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Beyond The Eyes/C7 The Park
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C7 The Park

"Lily I really really need your help." Lucy begged through the phone. I was currently in the washroom doing laundry, mom was out at the diner. I know I'm not always at the diner but she has other staffs there to help her besides she practically threw me out of the diner when she knew about the tour with Max. "Okay what do you need me to do?" I asked adding more detergent. The more foam, the better. "I need you to babysit Jack for me, he's a little bit down." Jack, not that kid. I hate him. "No I'm not going to babysit him, I thought you had a nanny. What happened to her?" I exclaimed. There was no way I'm going to spend the day with that devil's spawn. "The nanny's sick, she couldn't make it. I'm not going to be in town today so I'm taking the other kids with me." She explained.

"Why does it have to be Jack, why can't it be James or Jane? You're giving me the wrong triplet." I wailed putting a hand on my forehead, just saying his name is causing headache for me. "Come on Lily, please. I promise he's changed, he's a good boy now." She reasoned. "That happened fast because I can remember last month he changed my shampoo to dye, I had to go out with pink hair for a week. Thank God I couldn't see it or else I'd be mortified." I shrieked remembering the incident. That day was so embarrassing for me, my only saving grace was that I'm blind because I wouldn't be able to bear the strange looks. "He's just a kid Lily, he doesn't know what he's doing." She replied. "He's nine for crying out loud, he knows exactly what he's doing." I exclaimed.

"Please just do this for me, it's urgent. Jack stop picking on your sister." She screamed out. So that's the kid I have to babysit, I'd murder him before the day's over. "What if I say okay, you know I'm going out with Max today to the park. I'm not sure he would be fine with me taking him along." I added. "I'm sure Max would be fine with it, he looks like he loves kids." She coaxed. "What makes you sure about that." I asked suspiciously. "Leave the convincing to me. All I need is for you to agree to this." She retorted. I'm so going to regret doing this for her. "You owe me big time Lucy." I sighed. I could hear squealing from the other end, I had to cover my ears before I'm also deaf. "Thank you, thank you so much Lily. I promise I'd make sure he behaves well." She assured.


"Max there's a little adjustment to our plans." I whispered silently. I didn't know how he was going to take the news so I decided to tread carefully. "Okay, I'm listening." He said taking a seat in the living room. "Lucy's child, well one of her triplets." I started but he interrupted. "I never knew she is married and has kids." He said shocked. "That's not the point, she wants me to babysit one of them today." I scoffed. "I don't understand aren't you supposed to be happy about that." He said oblivious to the evil that's about to arrive. "Of course not, that child is like the devil's spawn. I've hated him since birth, the hate is mutual." I sneered. "He shouldn't be that bad Lily, how old is he?" "He's nine but that doesn't mean he can't do anything bad, he's the worst thing that can ever happen to someone." I retorted.

"I really wish you can see the way I'm looking at you right now. How can you be hating a kid?" He exclaimed. He doesn't understand what I'm trying to tell him, that child is my mortal enemy. Anytime we are in the same room it's like a warzone. "Don't worry, you won't be saying that when you meet him." I scoffed. The door bell rang at the right moment. "Hey Lucy how are you doing?" Max greeted. "It's nice to see you Max, you're really keeping my friend company." She gushed happily. "I try my best although she's a handful." He sighed putting his arms on my shoulder, I tried pushing it off but he wouldn't budge. "Is this Jack? How are you doing little man?" Max said doting on the devil himself.

The devil didn't even respond. "I'm so sorry, he's really shy when it comes to meeting new people." Lucy said trying to cover up for him. I'm pretty sure he's just putting up a show for Max to make him think that he's the perfect child and I'm the one crazy. "Jack, say hi to Aunt Lily." Lucy scolded. I smirked, this was the part I actually loved when his mom forces him to acknowledge me. "Hello aunt from hell." He muttered coldly. I fumed at his response, this kid really knows how to push my buttons. "Jack don't say that to your godmother, that's a very bad word." Lucy reprimanded. I know that it really took a lot from her not to spank him but she's trying to play the perfect mother in front of Max. This should be entertaining, I can't wait to see how this plays out.

"Jack here is excited to spend the day with you, aren't you baby?" She asked. "Of course not." He snorted. I heard a yelp of pain from him, I'm very sure she just squeezed his hand painfully. "I'd love to spend the day with Aunt Lily and Uncle Max." He retracted. The power of violence, that's his medicine. "Okay I'd leave you guys right now, bye." She says practically rushing back to her car. I don't blame her, if I had a child like Jack I would have put him up for adoption a long time ago. "I'll be right back guys, I just want to use the restroom." Max piped sounding flustered. Was he really holding it for so long. We finally waited to stop hearing his footsteps. "Listen here devil you better behave yourself or else." I threatened narrowing my eyes at him. "Blindy you should also stay on your own lane or else." He retorted.

