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C6 Princess?

"So when is your date with Max starting." Lucy teased coming to stand by me. Ever since I told them about the offer they've been squealing like pigs. It's absolutely annoying and embarrassing. "I don't know, he still hasn't gotten back to me. Maybe he doesn't want the tour anymore." I replied cleaning up the tables. It was already closing time and I was exhausted, I couldn't wait to get back home to have a warm bath and just cuddle with my pillow on bed. "Hey Lily, snap out of it." Lucy said snapping her fingers at my face. I didn't even know that I zoned out, that's how tired I am. "I'm so exhausted, there were a lot of customers today. It's like there was food scarcity and this was the only place available. "At least I was here to help." She added.

Yeah right like bringing the empty dishes to the kitchen is a big help. I can't believe we were able to handle all the customers because they were a whole lot. "You know that Max guy really loves you, anytime he looks at you it's like you're the only one he's sees." Lucy piped passing me the broom. Hmm, I've never noticed that. Maybe because I can't see but I don't think so, we're still on our way to friendship. "I highly doubt that, after I show him around town I'm sure he wouldn't want to have anything to do with me." I replied with a shake of my head. "Stop acting so stupid and oblivious Lily." Lucy exclaimed. Really Lucy, how am I stupid I'm just stating the obvious. "I'm not acting stupid Lucy, it's very obvious he's not into me. Even a blind person can see that." I screamed.

It actually felt good to let it out. "It's never going to happen." I whispered silently, tears spilling out of my eyes. "Oh Lily, I'm so sorry for talking to you like that." She mumbled coming to hold me. "It's okay Lucy, it's not your fault. I'm just having a hard time dealing with my emotions right now, I think my period is about to start." I said chuckling at the last statement. "Stop trying to hide your feelings Lily, I've been your friend since highschool and I know you in and out. I know very well when you're hurting, I'm always available when you want to talk okay." She assured. I have such amazing friends, I don't know what I'd do without them honestly. "Thanks Lucy. I have to take the trash out now." I thanked hugging her tightly. "You can let go now, the trash isn't going to throw itself out ." She sassed chuckling.


As I was taking out the trash I felt a presence creeping up on me. "Who's there, show yourself. I have pepper spray on me." I defended. I really didn't have anything on me but a blind girl got to do what she needs to survive. "It's just me Lily, calm down." Max assured. I breathed a sigh of relief and glared at him. I wasn't ready to meet my creator anytime soon, I'm blind but I still want to enjoy life the little way I can. "Why do you keep creeping up on me, that's very annoying." I scoffed putting my hands on my hips. At that moment, I actually thought I was going to be murdered. "I'm sorry. Besides what are you doing out so late by yourself." He scolded. I rolled my eyes at his words and got back to what I was doing. "I was just throwing out the trash, Lucy's with me too." I assured.

"She shouldn't have let you come out alone. It isn't safe outside." He scoffed. Who is he to tell me what and what not to do, I think he noticed the expression on my face because he retracted his statement. "I didn't mean it that way,I'm not trying to control you or anything. I just don't want anything bad to happen to you." "I can take care of myself, thank you. This is my hometown I've lived here all my life and there hasn't been any kidnapping around here." I defended. I was highly pissed at his words. "You're blind." He muttered lowly but I still caught it. "That's it, if you don't have anything meaningful to say excuse me I have a diner to close up." I sneered. "Wait hold on, I just wanted to know where we're going to tomorrow." He said. That's strange he came all the way just to ask me where we'regoing to. "Really, that's all." I replied baffled.

"Yeah I was just driving in the neighborhood." He stuttered. There was something fishy going on but I wasn't going to to call him out on his lie, I would have heard if his car was nearby because it has its own distinct sound. "Okay, well we're going to the park tomorrow." I replied narrowing my eyes at him, I'm still going to find out what he's hiding. "Oh that's nice, what time would you like me to come pick you up." He questioned. "You seem really excited, it's just some boring old park. Nothing's really special about it." I smirked. "At least I'm getting to know my environment." He retorted. "I have an important question for you Max." I said hoping he would be truthful with me. "Shoot, you can ask me anything." He replied. "Why of all people did you choose me to take you on a tour." I curiously asked.

"That's because I want to know you better." He said without missing a beat. "What if I don't want to know you better." I retorted folding my arms. "Well then you have to suck it up princess because I'm here to stay." He replied smugly. "Is that your nickname for me. Really, princess?" I asked with a raise of my eyebrow. "Yup it is and I'm not changing it." He sassed. "I wasn't complaining." I smirked. "So this is what you've been up to Lily and I was just about to call the police department to report a missing person." Lucy exaggerated. I was shaken at the sudden interruption. "Lily, you scared me. How can you creep on us like that." I shrieked putting a hand on my chest. "Well Max saw me so I didn't exactly creep on you guys." She replied smugly.

