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C5 Good genes.

Hear the girl's voice coming from the other side. Juna's eyes glowed. Like discovering something great. Maybe not great. The only person who dared to call her brother's name directly was her grandmother. Moreover, next to the brother, there is no girl. But even if it were. They must have approached him because they wanted to take money from him. Then how dare you call him by name.

Juna is excited. If you guessed right. The girl who just called her brother's name must be her sister-in-law. God, sister-in-law dares to call her brother's name directly. Then the sister-in-law must have made her brother afraid of her. Isn't it common for men to be afraid of their wives after marriage. The more Juna thought, the more restless she became. She reacted quickly shouting loudly into the screen.


Hanna just finished calling Jacky. Another girl's scream was heard. She blinked in surprise at Jacky sitting in front of the computer.

Jacky just saw his sister's excited expression. Just touch the mouse to turn off the call. Sister-in-law's voice also comes out at the same time and ends with his clicking motion. He was as calm as nothing. Look at the girl in front of you.

"Are you making a video call? Am I bothering you? Oh, I think I heard a girl's voice just now. It seems that the girl yelled at her sister-in-law." She looked at him curiously.

Hanna might not be curious. Heaven knows just heard that scream. She froze in shock for five seconds. She thought he was gay and wouldn't like to be around girls. It was only natural, she thought. Because around him there are girls. When you need to get married, you don't have to struggle to find someone. So now she finds him talking to his daughter again. This… this… can you believe it?

"You've come in too. Now I'm asking if you mind. Isn't that too much? Tell me why you're looking for me." Jacky didn't forget to hook her up.

Hanna heard him say the corner of her mouth twitched. Didn't you just say that out of courtesy. Do you need to retort like that? She gave him a scornful glance and then stated the purpose of her coming to find him.

"I think we should make a marriage contract?".

Jacky raised an eyebrow at her suggestion. It wasn't that she was afraid that he would swallow his words. After a month of not agreeing to divorce her. Or is she afraid that he won't give her more money after the divorce. This girl also has a heart.

"Okay. I will draw up a contract and then give it to you to sign."

Hanna was satisfied with his answer. To tell the truth, she was afraid he wouldn't divorce her. Not because he liked or loved her. But she was afraid that he would take her as a front. Help him hide his true gender. Although he is handsome and seems to have money. If not, she also wants to have children. Then you can press your belly to act as a front for him. That's why she had to worry about it first. Because she needs a man. Oh no, she needs a husband who is a real man. To contribute together to "create" lovely babies. And all this he cannot do. Sometimes she really regrets it. Because your genes are so good.

"What's up?" .Jacky saw her looking at him bewildered. He looked up at her. Then he heard her mutter again.

"It's a pity. The gene is so good that it can't be used".

Black-faced Jacky. If you don't understand what she means. Then this CEO position is also just thrown away. She thought he was gay. So you think he won't be able to have children, right? He smiled wickedly.

"If you want to ask for my genes, it's not impossible. One billion.. is a bit too much for you. Think you're my half-wife for a month. Reduce it to 990 million."

Hanna glared at him. Is there something wrong with his mind? You have to spend a billion to get the genes of a gay man. Oh my god, I'll laugh when I say this. Really like that. Closing her eyes, she hugged her stomach again and laughed. Difficult to ask him.

"Do you have too much work pressure and brain problems?"

Jacky frowned at her. I dare say you have a brain problem. You're the one with the problem, aren't you? You must know how many girls dream of him. You know how much I crave his genes. Don't say a billion. Even if it's ten billion, just say it. There will also be a girl who really pays ten billion to sleep with you. He snorted coldly at her. He will not accept mentally abnormal people like her.

"If you don't have anything else, go out. I'm too busy to talk nonsense with you."

Hanna covered her mouth, trying not to laugh. She thought he was too embarrassed to be angry. That's why he kicked her out. She also had nothing more to say to him. So turn around and go out and close the door. Then continued to laugh.

" Mad". Jacky heard her rough laughter outside. He scolded softly.

"Hello ma'am, can I help you? Do you need anything?".

Laughing amusedly, Hanna heard voices behind her. She stopped laughing. Look back. As a maid is asking her. She smiled as she was about to say no. Then her stomach rumbled again. She clutched her stomach shyly. The maid smiled and invited her down to the dining room. She followed the maid.

"There's no need for people to cook for me. Where is the kitchen? I can cook by myself." She shyly spoke up when a chef came out and asked her what she wanted to eat.

Hanna was not used to being served like that. Anyway, she worked as a waitress for almost half a year at a five-star restaurant. All serving people, but not doing this. And her cooking skills. Although not comparable to a professional chef. But she is also a disciple of the super chef. So the cooking ability is not bad either.

Listen to her say that. The old cook smiled awkwardly at her. Ask her if she is afraid of him making dishes. She doesn't eat well, and doesn't suit her taste. If so, just state your taste, he will try to cook it exactly as you want.

Hearing that, Hanna smiled and shook her head. She made her intentions clear to him. Let him not misunderstand that she is unreliable. She just wanted to eat her own cooking.

Found it impossible to convince her. The cook and the maid showed her the kitchen. Tell her to use it naturally. The refrigerator is full of food.

Hanna said thank you and walked into the kitchen. I don't know what she made. But only five minutes later. The kitchen was filled with a fragrant smell. Anyone who smells it must inhale. Even hungry.

As soon as Jacky entered the dining room, he also smelled the aroma. He brightened his eyes. I thought the chef came up with a new dish today. It smells like this. It will definitely be delicious. He went straight to the kitchen, wanting to see the chef prepare a little. But he was surprised by the person in the kitchen. Yet the person who is cooking is not the chef. The old cook just stood to one side, watching. He even saw the old chef's twinkling eyes. The maid was also happy to stare. So what you see in front of your eyes is true, isn't it? Not because of hunger but dizziness.

"What are you doing? Are you destroying my kitchen?".

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