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C4 Criminal?

It was a brand new day and I actually felt good about myself which was shocking to me, it's been years I felt this way and it's all because of Max. I won't admit it to him ever but I had the best fun of my life in his car before he dropped me off. I walked towards yo the mirror that's been hanged on the wall for ages, it's unfortunate that I can't use it anymore. I wondered how I actually looked like, is my eyes still vibrant green or is my hair due for trimming. Maybe I should add some highlights to my hair. "Honey breakfast's ready." Mom called from downstairs. Enough of this Lily, it was just a little game it's not like it meant anything to him. "Coming mom, I'll be right down there soon." I hollered back taking my towel into the bathroom.

"I'm so sorry I came back home late yesterday, there was a lot of customers yesterday at the dinner." Mom apologized pouring out some coffee for me. "It's okay mom, I'd have helped but you know the rain." I muttered. It's very annoying that I can't go out in the rain because I can't see, if only I had my own car. "Lily stop doing that." Mom scolded with a stern voice. "I'm not doing anything mom." I replied shoving a banana onto my mouth. "You're overthinking again, it hurts me so bad when you're like this." She sniffled. I hate it when my mom cries, it's always heartbreaking for me. "Hey, mom don't cry, I'm perfectly fine. You look really ugly when you cry mom." I consoled coming to stand by her side.

"I'm glad my little girl's back, I was wondering who else was back there." She laughed slapping my arms. "Mom I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm now a woman." I scoffed. She still doesn't get the picture that I'm a grown woman now, old enough to make her own decisions. "You'd always be my little girl Lily. Anyways, how did you spend your day." She said going to back to the kitchen. My day, I wouldn't tell her what really happened or else I'm sure the whole town will find out. Mom has always been terrible with keeping her mouth shut. "It was good, I got the berries. They are in the fridge." I said avoiding the topic. "Oh really, Mrs. Shane had a different story to tell me." She replied smugly. Not her, she's the biggest town gossip. Nothing leaves her house without everyone knowing and I mean everyone.

This is what you get for having such a nosy neighbor, she's always snooping around. "What did she say." I answered feigning indifference. Inside I was dying to know what she told her, it may not be actually what I think. "She saw coming out of Max's car looking lovey dovey. Her word not mine." She defended. Dang it, I spoke too soon. "It was nothing mom, he just dropped me off because it was raining. He was just being nice." I defended, how I wish we had neighbors that minded their own business. "Hmmm really, I don't buy that. I think you like him, I'm not surprised that hunk is so charming." She gushed. Even mom too is charmed by him, he's not that special. "Mom I thought you have a boyfriend." I exclaimed.

"I know, I know but be careful honey. I don't want to see you hurt." She begged. Why does that sound like there's more to what she's saying. "I won't mom besides it's not like we'd ever end up together." I promised giving her an eye roll. "Stop depleting yourself Lily, the fact that you're blind doesn't mean you don't deserve happiness and love." She retorted giving me a kiss on the forehead. That's what I've been hearing ever since I got blind, if that's true then why do guys always run away when they find out I'm blind. Pathetic. "I'm going to the diner now, I'll see you later." She said shutting the front door.


"Hey weirdo, I'd like to have a smoothie." Isabelle sneered. "You know there's something called a mirror, I doubt if you used that because if you did you wouldn't be calling me a weirdo." I retorted handing her smoothie to her forcefully. I'm not ready to deal with this spoilt brat today, I have enough on my table. "That was a very bad comeback but I'd let it slide. So tell me how was your date with Max yesterday." She pried sucking the life of the drink, poor smoothie. "That's none of your business and it wasn't a date." I defended folding my hands together. I should have known that she'd be the first person to make fun of me. "Oh that's not what being going round town." She said smugly. "If you don't have anything better to say you can leave, there are other customers."

"I just wanted to let you know that you'd never be worthy of him so just stop your whoring ways it's not going to work on him." She sneered coming close to my face. That definitely struck a nerve. "Shut up and get out." I whispered weakly at her. ""You're just a blind girl, no one would ever want you. You'd forever remain lonely." She whispered into my ears evily. "Belle what are you doing to Lily." Sheriff Morris said coming to stand by her side. "Nothing daddy, Lily and I was just having a conversation." She replied sweetly turning her back to leave, he looked at me for confirmation. "Yes sir, it was nothing. We are all good." I assured chuckling awkwardly. "If you say so, I'm here to see your mom and please stop calling me sir I'm not that old." He scoffed.

