Austin, his mother and sister patiently sat at the dining table while waiting for Kaylie, it seemed like they were having a deep conversation because they instantly ceased talking as soon Kaylie docked at the dining room.

“Finally! The princess decided to show up” Lilian plunged a saucy comment before she rolled her eyes at her.

But Kaylie didn't seem to be inquisitive in what she had to say to anyone else at that table.

Kaylie took the available seat opposite Austin and slowly began to eat, they all seemed stunned by her attitude but decided not to say a word.

Kaylie chewed her churn of meatballs while avoiding the gaze of everyone else on that table, the thought of how this same person had thrown her away like a piece of trash when she came begging for help a few years ago now they all seemed to be stocking up to her with fake smiles.

“So Kaylie, do you work at your family's company?” Mrs Jane asked, trying to ease the tension on that table.

“No, I prefer to work and make a living somewhere outside my family's name”

“That is impressive, so where exactly do you work?”

“At the hotel” She replied calmly, her attention fully focused on the meal she was enjoying, they all glanced at each other expecting a more detailed answer but Kaylie remained stern.

“Kaylie what do you work at and what is your position there”.

“Mom that is enough, let her enjoy her meal”

“Fine, but you know we still need to know more about her”

“It is alright, that won't be necessary Mother because she won't be staying here for a long time”. Lilain chipped in and Austin glared at her.

“Thanks, everyone for the meal, I enjoyed it”

“Mellisa prepared it, she is a good cook”. Austin tried to explain but Kaylie had already got on her feet and was now striding upstairs, her feet making a loud thump sound through the stairs.

“What is going on Austin, you said that you weren't interested in the new bride and will only be married to her for a year but you seem to be snacking up on her, despite how cold she has been acting towards you”. Lilian inquired.

“That is before I met her, turns out she was someone that I knew from years ago”

“You are familiar with her and yet she keeps acting like she doesn't know you, You are the CEO of S. Treckal and we expect you to act like that”

“I heard you loud and clear, if you do not mind, I would like to join my wife upstairs, it is my wedding night after all” He replied in a sarcastic tone and strode upstairs.

Austin was stunned when he walked into the large master bedroom with a king-size bed only to find Kaylie sleeping on the floor.

“Kaylie, what is going on?”. He asked, his gaze still deep at her, Kaylie stretched off herself before sitting upright in other to listen to whatever he had to say.

“I told you that we needed separate rooms considering that this marriage thing was temporary but you declined”

“Kaylie I understand that you are not yet familiar with me and there are a series of upsetting things you might have heard about me, but we are married now because both our families wanted this and we need to make it work”.

“I am sorry, but I do not want to make it work”. She replied and got back to sleeping again while he stared down at her wondering why she had so much hatred for a family she knew nothing about.

“Fine, you can have the bed while I make use of the couch”

“You do not have to worry, I am perfectly fine here, for someone like you that is used to luxury, you are going to develop body aches after spending a night there”

“I am a man and have been through worse situations than you can imagine, go ahead and have a good sleep there”

She was reluctant for a moment but finally complied. Kaylie slid through the bed and tugged up the duvet, shedding her cold.

Kaylie woke up early the next day and got ready for work and when Austin realized that she was up and ready, he also hopped into the shower, after which he got dressed and hurried downstairs where breakfast had already been served.

“Good day ma, good day sir” Mellisa greeted the couple seeing the both of them appear almost at the same time. “I made breakfast of oats and some toast”

“Thanks, Mellisa, but I would like to go now”.Kaylie replied and made to leave again, but Austin grabbed her hand and held it tight before she could make another move.

“Kaylie, wait! You can't leave like that, have some breakfast please” He pleaded but she forcefully pulled away her hand like he was a plague everyone should avoid.

“Thanks for your kind gesture, but as I said, I am not hungry”

“Fine!” Austin exhaled loudly as he let out the word while Mellissa stood there with both her eyes popped out wide, he had never had to deal with anyone with such an attitude and it was becoming difficult for him.

“Let me drop you off at work”

“Thanks, but I can get a cab”

“Why would you get a cab when I am here to help you with that”

“I don't care, look Austin, I can't have this conversation with you right now, I have to go”

“Alright, then take one of the cars at the parking lot, anyone of your choice”

“Are you deaf or is it that you haven't been listening to me? I said I am fine and do not need your help of any sort!!” She yelled out and Mellisa took a few steps backward knowing that Austin had reached his peak.

“What the hell is wrong with you and who the hell do you think you are!! If you despise me that much, then why did you agree to the marriage, you think that you are so special just because I am trying to put up with you”

“Then don't! I never asked you to put up with me!”

“Fine! Then go ahead and keep living with your sassy attitude, I am done trying!!”

“You are the sassy one with a monster-like heart!! ” She yelled at the top of her voice that both Mrs Jane and Lilian had to come downstairs.

“What is going on here” Mrs. Jane asked but Kaylie rolled her eyes at her and stormed out of there, banging the door loudly behind her.

“What is the issue, son?”

“I don't mom, seems like this marriage was against her will and it is getting to her nerves”

“You just need to calm down, she will come around soon”

“I hope so, else I might just be forced to let her go” He grunted out, stepping out of the large living room while his driver Josh was already seated at the car waiting for him and he steered off the engine as soon as he was comfortable at the back seat.

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