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C8 Movies?

"Are you ready for our next tour today princess." Max said. It was so annoying that my mom actually let him in my room without my knowledge, I could be naked for crying out loud. "You know there's something called privacy." I scoffed standing up from the bed. It was past eight, who the hell comes to someone's house by that time. "Well, I was never taught that." He replied slyly. I threw a pillow at him which he caught successfully. "Hmm I guess your pillow tossing doesn't work on me but mine does." He retorted throwing it back with the same force. "My eyes, how could you do that." I wailed feigning hurt. It actually wasn't painful at all, I just wanted to tease him and see how he would react. "I'm so so sorry Lily, I didn't mean it. Do you need me to get you an ice bag, your mom's going to kill me." He exclaimed.

It was entertaining seeing him so flustered that I laughed and snorted out loud. "Why are you laughing, this isn't funny, you could've gotten hurt." He scolded. I brought out my tongue making silly faces at him but he refused to budge. "Lily please don't joke around like that again." He said sternly. I didn't know a little joke could get him all worked up like this. "I didn't mean it, what's wrong." I said trying to reach out to him but it's like his walls went up again. "It's nothing, I just. Forget it." He disclosed. That's weird, it sounded like he was hiding something from me. "Okay, if you say so. Anyways get out, I need to use the bathroom." I replied shooing him away. If he doesn't want to talk about it then I'm not going to push it. "I could help with that, remember you can't see so I'm the perfect person for this job." He flirted.

This guy, always making me turn into a tomato. I stuffed my face into the pillow and moaned, this is so embarrassing. I'm acting like a lovesick puppy. "Lily, it's okay to blush. I love that I'm the one who does that to you." He whispered into my ears assuringly. I stiffened at our proximity, he doesn't get to play this card with me at all. "Back up big boy, you're invading my personal space." I retorted pushing his chest, I can never get used to the feeling of those toned abs. "If I didn't know you well princess, I'd say you're obsessed with my rock hard chest." He replied smugly. Gosh, not again. "Enough of this, leave now." I replied embarrassingly. He chuckled but nonetheless stood up from my bed. "By the way I love your nightie." He muttered closing the door shut.

My eyes grew wide, I just realized that I was wearing my exposing red nightgown, I could literally die from embarrassment. Standing up I took my towel and headed to the bathroom. I was lost in thoughts in the shower, I don't know what's happening to me. Anytime I say I won't get close to Max it's like he tries harder ten times, I'm so confused by him. What exactly does he want from me, he's so secretive and it's hurts because he can't share with me. It's not like we're besties or anything but I think we've gotten to the stage we can trust each other. I don't want to get heartbroken because he seems like a ladies man, I'm sure he has a lot of girls at his beck and call. I can't compete with those perfect bimbos, I'm just a blind woman who's being single for years.


"I'm choosing today whether you like it or not." He said buckling his seatbelt. I rolled my eyes at his behavior, I didn't know adults behaved like this. "Stop looking at me like I'm some weird alien. I'm being serious, today I get to choose where you're taking me to." He said. "How would you be choosing the place when you're not even used to this town?" I exclaimed. Who on earth thinks like him. "It doesn't matter, I'm still choosing." He said blowing raspberries at me. So mature of him to do that. "Whatever, so where do you want to go to?" I said giving in to his demands. "I didn't expect you to just give up, I had a list of things to say to convince you." He whined. "You really have a lot of time to do that." I scoffed crossing my arms. I was still angry at him for coming into my room unannounced.

"Anyways I'd love us to go to the movies." He piped sounding excited. "You know the movies that premier in the cinema here aren't really good." I said trying to get him to change his mind. "I'm sure it's not that bad Lily." He reasoned. I huffed at that, if only he knew how good the movies are. I can't possibly tell him the reason for not wanting to go there. "It's really really horrible, do you know they don't sell popcorn there. They actually give us groundnuts." I stuttered trying to make the lie more believable. "Lily are you hiding something from me?" He questioned. I decided to let the cat out of the bag. "I don't want to go there because that's where Isabelle frequents most of the time. I'm very sure we'd run into her and their goons and I don't have a perfect comeback yet ready for her."

I chuckled dryly at my pathetic joke, I guess he could see through me. "You don't have to worry about anything Lily, I'm going to be right by your side all through." He assured me putting a hand in my thigh. "That's not possible Max, what if I want to use the bathroom?" I smirked. I'm sure he wouldn't have anything to say. "Then I'd go in with you or stand outside and wait for you. As long as I'm there nothing bad is going to happen, I promise." He replied me with all seriousness. I felt very special that someone except my friends was willing to stand up for me maybe he's not a bad guy after all. "Thanks." I said grateful.


