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C3 Experience.

Hanna entered the room. She approached the hospital bed. Observe Jacky's grandmother. She silently praised me. She is old but still very beautiful. Every line on her face. It can be seen that when she was young, she was definitely more beautiful than people.

Hanna sat on the chair beside the bed. Reached out to hold her hand. Gently rub her hands with her hands. Then he leaned in close to her ear.

"Grandma! I'm your granddaughter-in-law. I'm married to Jacky. You can rest assured. He treats me very well. He also pampers me very much."

Hanna sat up straighter.

He looked at the door and smiled softly. Then he leaned down and spoke again in her ear. If she heard what she said. Can you gently move your fingers with her?

Hanna glanced at her grandmother's hand that was in hers. Eagerly waiting. As a result, her fingers really moved. Even if it was only light, it made her happy no matter how much. So she was more eager to talk to her. Don't know what else to say though. But for Hanna. A talkative girl is not difficult to find a topic to talk about. She told her all kinds of things in life. What is her past, situation, and present like? Dream of the future.

Hanna really wanted to find someone who would listen to her reading. But who will patiently listen to these things. She once had a best friend who would listen to her. But she left her too. Two years ago, she took a suicide pill. Since then, she has not found anyone who understands and listens to her anymore. Now that there is a person who will listen, why can't she release it? Even if you don't listen. She couldn't speak either. Hanna smiled.

"Grandma. I thank you for listening to me confide, rest assured, I assure you for the last time. Jacky is very manly, very manly."

Hanna felt this was important, so she tried to emphasize it to her grandmother. Hopefully, if she leaves, she can rest in peace and calm. Although this is not true. She looked back at the door and sighed.

Outside. Jacky looks in through the glass door. He saw the girl sometimes stooping and smiling. When he looked dismayed. Now he looked back at him and sighed. What are you saying to your grandmother? Didn't he just ask her to say a short sentence? Why was she in there talking for nearly 15 minutes now? Did you know his grandmother before? Why is there so much to talk about? He raised an eyebrow and reached out his index finger to poke her. She really did have something to surprise him with.

He was outside looking at investigative documents about her. He sent his assistant to investigate and brought it here. You can't be ignorant of her either. Either way, they are legal spouses. It won't be long before they get a divorce. But what you should know, you still have to know.

She is a university student of economics, majoring in marketing. Just graduated from school. My parents died in a traffic accident three years ago. Currently living with his younger brother. The younger brother is also a third-year student at the university of architecture. Last night there was a very serious traffic accident. Urgently need money for surgery or else you will lose your life.

When he read this far, he understood her current situation. Unexpectedly, her situation was also pitiful. Her parents died leaving only a small amount of money. So in order to take care of myself and my brother's studies at the same time. She studied and worked a lot at the same time. Enough money for the two sisters to live and study. Although she had to work part-time, her studies were not far off. The proof is that she graduated with honors. Also being invited by many companies to work.

"Your grandmother when she was young must be a beauty that thousands of people loved, right?". Hanna smiled at him.

After you can feel your heart out. My brother is okay. Her mood lightened. Now she just needs to complete the tasks Jacky asked for. A month she will have some more money. Then she will also look for a job. Then her life is not as difficult as before.

"Definitely prettier than you." Jacky directly mocked her.

Hanna heard that and glared at him. Cold snort for an hour. She also knows that she is not a beauty. But he didn't need to be so sarcastic in front of her. She also has dignity.

"I did what you told me to do. What should I do now?" Hanna said sullenly.

Jacky also doesn't care about her feelings or attitude. Because what you say is the truth. But the truth sucks.

"She moved to my place. Go to the hospital every day to talk to her. She could readily take care of her brother. When will my grandmother be able to leave peacefully? Then your mission is complete."

The more Hanna heard, the more uncomfortable she felt. Talking to her every day in the hospital has nothing to do with having to move to his house.

Maybe he saw her puzzled look. So he explained that. Come to his house, so that she can report her grandmother's condition to him every day. Because of work. I can't visit her every day.

Hearing that, she nodded in agreement. Moreover, you can eat and stay for free, why wouldn't you?

The two come to an agreement. So what everyone does. She went to her brother's hospital room again. At that time, she only had time to stand outside to look, but not in and Jacky turned to the company.

Sitting in front of his brother's hospital bed. She silently shed tears. Tears of joy and happiness. Because this only remaining relative has not left her anymore. After crying, she smiled again. Gently hold his brother's hand.

"Henry, please wake up quickly. My sister is married. It's surprising, isn't it. I'm surprised too. He's really nice. Although his speech is a bit difficult to understand. But his handsome looks can make up for it. As long as he doesn't open his mouth to talk.I believe there will be many girls who will fall in love with him. Hazi... just sorry. Please tell me a little bit. Yet he is gay. Hard to believe, isn't it? But that's the truth. If he wasn't gay. Maybe she'll try to love him. But life does not exist from if. Are you right?” Hanna thought of Jacky but couldn't help but sigh with regret.

Jacky was driving over and snorted. He gently rubbed his nose with his hand. Frowning, thinking, it's hot like this. Maybe he caught a cold.

Who knows somewhere. Your new wife is saying "good" about you to her brother. She is still lamenting for him.

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