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C3 Errand Berries

"Morning mom." I said coming into the kitchen giving her a kiss on the cheek. I was having a goodnight yesterday until Max ruined it. "Goodmorning dear, how was your night." How do I even answer that question, it wasn't fine at all. "It was okay, I guess." I replied more like a question. "Oh really that's why you were on a phone call with Max moaning, oh baby, oh baby." Lucy teased strutting towards the fruit bowl, I threw an apple at her and I almost forgot she has better reflexes than Jamie. "I'm nothing like Jamie so think again when you throw something at me." She scoffed. Speaking of Jamie where's that she devil, I wouldn't be surprised if she's still sleeping. She's not a morning person, speak of the devil.

"What's all the ruckus about, I heard my name from upstairs." She yawned, loudly might I add. I can imagine how she looks like, possibly like an absolute trainwreck. I can vividly remember her appearance in the morning which was always hideous. It's a pity I can't see her to make fun of her. "Last night didn't you hear Lily on the phone with Max." Lucy asked avoiding her questions. "It was Max." Jamie gasped. Oh my goodness, I'm never going to hear the end of this topic. "What makes you guys think that it was Max." I exclaimed throwing my hands up in the air. "Who else would you be talking to at that time, besides we are the only friends you have." Lucy deadpanned.

"What a wonderful compliment, you guys are such great friends." I remarked sacarstically. I headed to the fridge to take my carton of milk but realized it was empty. "Where did my milk go?" I questioned narrowing my eyes at them, they all turned deaf ears and whistled. "Jamie tell me, who took it." I coaxed giving her the puppy eyes. I knew she couldn't resist them because she doesn't do well on pressure. "I'm sorry Lily, I was so hungry early hours this morning. Your milk was the only thing available." She gushed with a sigh of relief. "There was leftover mac and cheese I made in the fridge, what happened to that." I grunted out. Yes, I take my milk very personal. It's practically what keeps me going everyday.

"Your cooking is horrible." She blurted out slapping her mouth. Of course I knew that, I couldn't even cook to save my life. I'm only good with baking while my mom is good with cooking that's how we run the diner. "Was it that bad, I thought I got it right." I pouted. Lucy came to my side and patted me on my head. Too bad I'm not tall enough, I'm a 5'5. She's 6'0 which she's always rubbed it on I and Jamie's face ever since we were hit with puberty. "You can never master the art of cooking Lily, it's just not your thing." She mocked. I frowned at that, of course I can. I've just burnt like a thousand dishes and changed our gas cooker like five times, I'm sure I can still learn.

"Anyways, Lily I need you to run an errand for me today. We are out of berries at the diner so I'm hoping you could pick some from Mr. Boni's fruit shop." Mom begged. "Of course mom, I'm always happy to help." I replied. "Okay guys that's my cue, I'd see you later." Lucy said taking her shoes from the floor. Typical Lucy, always running away from chores. I wonder how she keeps her home in one piece with her triplets, James, Jack and Jane. James and Jane are perfectly sweethearts except Jack. I hate that kid, we've always been at war since she gave birth to him. Call me immature for arguing with a seven year old but that child's fishy. Lucy is the only one married in our grouo which is why she's more responsible.

Well, she's not that old because she got married at an early age to her highschool sweetheart, Ace Stone. He's the perfect husband anyone could ever ask for, I'm actually secretly envious of her. "Hey, Mrs. Carter what's for breakfast." Jamie piped from the living room. We have Jamie, she's the most craziest girl I've ever met. We actually became friends in college, we were actually roommates but we hated each other at first but then we had a mutual love for food which brought us together. Her love life isn't stable at all, she's gotten a whole lot of hearts broken I'm surprised she hasn't been charged for heart theft. She's the most beautiful in our group, from her raven black hair to her curvaceous figure that any guy would die for.

That comes to me, boring old, blind Lily. I'm not even sure I should share my story of how I got blind to you because you'd find out later on, one way or the other. Let's just say I'm like the odd pea in the pod, even before I lost my eyesight my social life was terrible. Now I think me being blind made it worse because no one wants to associate with me. "I'm just going to have a shower before I leave." I announced heading upstairs. When I got to my room I noticed there was a message on my phone from Max, the voice from my phone informed me he was wishing me goodmorning. This little act of his actually brought a smile to my face but it didn't last for long when I remembered my condition.


There's something about going outside that hits differently, I get to have freedom and not feel choked. I just wish I could see the people on the streets, Roseville town has always been busy with cars and kids even with it's little population. I've lived here all my life except when I left for college but that was at the neighbouring town. It was the season for planting so I had the opportunity to inhale the earthly smell. We also had a lot of farmers that reside here so people from the city come over here to buy food from us, that's what keeps us going. My dream of getting a car was shattered when I came back home blind and I had to finish my education here.