"He doesn't count." I scoffed giving her a glare. "Hey I'm right here." He piped. "So what were you guys talking about?" She pried acting concerned, I know the only reason she's asking is to go gossip with mom and Jamie. "Nothing." "We were just talking about our tour." He and I said at the same thing. I looked at him wondering why he had to tell her, his way of silencing my thoughts was by putting his hands on my shoulder. "So tell me where are you guys going to." She slapped her hands excitedly. "Why don't we go inside, it's getting a little bit cold for Lily." He suggested rubbing my arms. "I wasn't complaining and I'm not cold." I scoffed rolling my eyes. "Awwwn that's so sweet of you Max." She gushed. With the way she acts you won't even know she's a married woman and a mother of three. Her husband Ace is really trying.


"Lily was such a nerd in highschool." Lucy laughed teasing me. I don't know how we arrived at this discussion but Lucy just had to have a big mouth and talk about my life before I was blind. "Really, she doesn't look it though. For me she seems like the cheerleader kind of girl." He mused. I snorted at that, like Isabelle would ever let me try out. "The queen bee wouldn't even let her smell the girls locker." Lucy blurted out slapping her mouth in the process, I gave her a hard stare. "What happened, who was the queen bee. I'm curious." Max asked suspiciously. "It's nothing, Lucy is spewing rubbish." I defended. "It doesn't look like it, tell me were you bullied by Isabelle Morris in highschool." He scoffed. My eyes grew wide when he figured it out. "Of course not, Lily was loved by everyone." Lucy stuttered trying to amend her mistake.

"That's not true, Isabelle hates her. I always see it in her eyes whenever she talks about her." He retorted. I never knew he talked to Isabelle, I guess she's really fast. "I don't have anything for her besides she's married. She came to my farmland some time ago to welcome me." That's the Isabelle I know. "Let me guess it was more than a welcome." I sneered. Why am I acting this way, this shouldn't be bothering me at all. He's free to be with anyone he likes whether it be a married woman. "No I would never sleep with her, I never knew you thought so low about me." He mumbled sounding pained by my words. I didn't expect it to have such effect on him, I was just pissed at Isabelle that's all. "I just, I'm sorry Max." I whispered fiddling with my arms.

I didn't mean to hurt him, I actually felt bad. "It's fine, I get it." He muttered standing up. "Come on Max she didn't mean it." Lucy begged trying to pacify him. I stood up also coming to meet him, I needed to apologize properly for accusing him of such. "Don't worry, I've got this. You can go home." I assured Lucy. "I can't leave you like this, what if he decides to leave you standing by the roadside. Your mom would kill me if anything should happen to you." She exclaimed. "I don't know Max so well but I can assure you he would take me home, I promise." I said to her looking at her intensely. I know it's shocking hearing from my mouth that I kinda trust Max but I need to amend my mistake. "Be careful Lily." She said hugging me. "Go get your prince charming." She whispered.


"Max come one, you can't just leave me like that." I begged running after him. Gosh he walks so fast or maybe I really need to do some exercise. "Lily watch out." He shouted pushing me out of the road. I was so determined in getting his attention I didn't see the car coming. "You saved me." I whispered holding into him. "Next time be careful Lily. What if I wasn't here." He screamed. "I didn't mean it okay, if you had just answered me maybe that wouldn't have happened." I screamed back at him. I was still recovering from shock so I didn't know how to channel my emotions. "So now you're blaming me?" He scoffed. This was what I was avoiding, I just wanted to settle not add fire to the flame. "I'm not, I'm really sorry Max. Please forgive me honestly." He didn't say a word, all I could hear was my own heartbeat.

"Do you really mean that?" He whispered coming close to stand near me. "Yes I do." I whispered back. "Why on earth are we whispering?" He asked chuckling. "I don't know maybe because it's late and it's only the both of us." I replied. I didn't know where that boldness came from but I'm happy it did, for once I could flirt back. "Promise me you'd never let that Mirabelle of a girl get into head or else I'd personally knock some sense into you." He scolded jokingly although there was a trace of seriousness and sincerity. I inwardly laughed, if only my mom was here. "You know only my mom has the right to actually do that and her name's Isabelle." I sassed laughing at the end. "Isabelle, Mirabelle they're all the same. At least they all have belle in it, the only thing is that the owner of the name isn't beautiful." He muttered with disdain.

"Are you sure about that, the Isabelle I know is a beauty queen." I asked surprised. Maybe she finally got her face done which made her look ugly. "For me she's not." He replied. "When are you going to tell me what you're hiding Max?" I curiously asked. He laughed without a trace of humor. "Get in the car Lily, I'd take you home."

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