It was already past nine and the new bride was not yet home, Austin was not aware of the nature of her job and what time he should be expecting her home.

Just then, the large wooden door swung open and the house helped Mellisa steps in carrying a large box with Kaylie striding behind.

Kaylie stood before a large beautiful living room with high ceilings and beautiful natural lights. The large glass windows look out onto a lush, green garden and the space is filled with plants and greenery.

Her eyes slowly scan around the furniture that is so tasteful and unique with comfortable soft fabrics and inviting cushions. With plenty of places to relax from plush armchairs to cosy sofas and at the centre of the large room was a fireplace that added a touch of warmth and cosiness to the space.

The entire living room feels welcoming and comfortable except for the glare she was receiving from the two women who had their gaze glued to her.

“Finally! The bride decided to show up!” Lillian commented.

“Kaylie, what kept you so long?”

“I am sorry ma, I had to go back home and pack all of my things”

“it is okay, follow the maid upstairs and she will show you to your room, we have been waiting for you”.Jane explained.

“I am sorry about that ma'am” Kaylie apologised before striding behind Melisa a white female in her early forties with black short bob hair that is well kept. Melissa is of average height and wore a white uniform with an apron above it.

Kaylie follows her through the large hallway with smooth and silk marble on the floor around the hallway are some expensive flowers placed that emanate the place with a glorifying aroma.

Melissa stopped at a door and placed a big bag on the floor.

“This is Mr. Tucker's room and I am sorry that I can't take your bag inside because I am not permitted to go inside”

“Mr. Tucker's room, I thought that you were supposed to take me to my room?”

“I am sorry if there is some confusion, but I was told to escort you to Mr. Tucker's room since you are both married and are expected to share the same space”

Melissa explained politely with her gaze not meeting Kaylie's.

“Oh! Is that so, Alright, thank you very much” Kaylie thanked her as she bowed her head and strode back downstairs.

Kaylie could feel her heart throbbing loudly as she held the doorknob, not sure if she should go in or not for fear of what might await her inside, but she was here now and there was no turning back.

She twisted the door knob and was welcomed by a light fragrance of lavender, jasmine and bergamot. As she took a few steps inside, she could finally see where the fragrance was emanating from, scented candles placed on the large white table, a diffuser hung on the wall and probably some fabric spray.

The large master bedroom is a true oasis of luxury with plush and white carpeting. The walls are painted with a white and soothing colour and there is a large see-through window of the pool and its relaxation area.

The bed is a large king size with luxurious linens and several pillows, her eyes immediately drifted to the ensuite bathroom and immediately stood a figure coming out from the bathroom.

He had a towel wrapped around his waist while his broad chest was bare and water dripping down from his head down to that firm chest.

Kaylie instantly froze, her erotic dream from earlier today immediately clouded her head and she could feel all the hairs on her body strain.

“Oh! Kaylie, you are here!” He spoke wiping off the water that was dripping as the air in the room swung the strain of his hair around, Kaylie's eyes widened and she did not realize that her mouth was wide open.

“Yes… I… Am… Here” She stutters. “You should put on a shirt”

“Yeah, a shirt, I will just grab one from the dresser” He replied but couldn't and strode over to the dresser, Kaylie swore that she saw a smirk on his lips as he walked away.

He walked back in wearing a tight blue shirt that hung tight around his broad chest and she could barely take her eyes off him.

“My mother and sister have been waiting for you, how about you drop your bag and come downstairs for dinner”

“Yeah, sure but I do have a request if you don't mind Mr Tucker”

“Can you not speak so formally to me and please go ahead and request whatever it is you want”

“I don't think that it is proper for the both of us to share the same room, considering that I just met you today”

“I thought so too, but Mother insisted that we share the same room because she wanted an heir, but you do not need to worry about that because I am not touching you”

He expressed and switched his lips was agued plague he didn't want to have anything to do with her.

“What! ” Kaylie scoffs feeling disgusted as she drags her bag to the dresser.

“Freshen up and hurry downstairs, we will be waiting”. He responded and twisted the doorknob before shutting it behind him.

Kaylie settled her belongings in the closet before striding into the bathroom, a spacious bathroom compared to the one she was used to and her eyes went wild at the sight of a bathtub.

She spent the entire day at work either standing or walking and barely had a real meal to eat, the sight of the bathtub was just all she needed. She slid into it after taking off her entire cloth and slowly shut her eyes feeling the warmness of the water that erupted her entire body.

When her body was finally satisfied with the result it got, she got out of the water and dressed in her sleeping pyjamas, her hair carefully tied behind her back and she strode downstairs to join the family for dinner.

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