"Okay guys I'm ready for us to leave." Max said coming to meet us. "Oh really I can't wait to have fun today. Aunt Lily let's go." He said sounding sweet. So this is what he wants to do, he thinks he could win Max with his fake cuteness. Fine then, two can play that game. "Yeah I'd make sure you have a whole lot of fun today." I smirked evily. I have a lot of things planned to do to him if he messes up. "Lily stop doing that you're making him scared." Max reprimanded. Jack, scared. That can ever happen, he doesn't even have any scared bone in him. "I'm not doing anything that's how my face is on a normal day." I retorted. "Yeah right, hey kiddo lets go." He said to Jack.


Few minutes later I was fuming at the back, that devil took my space at the front. Can you imagine he just had to say sweet words to Max and he let him sit there, I don't even know who's the tour guide is now. "Really you have twenty action figures of spiderman." Max exclaimed sounding surprised. "Of course I do, I'm his number one fan." Jack puffed. Stupid kid, always showing off. "When I was your age I only had like two, good job champ." He replied. It was actually sweet seeing him relate with a kid, I wondered if this is how it would be when we have our own kids. I know I'm thinking too far but I can't help it I'm falling too hard. "Lily are you sleeping, you aren't saying anything." Max piped. At the sound of that I faked closing my eyes. "She's faking it Uncle Max. I can bet that's she not sleeping." Jack huffed. If this kid doesn't shut his mouth up I'm going to do it for him.

"Lily if you're listening to me we're about to arrive except you want me to leave you in the car." He sassed realizing I wasn't sleeping when I twitched my eye. Of course not and let that kid have him all to himself, not on my watch. "I'm awake okay, you don't have to threaten me."I retorted opening my eyes. "That's my princess." He replied. Jack made a sound of disgust. "Please Uncle don't tell me you're dating Aunt Lily because that's really a bad decision." He piped. The audacity of this kid, I gave him a knock on his head. That would teach him to respect his elders. "Lily you didn't have to do that, he's just messing with you." Max scolded. "Of course he's not, he was being serious about it." I remarked. "Were you kidding?" Max asked him."I was Uncle Max, I didn't mean it." He replied feigning innocence. "That's it I give up." I exclaimed.


"You know that kid isn't really bad." Max said coming to sit on the bench with me. Jack was at the playground playing with some kids his age, finally I can have Max to myself. Ever since we got here it's been Jack this, Jack that. I'm sick and tired of hearing his name. "Whatever." I replied leaning my head on his shoulder, I could get used to this.

"You're being very clingy Lily, I thought you didn't want to scare me away." He sassed. That's true, I am and I wasn't ashamed of it. "It's nice you noticed, you have to get used to it now." I smirked. "Lily Hannah Carter, what am I going to do with you." He sighed holding my face. "Hey who told you my full name?" I pouted at him. "Your mum did." He chuckled. "Wow it seems like you and my mom are besties now." I teased.

"You just have to love that woman." I scowled at his response, I was expecting him to say the opposite not concur with me. "Is my princess jealous of her own mom." He asked poking me in my tummy. I was ticklish so I squealed not expecting the sudden action. "Are you ticklish there?" He asked slyly. Oh no, I'm in big trouble. "Max don't come any closer." I screamed but it all fell on deaf ears he ran after me and tickled the life out of me. I couldn't stop laughing even if I tried. "It's enough Max, I'm tired." I huffed. "I'd give anything to see that smile permanent on your face." He whispered, I smiled at that. Same here, I concurred silently to myself. "I think I'm going to check on Jack." I said breaking the silence. "Yeah okay, I'll go bring out the picnic basket from the car.

When I got to where Jack was I noticed he was talking to a lady. "Hi, good afternoon. How can I help you?" I said to her holding Jack's hand firmly. I was surprised he willingly let me, what did she do to him. "Hello, is this your son." She said curiously. "Who wants to know that." I retorted. This lady was giving me a very bad vibe and I didn't like that, if Jack wasn't comfortable with her then I'm not. "I'm just asking, you two really look alike." She mused. "He's not my son, he's my friend's." I replied. "Okay then, bye it was nice meeting you." She said sounding relieved. "What was she saying to you devil." I demanded. "She was asking me weird questions, like what's my name and who's my father." He replied sounding a little bit scared.

"Did you answer her?" "I didn't want to but she looked like she wanted to strangle me. Then you came looking for me. Thanks by the way blindy." He thanked. That was weird, I know I've heard her voice before. That means she must be new here or maybe a visitor. "Don't sweat it kid, come on let's go have our picnic."

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