Billionaire remarries his ex-wife/C4 The man with a bad mouth.
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Billionaire remarries his ex-wife/C4 The man with a bad mouth.
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C4 The man with a bad mouth.

In the evening, Hanna was picked up by Jacky's men and brought back to his house. She tried asking him. Please stay and take care of my brother for a few days. But he flatly refused.

"You're not a doctor. It's no use being here for your brother. I hired both my grandmother and my brother as a private nurse. Let the nurse take care of everything."

He had arranged everything, so she also had nothing to say.

Standing in front of the big mansion. Hanna's eyes widened. She also thought that his family had conditions, probably also rich. But I didn't expect him to be so rich.

Hanna looked at the house with dreamy eyes. If only this was her house. She dreamed and woke up laughing.

Entering the house, Hanna's gaze was like gadola looking everywhere. Stop rolling your eyes to inhale. Her house is just an old apartment building. So there are only two bedrooms and a small living room, plus a small kitchen. She never stopped lamenting. Only the living room of this villa. It's the same as her apartment. The decoration in the house is sumptuous and extravagant.

"Haven't you seen enough? It's not yours to look until you die." Jacky's mocking voice rang out.

Hanna glared angrily at him. She was unwilling to raise her eyebrows in protest.

"Who knows in the future. Now I'm...well I'm poor. But in ten years' time. What if I'm so rich? Then I'll buy a house bigger than you.I don't buy the whole manor. The house is decorated with gold-encrusted, precious antiques that are unique in the world."

The more Hanna talked, the more enthusiastic she became. Thinking of such a day, she felt happy again.

"2nd floor, innermost room".

Hanna looked at him confused. He must have thought she was tired all day. You should arrange a room for her to rest. She glanced at him gratefully.

"Go to your bedroom and continue your dream." Jacky didn't look at her, but casually added a knife.

Hearing this, Hanna looked at him with wide eyes. She did not understand what he meant. Then the cost of graduating with good grades.

"You wait. Even if I can't do it, the man I marry will definitely do it for me." She snorted coldly.

He raised an eyebrow when he heard that. If it weren't for his grandmother, he wouldn't have married her. What if you get married, not even a month later you'll get a divorce. He was also curious as to whether any blind man would marry her in the future. A beautiful girl did not have one. Talking about the sieve book makes no sense. Entering people's houses and looking everywhere like thieves. He looked at her shaking his head.

"I also want to wait and see which man is so unhappy. Even though I've only been your husband for a month, I already regret it."

Hanna was about to explode. Unexpectedly, he was more cruel than she thought. It's no wonder that at this age, there is still no girl next to him. ah. but he's gay. No girl is right.

" keep your eyes open. My future husband will make your eyes bright" She was so angry that she was embarrassed, and after saying that, she stomped upstairs.

Jacky was still sitting calmly, not paying much attention to her words. But he never expected the future, he "forced blind" himself.


Disgusting Jacky. .you are a man….a man, not a man. I will definitely make you regret what I said today. It really pissed her off. Fortunately, she was just his "fake wife". But if it's a real wife. She was crazy to go get him. Take a deep breath and move back and forth in the room to cool down.

Hanna after getting angry. Curious, he looked around the corner of the room. Then he remembered his words. He said she looked like a thief. Stealing, she is a thief. She also did not want to take his things. Once again, he was infected with the syndrome "the eye is higher than the head, the mouth is poisonous, the mouth is poisoned" What she feared most of all. She was afraid that she would be gay like him. Although she does not discriminate against the LGBT community. But she likes six packs, handsome is certain. So you don't want to fall in love with a girl.

Thinking about it all day. She took her clothes from her backpack and went to the bathroom. Step into the bathroom. She sighed again. The bathroom alone was as big as the bedroom at her house. Suddenly I thought of something. She covered her mouth and widened her eyes. How high is the salary he goes to work at Lang Than? It is also impossible to have a mansion this big. Maybe he's also the gay CEO's lover. Should be taken care of by your boss. Oh man. She shivered a bit. Then step into the bathtub.


"Mick, is Grandma okay. Are you doing what I say?"

"Don't worry. Your grandmother is really in a coma. But it's not life-threatening. Maybe she will wake up as quickly as possible, or as late as a month. I did as he told me. But if your brother finds out about this, we'll all die."

"Don't worry. Grandma will wake up by then. I'll tell Grandma. Grandma will protect us. Besides, I just help him find a wife quickly. Aren't I worried that he won't be able to get married?"

That's right, grandma is okay, not dying. But it must be because of psychology that she was in a coma for so long. She colluded with her friend who was the doctor treating her. Tell him to tell your brother that. And as a result, her brother immediately found a girl to marry. Although he was in a hurry, he was afraid that he was not his favorite brother. But it doesn't matter, isn't it said that long-term feelings also arise. It's okay to get married and fall in love.

Juna happily waved her phone. She was very curious to know how the girl, her disagreeable brother, agreed to marry. I'm sure that girl isn't that bad. She just hoped she wouldn't be scared away by his evil mouth. Otherwise it would be a waste of her efforts.

Next week, after finishing the course, she will immediately fly back from the US. She was curious about this dead sister-in-law. She returned to the country but everything was as she thought. Her brother and new sister-in-law had no feelings for each other. She will use all the knowledge she has learned. Help two people quickly fall in love. Let her quickly have grandchildren to play with. The more she thought about it, the more she wished she could return immediately.

She was so excited and curious that she couldn't video call her brother. As soon as the phone rang, someone picked it up.

" are you? Do you miss me? I remember you going crazy" See the man sitting on the monitor. She was cheerful and cheerful like a child.

"The deposit is enough, isn't it?" Jacky calmly replied to her.

Juna smiled stiffly after hearing that. You really can't expect your brother to say anything nice. She sighed, shaking her head.

"Don't you think I called you just because you didn't have enough money to spend?"

"Isn't that so" Jackie calmly.

This time, she really didn't know what to say. She and he don't talk very often. Who can stand his talking tone like that. It is strange not to be angry.

"Did you just get married?" She did not even bother to ask him directly.

"What's wrong? Who told you that? When did you get married without knowing it?" He calmly lied without blinking.

"Jacky, are you in there?" The girl's voice and figure slowly entered the room.

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