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Beyond The Eyes/C9 The Market
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C9 The Market

"Are you ready to hit the market?" I asked wearing my sunglasses. This was our third destination, I was going to take him to the market. There was nothing special about it but we sell a whole lot of food produce. "Not really, I can imagine the odour that would be emanating from there." He countered putting the car in motion. "Well you said you wanted a tour and I'm giving you one so stop complaining." I warned jokingly. "I've being meaning to ask how do you know exactly where we're going to when you can't see the road?" He inquired. I've being waiting for a long time for him to ask me this question, this was something I was willing to answer. "You know humans hardly use all their five senses." I said. "The nerd in you is about to come out, isn't it?" He huffed. I turned to him to give him my sweetest smile. "Yup it is and you better suck it up because she's here to stay." I warned. "Aye aye captain." He teased.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted." I continued sending a glare to him. "Ever since I lost my eyesight I learnt how to make good use of my other senses most especially my sense of smell and touch." I replied. "So what you're trying to say is that you can smell the market miles away." He slowly said making me sound crazy. "Lily are you sure you aren't a descendant of the mythical werewolf." He teased. I unbuckled my seat belt and stared hitting him. "Easy woman, you don't have to be so violent." He whined when he finally got me off. "That's what you get for calling me a dog." I sassed. "Does that mean you aren't a fan of twilight?" He says fake gasping. "Of course I am but I'm team Edward." I smirked proudly.

"Really you'd go for a guy who feeds on blood, isn't that disgusting for you?" He shuddered making a gagging sound. I don't see anything bad in a guy drinking your blood, I actually find it sexy and hot. "At least it's better than tearing up clothes unnecessarily every single time I want to shapeshift." I retorted with an eye roll. "That's the point, it's more manly." He exclaimed. "So you're saying you wished Bella ended up with Jacob." I snorted. That wouldn't have ended well because I'm sure Edward would have fought for her. "Of course that was actually meant to happen. I'm sure it's some crazy woman who's obsessed with blood drinking like you that changed the script." He muttered. "Max are you calling me crazy?" I asked faking shock. "No I'm not, you know I didn't mean that Lily." He stuttered with a shaky voice. "Better." I huffed.


"Gosh I love the smell of bananas." I gushed. We were at the fruit section buying some fruits mainly my bananas though. "Yeah I can see that, that's why you're immensely eye raping that poor innocent banana." He teased. The seller Mrs. Conner chuckled at his statement. "You guys make such a cute couple, I can't wait to be invited for the wedding." She gushed clapping her hands together. I turned red at her statement, I tried to explain better to her but Max beat me to it. "Thank you ma'am, I really hope she says yes." He sighed playing along. I looked up at him and gave him a hard glare, he didn't even act like he noticed it. "Awwn she's shy." She remarked. If only she knew the reason I was red wasn't because I was shy but I was embarrassed by her words. "Yeah she's a shy one that's why we make the perfect combination." He puffed. "You know what, you can take the bananas for free." She said.

"Thank you ma'am but I'm not sure I can do that." I muttered. It would be bad if we just take her goods without paying. It's all his fault, if he didn't turn on his charm she wouldn't have been smitten. "No darling I want you take it besides I've got a whole basket of them." She argued. I had no choice but to give in since she was being so persistent. "I think we should go out more often as a couple if it means we would getting free stuffs." He suggested putting his arms around my shoulders. "Of course not, we would be the talk of the town for weeks." I shuddered. I hated having people talk about me at my back even if it's inevitable. "Come on it's going to be fun, imagine the free bananas we'd get." He exclaimed sounding like a kid on Christmas. "You know life isn't all about bananas?" I teased. "Says the girl who's crazy about them." He retorted. I realized the joke he made and I laughed out loud.

"Honestly I didn't even think about it before it came out of my mouth." He confessed laughing too. Are you ready to leave because I'm starving." He huffed his tummy rumbling in the process. "I thought I was the only one who loved food." I teased smirking at him. "Hey you're not the only who values food you know, I'm a man with needs too." He snorted out loud. "Okay let's go to the diner then, I'm sure my mom has something good for us." I said. "Or we can eat your special pie." He suggested hopefully. "You know that I'm the only one who knows the secret recipe so no pie for you." I sassed sticking my tongue at him. "That sucks, I was actually banking on those pies." He huffed. I never knew he loved my special pies so much, that means I'd be baking his specially.


