Kaylie arrived at work and noticed that everywhere was in chaos with all the hotel attendants running around from one staircase to another.

“Kaylie! Hurry up and get dressed!” Jessy yelled out as soon as she caught a glimpse of Kaylie coming through the elevator.

“What is going on, everywhere seems to be in disorder?”

“We are having a VIP guest at the hotel today and guess who it is?”

“You are going to tell me either way, so just go ahead”. Kaylie replied nonchalantly.

“Bobby Hales, the Almighty Bobby will be lodging at S. Treck today and everyone is so busy and jerked up”

“Then I better get up before Ms Lilian arrives” Kaylie replied and hurried over to the female staff's dressing room, a smile spread across her face as she felt worked up hearing that her favourite celebrity would be visiting today and she might just be opportune to serve him.

Kaylie changed into a neatly washed and ironed uniform purposely designed for the female attendants at S. Treck and once she was done applying a tiny layer of make-up, she hurried downstairs where the entire staff had lined up because it seemed like the CEO wanted to address everyone.

A total of eighteen staff, ten ladies and eight gentlemen stood still with their hands clasped together as they did not dare meet the CEO's ruthless gaze.

Lilian stood beside him while he spoke and her gaze was sternly fixed on Kaylie who lowered her head, but Austin was so coped in his words and did not notice that his new bride was among the staff at his hotel.

“Good day everyone! We will be expecting a very important guest today who has the power to shape our hotel and take it to the next level.”

“Bobby Hales is a name everyone respects both in the political system and entertainment industry, so I expect nothing less than perfect from you all ranging from the floor he walks on, to the things he sets his eyes on, down to his room and meal, one mistake, I repeat, one tiny mistake and you are fired!”

He threatened with a deep cold gaze and they understood that he meant every word he said before striding away with Mr. Collins tagging behind him.

“You! What is your name?” Lilian inquired from Kaylie as she stood a few steps closer to her because she wanted to be certain that her sight wasn't playing tricks on her.

“I am Kaylie Mecham ma'am” Kaylie replied and slightly tilted her head upward, a wide grin spread across Lilian's face that was slowly replaced with satisfaction.

“You will be in charge of Mr Bobby Hales together with the manager Ms Sally, just like Mr Tucker said a few seconds ago, we expect nothing but perfect”

“Yes, ma…. But I don't think that Kaylie here is fit for such a task” Sally, a light-skinned lady in her early forties with red bob hair and a few fringes above her eyelid, is average height but has a small nature that attributes her as a petite.

Sally knew that Bobby Hale was a top guest and Kaylie who was still new to the entire system was not fit for the task.

“And why do you think that she isn't fit, wasn't she trained on the basics of this hotel when she was employed?”

“She was ma'am, but attending to a personality like Bobby Hales requires more than just the basics training which is why I think that Kaylie here is not fit for the job yet”.

Lilian was silent for a while, her eyes pin to Kaylie who was silent with a blank expression on her face.

“What do you think Kaylie?” Lilian asked casually, Kaylie lifted her head and their gaze met.

Kaylie could see the disdainful smirk on her face and understood that she had set out to fail, but despite that, she needed to prove a point.

“I have been working in this hotel for seven months now, I think that I am ready and capable of serving Mr Bobby”

“See…. That was easy and that settles it” Lilian finally had a wide smile spread across her face as she strode out of there while the attendants were finally permitted to go back to their assigned duty.

“What were you thinking Kaylie, accepting such a task?”

“Why shouldn't I, I have dreamed that I get to meet with him one-on-one someday and now that I got an opportunity to serve him, you want me to bail”

“But this is dangerous and exhausting one mistake and you could lose your job and everything else that you have worked hard for these few months”.

“Let's pray that I don't!” Kaylie replied and hurried out of there to the elevator leading to the VIP floor of the hotel.

The VIP floor consists of several rooms designed to suit the taste of their guest. Kaylie slid the key card inside and the door to the first room made a beep sound before it swung open.

She was confident that everything was in order ranging from his expensive linens to the duvet that had just arrived this morning from Turkey.

The fragrance of the freshly laundered linens wafts through the air. Kaylie slowly breathed in the cool air of lavender and citrus emanating from the disposed hung on the wall.

Fully satisfied with the cool and clean air around there, she exited the room and hurried downstairs to the kitchen. His meals were designed to be prepared by only the top chef and she needed to be certain that it was going smoothly.

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