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C2 Doubts about sex.

Hanna saw Jacky looking at her without saying anything. She thought she must have guessed correctly. Just because he was afraid of the forest walls. Afraid that she would tell others, he would be fired. That's why he kept quiet. Look at that expression of his. She sighed sympathetically.

He must have suffered greatly. Working with a gay boss. He looks like this. Probably always in a low mood, insecure. Just afraid of being noticed by the boss.

"You don't have to say it anymore. I understand. You must be really upset, don't you. Oh or I have an idea. You just give this marriage certificate straight to your boss. Let your boss give up the idea. I also feel more secure at work.” Hanna's bright eyes laid out a plan for him.

The more Jacky heard, the corner of Jacky's mouth kept twitching. He smiled wickedly at her.

"Do you think my boss will notice me? Doesn't he already have an assistant lover like you say."

"Who knows. Some people have a lot of money. There is a third gender, very few people are faithful. You should still be careful.” Hanna nodded in analysis for him.

She thought more deeply. Rich men all have perverted thoughts. They have noticed who, even if they don't have it, they must destroy it. If they are already bored with someone, even if they use death to threaten and hold on. They are also ruthlessly merciless. She thought he would help her anyway. So she sincerely replaced him in thinking and calculating. But not knowing what to think, suddenly her eyes widened. Turn around to look at him.

"Are you gay too?"

Yes, that's for sure. Otherwise, a person whose appearance is not inferior to a star like him. Moreover, he drives a beautiful car like this, his family must be well off. Like that, until now, I still don't have a girlfriend. Not to mention his grandmother is dying, still worried about his wife and children. There is only one reason, to explain these things. He is a third gender.

Jacky until now has been really gloomy. His eyes were cold and murderous as he looked at her. But in the end he took a deep breath. Tried to suppress the urge to strangle her to death. Start the car and leave. Returning from the civil service department to the hospital, he didn't say a word. He didn't even look her in the eye.

Hanna didn't know he was angry that he was misunderstood. She just thought he was angry because she'd told him his gender outright. Men, even if they are gay, have extremely high dignity. All this, she understands.

"I'm sorry. But trust me. I will absolutely not reveal this to anyone." Hanna raised her hand to swear.

"You'd better shut up. If you ever bring this up again. I'll tell you right away, what's my gender."

Jacky's head was about to smoke because of the anger in his heart. I can't stand it anymore. He glared at her warningly.

Hanna heard that and immediately covered her mouth with her hand. Shaking his head at him. She knew right away that he was angry about this. Of course, she wouldn't say it again. She sympathizes with him. Because of the third gender. They often don't like to talk about this sex-sensitive issue. But she did not despise him. Because she is also a person with modern thinking and thinking. What about the third gender? As long as you can be happy. And the two really love each other. There's nothing wrong with being together.

The car stopped in front of the hospital. He opened the door to the car and went inside. I don't care if she can get out of the car on her own. She sighed inwardly. It is true that the mouth is harmful to the body. She was about to open the door herself. Then a man came to help her open the car door. She said thank you in surprise and walked down. She didn't even ask curiously who he was. Because you can open your car door. Of course it's your man.

Secretary Lincoln ran to open the car door to help the girl. He was thinking to himself that this girl must be the one who made him lose his magic. There was a hint of resentment in her eyes. But then he sighed again. Without her, he would still have to go to Africa to find a partner. That's even more terrifying. Who does not know that Africa has a lot of sunshine and little rain. Going to Africa to find partners for water heater products. It's not like going to die. Because he thought so, he quickly changed his gaze from resentful to appreciative of her.

Secretary Lincoln did not expect it. In a short time, his big boss found someone again. Although not as beautiful as the star. But the face is also good looking. She softly thanked him again when he helped her open the car door like that. It also shows that her personality is also extremely good. He secretly congratulated the big boss. Although only married for a month. But I still have to find the right person a little bit. Good-looking good-looking. That's why he searched for so long and couldn't find it.

When he received the phone, the boss said he had found someone. He was as happy as if he had hit the jackpot. Because people are chosen by the big boss. If there is a problem, the boss will bear it. It has nothing to do with you. How can he not be happy?

Hanna went straight to the emergency room. But I just arrived in front of the front desk nurse. A nurse called her back to report.

"You're Hanna from patient Henry's family, right?"

Hanna heard the nurse mention her brother's name. Instant anxiety. It's not your sister that happened to you.

"Yes, how is my sister's nurse?" Hanna asked urgently.

"You don't have to worry. Her brother, after surgery, is out of danger. We took the patient to the recovery room. You can go there to find your brother. The cost of surgery and hospital fees have been calculated. So you should rest assured to take care of your brother to get well soon."

After talking with the nurse. Hanna went straight to the recovery room. Through the glass she could see her brother. She breathed a sigh of relief because she had a little bit of the burden of worry in her heart. She was glad that her brother was okay in the end. And all of this was given by Jacky. She didn't expect him to be so fast. While she didn't know it, she sent the wrong person to do everything. She is very grateful to you. So she told herself. I will definitely repay you for this saving grace.

But the immediate way to repay is to visit his grandmother. My grandmother is waiting for her granddaughter-in-law. Let her confirm the sex of her grandson. So she guessed. So she quickly turned around. Go straight to the intensive care unit.

"How is your grandmother? Now I go in alone, or do you come with me". Hanna saw the man standing in front of the door and spoke up.

"Come in. Just get close to her ear. Tell her you're my wife. We've registered our marriage. Just say it like that." Jacky closed his eyes and raised his head to her.

"So do you need me to tell you I'm pregnant too. That will make your grandmother more satisfied. Trust me it's not… um.. that one," said Hanna shyly. She was afraid that he would get angry again, so she deliberately avoided that word.

Jacky black face again. Dark eyes looked at her and said no need. Then tell her to come inside.

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