"Goodmorning Mr. Boni." I greeted coming into the shop, the smell of fresh fruits hit me through the nose. Mr. Boni is such a kind man, rumors has it that he has a little crush on Mrs. Briggs. I would totally ship them together, they are perfect for each other. Just that the cuteness and sweetness would be overload. "Morning Lily, are you here for some berries. Your mom messaged me you'd come pick them up." He responded coming through the back. I heard the sound of something being dropped on the floor, possibly a batch of fruits from his garden at the back. "Hmmm, smells like bananas." I sniffed. "You're so good with your other senses." He chuckled. I smiled at that, at least someone gives me credit for that.

"Thanks Mr. Boni. I'd like more of the strawberries and less of the blueberries. I'm hoping to try out a new recipe for my special pie." I piped smiling back at him. "Hmmmm, I love the sound of that. I love your pies so much, it's like you put so much love into it while baking them." He gushed, his lips making a smacking sound. "You sure do have a sweet mouth." I teased. "Of course I do. I'd be right back with your berries." He called out leaving the shop. I decided to explore, there wasn't much I could do but feel. At the opposite wall the smell of citrus fruit was overwhelming, I'm pretty sure those are oranges. "Why do we keep bumping into each other." Interrupted a voice, I was startled that I dropped the orange. Max again, what is he doing here.

"How come I didn't know when you came in." I defended, irritated by being caught unawares. "I don't know maybe because you were eye raping that orange. You pretty much scarred me for life." He shuddered. "Besides what are you doing here, you don't seem like a fruit kind of guy." I scoffed turning my back at him. "Actually I do love fruits especially bananas." He replied. "They are so filling." We both said at the same time. It was rather awkward after that episode. "Max, my boy. I didn't know you'd be coming so early." Mr. Boni said coming back with my berries. I thanked him and brought out my wallet to pay. "Don't worry about it I'll pay." Max said extending his hand. Of course not, this guy is crossing his boundaries.

"It's fine, I can pay for my own fruits." I refused with an eye roll. "Lily, cut the guy some slack and let him pay."Mr. Boni reasoned. That did it, I didn't have the heart to argue with him. He's too nice to say no, I glared at Max hoping he gets the hint. "Are my bananas here?" He asked acting oblivious to my glare. "Yup they right here." Mr. Boni said putting them on the counter. So he's the owner of those fresh bananas, it's a pity they're going into the wrong hands. "Thanks sir, I'll be leaving now. See you later Lily." He responded taking his leave. "I'd love that, have a nice day." Mr. Boni replied cheerfully. How can someone be so happy, I guess it's a gift because it doesn't happen to me. "He's a keeper you know." He piped. Please don't tell me he's talking about Max.

"Not you too." I facepalmed myself. Seriously, people need to stop shipping the both of us. He could never like a blind girl like me, I mean what do I have to offer. "Keep saying that until he puts a ring on your finger." He teased ruffling my hair. Ewww, no that would never happen even in my next life. "Please stop putting ideas into my head." I shuddered taking my leave. "Bye Lily, see you next time." He chuckled. People should get it into their head that nothing would ever happen between Max and I, we are the complete opposite of each other. The honk of a car interrupted my thoughts.

"Do you mind if I give you a ride Lily." Max said from his truck, well it sounded like one. "I do mind Max, leave me alone." I retorted picking up my pace, I've never walked so fast in my life. I just hope I don't fall flat on my face. "Get in the car and stop being stubborn. It's going to rain soon." He reasoned. "It's not, I checked the weather forecast." I retorted and then there was a heavy downpour. No one told me to run into his car, I'm highly scared of the rain because it's even harder to navigate when walking. "I should have known the news lady was lying when she said it's going to be extremely sunny." I scoffed buckling my seatbelt. "Easy there, don't wet my seat." He complained. "You're the one who offered to drive me, stop being a jerk." I glared.

"I'm a good person, I can't afford to let you get soaked." He replied smugly. I think this is a wrong decision I made by getting into his car but I can't afford to go home under the rain, mom would have my head. "Let's do something to make our drive fun." He suggested. "What would that be?" I said narrowing my eyes at him, when it comes to Max I'm always on edge. It's like he can read me from inside out. "Why don't we play twenty questions." He suggested, unsure of himself. Well, that wouldn't hurt. This would be the perfect opportunity to satisfy my curiosity about him. It's going to be a win on both sides." I'm so going to regret this." I answered.

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