"The wheels on the bus goes round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels in the bus goes round and round all through the town." I sang. I know we probably sound silly for singing nursery rhymes but he challenged me and I never ever back out on a challenge. "Okay my turn. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes and eyes and ears and mouth and nose. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes." He sang back. I can't possibly let him win, I need to think of another rhyme fast. "Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you. Here I am, here I am, how do you do." I sang smugly. I'm sure I'm going to win this. "Booooo, that's a very boring rhyme. Just face it Lily I have good rhymes so I'm the winner." He huffed.

"That's not true, it was my favourite rhyme in kindergarten. How can you possibly say that." I exclaimed. I was shocked someone didn't like that rhyme, it's the best. "Oh no wonder, it's as boring as you. The both of you are the perfect match." He teased. I pouted at his remark, daddy finger was as good as head, shoulders, knees and toes. "Hold on isn't that Mr. Boni and Mrs. Briggs." He said slowing down. "Oh really, ask them if they need a ride." I said. It was actually nice that they were together, I think he finally had the guts to ask her out. "Hello Mr. Boni where are you headed to?" Max asked stopping the car. "Oh hi Max and Lily." He greeted slyly at the end. I knew very well what he was implying. Silly old man. "Oh we were headed to the the diner. We were hoping we could have some of Lily's special pie." Mrs. Briggs added.

"Well you're in luck because we're also going there to." I replied excited that someone wants my pie. "So why don't you hop in, we have enough space at the back for you guys." Max suggested politely. "If you say so, thanks son." Mr. Boni said opening the back door. "So where were you guys at hmm." He teased smugly. Gosh, I'm starting to regret letting them in. This man is going to embarrass me. "We're actually coming from the market." Max replied driving off. "The market, son I thought you had more romantic ideas." Mr. Boni said baffled. "It wasn't a date Mr. Boni, I was just taking him on a tour. Didn't you hear about that?" I asked curiously. "Nope I didn't hear anything about it,you know I try to stay away from gossip." He snorted. That's one of the the things I love about him, he minds his business except on some occasions like now.

"Son when are you going to take her on a meaningful date, you're wasting time." He demanded. Max sighed at his question. "Soon sir but it's complicated." He replied. I could feel his stare on me but I didn't dare to look back. I never knew he planned to ask me out on a date. I'm even surprised that Mr. Boni is in the know of this, there must be other things I didn't know. "Williams stop meddling in their love life." Mrs. Briggs said scolding him. I muffled a chuckle at the mention of his first name, it still cracks me up when I hear it. Williams, that doesn't fit him at all. "Honey you know these kids of nowadays need a little pushing from the older ones." He argued. "Yeah just like it took you two whole years to grow the balls to ask me out." She retorted. Geez, I'm so loving this old folks conversation. I never knew that Mrs. Briggs had a sharp mouth.

"Sweetheart you didn't have to bring it up here. This is something we could settle indoors." He whispered. Well not really because I could still hear him clearly. "Then stop pestering these kids or else I'll talk." She said smugly. "Lily you're so lucky my queen over here has ordered me to keep quiet or else." He muttered sounding disappointed. "Come on Willy don't frown. You know I don't like seeing your face like that." She whined. Okay this is becoming a little bit uncomfortable. "It's your fault I'm frowning, fix it." He mumbled sounding like a young boy. "Oh, I'll fix it alright." She flirted. I could hear the sound of lips smacking each other. I gagged at their pda, I couldn't wait for us to get to our destination.


"First thing we have to do is add the flour to make the dough." I explained to Max. We figured I should make the pies, it was a win win for Max and Mr. Boni since they wanted one. Max pressured me into teaching him how to make my pie and here we are. "When do we start the baking?" He asked smacking his lips together. "We haven't even started with the filling." I scowled. "This is really taking time Lily, I'm hungry." He moaned. "We just got here, we haven't even started." I exclaimed. "Fine, I'd wait but make it snappy I'm not sure my tummy can bear it any longer." He huffed. It wasn't my fault he refused to eat the bananas, he insisted he wanted to help me bake. Now look at what he's doing, stupid boy.

"If you're not going to help then that's the door." I said pointing at the door. "Fine I'd help, what exactly do you want me to do for you princess?" He replied standing at my back. I was startled at his sudden movement. "Relax I'm not going to do anything wrong." He whispered into my ears. "I just think you look better in flour." He muttered pouring a large amount of flour on my face. "What did you do, you're ruining everything." I exclaimed glaring at him. He answered by kissing me on my cheek. "There's no fun in making pie if we aren't covered in flour." He whispered throwing another one on my face. "That's it you're on." I shrieked running after him.

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