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C5 Chapter 5

Her father was annoyed by what happened to Chloe Bishop . Now the gossip media are talking about Chloe. He turned back and said to Alfred, "Give her some money and don't let her come back again."

Chloe looked at her adopted father. In fact, he had treated her well since she was a child...

"Since you don't believe me, I'll go. Take care." She shook hands with him.

Her father was so angry that he turned his back and never looked at her again.

After coming out of Bishop Family.

Outside the gate, Mrs. Bishop looked at the back of Chloe coldly and resentfully. "We have raised you for so many years, and you should be satisfied. How can your father let an adopted daughter take away the same amount of money as Kate even if he treats you well? Kate has to take back 10% of the shares."

Finn Bishop had adopted Bella because he had been a business partner to her biological father. He even gave her 10% of Bishop


It was the wish of Mrs. Bishop and Kate to let Bella leave the Bishop Family and give back the shares that Finn had given her.....

Chloe smiled slightly. "Aunt Lily, you must have known that Kate was with Zayn , right?"

Mrs. Bishop paused and said without any shame, "They are a match made in heaven. You are just an adopted daughter of the Bishop Family. What hope do you have to be a match for Mr. Ali?"

"So, was there something wrong with the glass of wine that you gave me yesterday, Aunt Lily?" Chloe followed her aunt, clenching her fists.

"You are lucky. Last night, there were people waiting for you outside the elevator on the 6th floor of the hotel. You couldn't go to the room where Master Ali had asked you to go, and someone was going to take you to another room," Mrs. Bishop said behind her.

"But Kate said you didn't go to the 6th floor last night, did you? But no matter where you went during the wedding last night, it is a fact because Master Ali has confirmed it."

Chloe gritted her teeth. She was glad that she went to room 8807 on the 8th floor yesterday...

She had even been willing to sleep with a stranger! "I'll get it back. I don't care if it's not me, but Auntie Lily..." Chloe turned back to look at the delicate and elegant Mrs. Bishop with a smile. "You're very ugly today, as ugly as your heart. You'd better pray that dad and the others won't see you like this."

Mrs. Bishop's face changed immediately. "Chloe, you are nothing without the Bishop Family. What right do you have to talk to me like this?"

"Remember what you said today. You will regret it."

Chloe walked to the car next to her.

Mrs. Bishop was very angry. When she saw Chloe leave, she calmed down a little bit.

That night, Chloe went back to her room outside and received a phone call from a friend, who told her that she was involved in an affair at the wedding.

"F*ck, judging by the sanctimonious appearance of the one platinum rich second generation in the city, he is such a jerk." After understanding the situation, the friend on the other side of the phone cursed.

"Chloe, it'll be good to leave Bishop Family. Without Zayn and Bishop Family, how can you survive? You can go to work to support yourself. Tens of thousands of handsome men are waiting for you! Find a man who is ten thousand times better than ZAYN..."

"How can I forget it?" Chloe said, "My reputation has been ruined by them now. I will be chased by paparazzi when I go out?"

"You can't deal with Zayn and the Bishop Family. If a dog bites you, will you still want to bite back?"

"Of course not." The pen that Chloe had been using stopped for a moment.

"But I will fight back."Chloe Bishop didn't forget Mrs. Bishop's words. She was almost raped by others last night.

The next day, as soon as Chloe left home, she found two high-end cars park outside the apartment.

After getting out of the car, the two sturdy men fiercely stood in front of Chloe. "Miss Chloe?"

As soon as Chloe saw this scene, she asked immediately, "What are you doing?"

The two men took a photo and looked at it.

"It's you, Boss Aman wants to see you. Come on, get in the car with us!"

"What are you doing? Where are you taking me? You've mistaken me for someone else!"

Chloe was afraid of being kidnapped, but it would be useless to resist. She screamed and was put into the car. Half an hour later.

The car stopped outside a Dejor Luxury Club, and the car park was full of all luxury cars such as Bentleys, BMWs, Ferraris and so on.

Chloe had heard about this Club on TV. It was the money nest of the rich. Just when she was wondering if she had offended a powerful man, she was taken to a luxurious swimming pool by these two bodyguards.

The swimming pool in front of her was constructed magnificently. Everywhere she looked, she could see golden mirror tiles on the ground. On the table by the pool were all kinds of red wines of various brands.

Several waiters and waitresses stood respectfully by the edge of the pool, holding towels in their hands. The slender bodies of the men in the clear pool were gliding through the surface of the water.

Chloe suddenly saw the secretary named John standing by the pool-she slapped her forehead and had a bad feeling!

Seeing Chloe, John said to the man in the pool, "Boss Aman, I've brought her here."

The man was swimming in the water, sinking and floating, stretching his graceful muscles on his arms and shoulders.

He had the nobility of an emperor, a sexy, high-ranking temperament.

When he heard John's words, the man broke out of the water. His sexy body, which was like a celebrity's sexy figure, supported by the railings, went ashore "Boss Aman, your towel..."

"Your water."

Blushing shyly, the waitresses affably went forward and handed over their gifts.

The slender and sexy body of the man was swaying in front of Chloe, and her eyes were bulging The most important thing was his face!

Aman .

It was the president of the Emperor-Aman !

"Check." A man in front stood in front of Chloe.

Chloe raised her head. After being checked from head to toe by the detector, she was taken to the man.

Aman was sitting in front of her with a beautiful and sexy figure that could make one's nose bleed. He was wearing only a pair of swimming trunks and a blue velvet towel on his shoulder. His handsome face was wet with water dripping down.

"Chloe Bishop." He flipped through the information in his hand. The beautiful voice was penetrating, which made the woman's ears feel numb. "The Miss Chloe who has just been pushed out of the Bishop Family is optimistic, intelligent, beautiful, and fearless. Are you going to marry me?"


Chloe had been waiting for her punishment with her head down. When she heard this, she did not respond at all.

"This is the best job in the world-being the president's wife of the Emperor." He put her information down and looked at her little face with his slightly upturned brown eyes.

"We won't interfere with each other after we get married, but you have to give birth to a child for me, so we will have some alone time every month. You can calculate the time we will spend together."

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