Beyond The Eyes/C2 The Diner
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Beyond The Eyes/C2 The Diner
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C2 The Diner

"That would be five dollars and twenty cents ma'am. Would that be all for today." I asked smiling at Mrs. Briggs, she is an old lady and customer that comes to my mom's diner every single day, she's just a breath of fresh air and the most nicest person in this town. "That would be all sweetheart, your special pie is enough to make my day." She replied. Oh I completely forgot to tell you, my mom and I own a diner which is very popular because we practically sell everything. I mean everything, I wouldn't be surprised the tooth fairy is secretly besties with my mom. You get the drift right.

Coming to my special pies, everyone loves them. Well not all though just the very nice and thoughtful people like me."Make it snappy grandma, there's a long line here at the back. We don't have the whole day." A shrill female voice piped from the back of the line. Oh yes that's one of the few people that don't love my pies,Isabelle Morris. You'd think she'd stop acting childish and petty since she got married but no she's till the same bully right from high school. "Suck it up Isabelle, first come, first serve." I retorted taking the order of the next customer. I passed an apologetic smile to Mrs. Briggs.

"You're so lucky you're the one behind the register, besides who in their right mind would put a blind girl in charge of customers." She scoffed earning few snickers from her sidekicks, Tina and Chloe. "I did, do you have a problem with that Belle." Mom interrupted coming out from the kitchen. She sounded angry which is normal considering I'm her daughter. "No ma'am, I'm just voicing out my opinion." She stuttered. "Well keep your opinion to yourself, I'm sure your father wouldn't like to hear such news regarding your attitude towards my daughter." Mom said smugly. That shut her trap instantly, she's always been scared of her father.

He's the sheriff and my mom's boyfriend, gosh that sounds cringey even for me. I'm sure you'd be like how's that even possible, isn't your mom supposed to be in her sixty's or something but fortunately she's not. She gave birth to me when she was eighteen, in high school. When she knew of my existence she decided to drop out of school to take care of me, my dad hasn't always been in the picture even when he finally was he didn't have the opportunity to spend so much time with his dear family. "Hey honey, don't let her words get to you. Okay." Mom assured patting me at the back lovingly. "Mom I'm fine, I'm used to her words. It's not the first time, neither is it going to be the last she spews rubbish." I scoffed.


Few hours later the diner wasn't so packed with customers, I finally had the chance to listen to my playlist with my ear pods on. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on my side because I was rudely interrupted once again. "Hello, please can I get your menu, I'd like to make my own choice." Came a male voice opposite the counter. Where have I heard this voice, it sounds so familiar. "Aren't you the girl from the club yesterday. I didn't know you worked here." He exclaimed. Max the new guy is here at my diner which for unusual reasons irks me. "I don't know what you're saying. I can't remember going to any club last night." I retorted taking a hold of a menu on the stand.

"Of course you do, your facial expression says it all. You were in a cheerful mood then it changed to a sour look." He said with a hint of mockery. Curse my ability of not hiding my emotions perfectly well, I thought I've mastered it. "Even if I did, it doesn't matter. What would you like to order." I replied in a professional tone going straight to the point. The earlier I give him what he wants the higher the chances of him leaving here. "I'd have one of your special pies if you don't mind." He ordered. While I was getting his order ready he kept drumming his fingers noisily, I couldn't take it anymore. "Please could you stop that, it's distracting." I begged.

"I just knew that would get your attention." He retorted. Imagine the audacity of this guy. "You never gave me the chance yesterday to introduce myself." He whined like an eight year old, I can't see him but I know very well he's older than that. "Like I said I know you already." I scoffed raising an eyebrow to emphasis my irritation. "Aha, you just confessed. You remember me." He exclaimed with a sigh of relief. How can I be so stupid to not know that it was a trap, this guy is getting on my nerves.

"It still doesn't matter I don't care to know your name, everyone does." I scoffed rolling my eyes. He's so lucky he's the only one on the line or else I'd have kicked him out of the diner. "Really, tell me what you've heard about me." He questioned with a hint of curiosity. "This is a small town so everyone knows everyone. It's a normal thing."I concluded handing him his package and shooed him with a flick of my hand. "Come on Lily don't be rude, I'm sure you're enjoying my company." He whined. How on earth did he know my name, I never shared it with him. "How do you know my name." I asked narrowing my eyes suspiciously at him.

"Like you said, it's a small town everyone knows everyone. You're practically the talk of the town, the blind Lily." He muttered the last part under his breath but I still caught it. "Get out of my diner." I fumed pointing towards the door. "I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to come out that way. I promise I would never hurt your feelings intentionally." He begged. "I said get out, leave now before I loose my patience and call the sheriff. I promise you I'd charge you for harassment." I screamed. "It's fine, I'm leaving." At the sound of the bell, I heaved a sigh of relief. Never has anyone words gotten to me like his does, what's happening.