I laughed at that, Sheriff Morris really doesn't look bad for his age now I can see what caught mom's eyes. He could be mistaken for a model with his athletic body and blonde hair though it has few streaks if grey. He could definitely pass for a man in early forties, it's a shame he's related to the devil's spawn, Isabelle. "Don't worry you'll be loosing some of your teeth soon." I teased. "Stop making fun of my boyfriend Lily. Hi Cole" Mom scolded playfully. They both shared a kiss which I'm thankful that I didn't see, my poor innocent eyes. "Please you guys should get a room, there are kids like me here." I said jokingly. Sometimes they act like hormonal teenagers, it's a miracle I haven't gotten a sibling yet.

"Oh really that won't be what you'll be saying when you share your first kiss with Max." Mom teased making a smooching sound. I turned beetroot red at her comment, curse me being pale. "Max, the new guy." Cole asked surprisingly. Isn't he supposed to know the people that go in and out of the town. "Stop looking at me like that Lily, I perfectly know who he is. I'm just surprised there's something going on between you two." He replied. "There's absolutely nothing going on, Mom's just making it up." I defended glaring at her. "Don't mind her, she wouldn't admit that she has feelings for that handsome young man." Mom answered smugly. "I think you should be careful Lily, there's something fishy about that guy." Cole said worriedly.

It was the first time he warned me about something. He sounded a little bit worried, I wonder why. "Like I said before there's nothing going on. He's just someone I talk to." I said indifferently but inside I was dying to know the reason behind his warning. "What's wrong, did he do something bad." Mom asked with a serious voice, thanks mom now's the time I need your big mouth. "Not really though but I checked his file and it seems like he has a criminal record." He whispered. Thank God he did because the whole customers were eavesdropping on our conversation. That's what you get for living in a small town, your privacy, their business. "What do you mean by that, he doesn't look like he can even hurt a fly." Mom questioned.

I know I haven't seen him but I can give the guy credit for being nice, I guess. "Don't let those glasses he wears deceive you, criminals aren't known for their face but their actions." Cole muttered fiercely. I knew where his anger came from, he wife was killed by an ex-convict. It also came as a shock to me that he wears glasses, wow. "I never knew he wears glasses." I added turning my back to attend to a customer at the register. "Oh that's because of your ability of not being able to see." Cole assured awkwardly. I knew he didn't want me to feel bad by outrightly saying I can't see but it's fine that's one of the things I like about him. He's perfect for my mom because he makes her happy.

"You know it's perfectly fine if you say I'm blind, I'm not going to come for you." I smirked giving the young lady at the front her change. "Thanks for coming, hope to see you again." I cheerfully said but I was awarded with a nod. That's rude and strange. "You know what I mean Lily I just don't want to hurt your feelings. That would ruin my reputation." He puffed proudly. I laughed at his silly statement. "Morning Lily, hello Sheriff Morris." Max greeted coming to stand at the register. He sounded a little bit harsh, what crawled up his butt hole. "Fancy seeing you here, I didn't know you come here." Coke retorted in the same tone. What the hell is going on between these two, am I missing something here.

"I can go anywhere I want, you're just the sheriff of this town." Max sneered. This is the first time I'm seeing this side of him, he's always been that sweet and affectionate guy. Where did this version of Max come from. "I'm happy to know that you've established the concept of you knowing my position in this town. Have a good day Brooks." Cole said putting a kiss on my head. He whispered to me. "Be careful of this boy, tell your mom when she comes back in that we'll see later." He gave Max a salute with his hat before leaving. "I could really feel the tension back there, thank God we have an air conditioner." I joked. I expected to hear a laugh but all I got was silence, that's unlike him.

What's wrong with me, I just met this guy and I already know his character. "What were you doing with him, I didn't know you were close to the sheriff." He rudely replied. So apparently that's my goodmorning, I should have expected this. "It's none of your business, sorry for caring. Please what would you like to order and make it snappy." I remarked pissed. Who is he to talk to me I'm that manner and yet question me. "Fine then if you don't want to tell me that's your problem. I want two of your special pie." He replied angrily. "We're all out of pies." I said. "How's that possible, look at those pies in the showglass." He exclaimed. "Im sorry but those aren't for sale." I said defiantly,I heard a grunt. "If you're not selling then why don't take them inside than bringing them here." He retorted.

"Like I said, they aren't for sale. Let me know if you want anything else." I concluded taking a clothe to clean up the slab. "I don't want anything, I'm leaving. Your pies aren't even good." He scoffed. How dare he say such things about my pie. "That's fine I don't want to see you in my diner again, get out." I sneered throwing the clothe at him. "Gladly." He said slamming the doors hard. Stupid boy, making me feel things I shouldn't be feeling. It's been long I've been this stressed, I can't afford to loose my cool.

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