"Come on Lily, let's go inside the movie's about to start." Max whined dragging me towards the theatre. "I can't Max, I'm blind remember." I huffed a little bit pissed that he forgot about the obvious thing. This was one of the reasons I didn't want to come here because I wouldn't have the opportunity to see the movie showing. "That doesn't apply to you besides when you were having movie night with the girls few weeks ago how did that go?" He questioned slyly. "That's was different, anytime we have movie night we usually watch the movies I've seen when I still had my eyesight so I know the exact lines and what's playing." I explained. "It still doesn't matter Lily, you're a very smart woman. Where's my princess who isn't bothered about her disability?" He said proudly.

"She's right here but now I'm not really feeling empowered to go in there. I'd just be making a fool of myself going to sit down down there without seeing anything." I reasoned folding my hands in defiance. "You're going in whether you like it or not." He said sternly. "I'd like to see you try." I smirked with a confident look on my face. "If you don't get your pretty arse in there I'm going to kiss the living daylight out of you." He whispered huskily into my ears. I gulped at his sudden threat, I knew he would definitely do that. It's time for me to put on my big girl underpants and get into that theatre. "I knew you'd come to your senses." He said guiding me into the place with his hands on my waist. I actually felt special inside at his sudden actions, I'm going to enjoy this while it last.


"You never told me you are into action movies." Max said sounding surprised. We were done watching the movie, it was actually nice though even if I couldn't see I had Max to tell me what happened. Although few people were complaining about the noise we were making but Max didn't seem to care about their opinion. He specifically told them to shove their words up their arses, his words not mine. "I actually am, I absolutely love the thrill that comes with it." I replied still pumped about the movie. "You amaze me every single time princess." He muttered putting his hands again on my shoulders. I didn't bother to remove them because I knew he would surely put it back there. "So tell me where would you like to go to. Are you up for ice cream?" He suggested.

"What's the blind weirdo doing here. You know this is my territory right?" Isabelle said approaching us. "Honey you don't have to talk to Lily that way. She's free to go anywhere she wants to." Timothy, her husband scolded. It's a miracle he came out today, he's usually inside the house. "Shut up Tim, you don't know what you're saying." She haughtily said at him. She doesn't even know how to treat her husband, he must be really going through a lot. I sent him an apologetic smile hoping he'd see it and I think everyone did. "Lily are you flirting with my husband." She sneered coming to stand in my face. "If you know what's good for you Mirabelle you'd back out now. I'm only respecting you because of your husband right here." Max interrupted.

She scoffed at his threat.

"Are you seriously going to defend her, now you're going around fooling yourself with this disabled human. Lastly my name is Isabelle not Mirabelle" She sneered at him."I don't give a damn about your name. I'm warning you to leave Lily alone." I've had enough of her insults. "If you don't want me to beat you to a pulp you'd shut that trap of yours " I threatened. Even if I'm blind that doesn't mean I couldn't defend myself, I'm ready for anything she'd throw at me. "You can't do anything Lily, you're just wasting your time on him. Trust me he'd never love you, no man will. Mark my words." She said. That really hit home, I didn't know where the burst of energy came from but I sent a punch to her nose and I'm glad that I hit target. "You're crazy, I'm going to get you back for that." She screeched.

I'm glad I could get that noise from her, it's like music to my ears. "Belle we need to leave now, you're drawing attention to yourself." Tim muttered to her. She huffed strutting out of the cinema. "I'm so sorry for her actions." He pleaded leaving with her. "That was amazing, I could try that again." I said excitedly. "That was awesome Lily, I never knew you could throw a punch like that. I'm so proud of you." Max exclaimed. That's strange, I thought he'd be freaking out by now. "Are you sure you're okay, aren't you supposed to be running for the hills right now." I snorted narrowing my eyes at him. "I don't see anything bad when a woman stands for herself." He explained. I felt kind of happy that he accepted this part of me that sometimes gets violent.

"Okay so what do we have to do now." I asked rather awkwardly.

"To the ice cream parlour, my lady." He said faking a british accent. I laughed at his antics, he can be so dramatic sometimes. That's actually one of the things I admire in him, I just hope I don't fall so hard because I wouldn't be able to bear the pain if I find out he has a girlfriend but until then I'm going to make sure we have fun and he enjoys his stay here.

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