"Oh my goodness, you met Max Brooks. Please don't tell me you scared him away with your obnoxious attitude." Lucy exclaimed. I thought I could keep this away from them but no my mom just had to have a very big mouth. Imagine, she was filming the whole thing. "Me, I wouldn't dare." I sarcastically answered. "Whatever, so tell me did you get his number." Jamie asked shoving the popcorn into her mouth, I could practically hear the corns begging for freedom in her mouth hole. "Girls I thought we're here for movie night, when did guys start being our topic of discussion." I scoffed folding myself into the blankets laying on the couch.

Movie night was probably my favorite event of the week which is on Saturday, I get to spend more time with my mom and friends with no distractions. "Ever since you hit thirty. Come on honey when are you going to give me grandkids." Mom whined. Seriously, not this topic again. I'm sick and tired of hearing this, Lily when would you get married, Lily when are you going to tie the knot. Oh please everyone knows why I haven't because it's obvious, I'm blind. "Mom you of all people should know why I haven't been in a relationship for years." I retorted putting up a mask void of emotion, I hope I tried this time around. "Please baby don't you ever think low of yourself." Mom sternly said.

There was a moment of silence, probably everyone had something going on in their mind which they didn't want to voice out. Jamie was the first to speak up "Speaking of guys, Adam asked for your number." She said slyly. Oh yeah the guy who gave me the weird nickname at the club, I'm surprised I didn't scare him off. "Lily, you didn't tell me you had a boyfriend." Mom scolded throwing popcorn at me. I stuffed my face on my pillow. "Mom he's just the bartender from the club last night, nothing's going on. Right Jamie, in fact I think he's taken a liken to her." I said smugly. Perfect, I turned the tables around.

"Of course not he's just a friend, I promise nothing's going on." She defended. We all snickered knowingly, this is how it's always starts with Jamie. She's always in self denial and then boom she falls helplessly in love, it's sickening. "Come on Lily you've got this Max guy hooked." Mom snickered drawing my cheeks. I furiously slapped her hands away and they laughed at me. "Look guys, there's nothing that Max guy can ever do to make me fall in love with him. Read my lips ever." I scoffed. "Trust me Lily you'd be singing a different song in the next few months." Jamie retorted.


It was past midnight and we were all cuddled up in bed, Lucy was the first person to fall asleep considering she treasures her sleep more than anything. I was on the bed pulling the covers when an unknown number called. It looked suspicious, no one knows me except the people who are with me in my house now. Ever since I got blind most of my friends deserted me so this is surprising. "Hello who's this." I muttered through the phone sleepily. "I'm your worst nightmare." A voice uttered trying to sound mysterious. Practically, he failed at that aspect. Who still does this prank calls. "If you don't tell me who you are I'm going to call the cops now." I threatened getting pissed at the sudden disruption of my beauty sleep.

"Hold your horses babe, I'm just kidding. It's me Max." Again, what am I going to do with this guy. "How did you get my number, are you stalking me." I exclaimed with a soft voice because I didn't want to wake the girls up. "I have my ways princess." He replied smugly. "When did we get so acquainted that you get to call me these absurd names." I questioned. "Stop denying me darling, you love me." He retorted. I internally scoffed at his reply, in his wildest dreams. "What do you want and why are you calling me by three in the morning." I wisphered squinting my eyes at my alarm clock by the bed side. "I was lonely and I needed company. You were the first person that came to my mind." I felt a tiny weensy bit special at his remark but then I came to my senses, he doesn't mean it at all.

"Who in their right mind would be awake by this time if not a serial killer." I sassed. He chuckled at my question. "Funny question because I should be asking you the same thing. What are you doing up by this time." He defended. I noticed there was a trace of annoyance but I brushed it aside, it's not my problem. "I had a girls night." I deadpanned. "So tell me, where you not spooked by my voice earlier on he phone." He teased sounding confident. "Actually I was extremely scared, I almost peed in my pajamas."I remarked sacarstically. "Haha very funny, be honest with me." He asked, I cleared my throat. "I think it was so good you should ask for a refund from your drama coach." I laughed loudly.

I noticed there was sudden silence from the other side of the phone and I sat upright. "Hello, are you still there." I called out from the phone. "Yeah I am, I just. You have an amazing laugh." He stuttered. I turned tomato red at his compliment, gosh how can I be acting like a teenager. I'm thirty for crying out loud, Lily reel in your emotions back. "It was nice talking to you Max. Goodnight." I coldly said ending the call. I don't need a man in my life right now, I'm not worth it.

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