner and at the park." I muttered connecting the dots together. "Wait you met her, why didn't you say anything." He pushed. "You're in no position to question me Max " I sneered. "I'm not done with the story please listen. The guys yesterday we encountered were my old friends, I cut off from them because they were bad influence and Sheila is on a mission to revenge because she believes we are meant to be together." He says dropping the bomb shell.

"What? then why am I still here in New York if we have your crazy girlfriend running around." I wailed. "That's because I wanted you to have a good time here, I didn't want you to start asking questions." "Well look at where that brought us to." "I planned to tell you today but it looks like Cole beat me to it." He muttered angrily. "I'm very happy he did because I'm sure you wouldn't tell me the whole truth." I shot at him. "Lily please listen to me, I didn't mean to kill him and I promise I'm not that same person anymore." He begged. I didn't even know what to believe again, this was a lot for me to process. "Lily I beg you don't turn your back at me. I really need you now." He begged to to kneel beside me.

I couldn't bear to be close to him without thinking he's a murderer. "Why did you have to keep these secrets from me, this isn't fair at all and you made me fall in love with you." I yelled dragging my hair out. This was bad, so bad. I can't possibly be in love with a man that has blood on his hands. "You love me?" He asked shocked at my confession. I didn't even know when it slipped out of my mouth. "So out of everything I said that's the only thing you could grab." I huffed pinching the bridge of my nose. He dragged me by my waist forcefully. "Then this changes everything." He whispered. "What do you mean by that? You have no right to touch me this way." I whispered silently already melting in his arms, stupid feelings. "Now I know that you love me back I'm not going to let you go." He answered fiercely.

Who the hell does he think he is to dictate my actions. "You must be crazy to think that I'd want to be with you." I sneered at him remembering he killed someone. "Then let me show you what you're going to be missing." He grunted taking charge of my mouth. I've never felt this way during the times we kissed, it felt like he was pouring out all his emotions into it and begging at the same time. It made me angry that I gave in to him so easily, I tried to pull back but held me down and continued his attack. It was like he was laying a claim on me, I won't lie possessive Max interests me. We eventually had to part to catch some air. "Did that convince you enough?" He asked sounding hopeful.

"No it wasn't, if you think that one amazing, hot kiss is going to make me stay with you then you must be dreaming." I scoffed breaking his heart in the process. "You can't do that to me princess, I love you very much. You can't just throw our love away just because of some silly past mistake." He yelled. "It wasn't just some silly mistake Max, you killed a man." I retorted pointing my finger at him. He doesn't just get to push it aside like everything else, this is a human being we're talking about. "Like I said it was out of self defence, why do you want to punish me for something I've already paid for?" He screamed punching the wall right by my face. For the first time I was terrified of him, this attitude of his freaked the hell out of me.

I think he noticed my change of mood. "I'm sorry about that Lily, I was just caught up in the moment." He said shaking. I tried touching him but he retracted from me. "Max it's fine you were just trying to defend yourself." I responded. "Lily I need to take you back to Roseville now." He remarked. I didn't want to leave just yet, I wanted to meet that Sheila of a girl and tell her my mind. "No Max, I'm not ready to leave yet. I want you to take me to see Sheila. Maybe she needs a woman to woman talk." He scoffed. "You don't know what you're saying Lily, Sheila's capable of hurting you. I know her very well." He retorted leaving me at the lounge. "I need to see her Max please take me to her." I begged.

"I said no Lily and that's final. I'm not taking you to meet your doom. It's best if you leave while I stay here to settle things. I'd think of a way to lay her off your back." He argued. "That doesn't make sense, why don't you just report to the police." "That's not possible, her parents are also rich and they have a lot of connections." This was really bad, I needed to clear my head before making any decision. "I'm putting you on the next flight to Roseville town." He concluded. I didn't have the strength to argue with him anymore.

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