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C2 He is back

In M country a beautiful villa was decorated lavishly. It was the most expensive villa in M country even people with money couldn't afford to buy it. It shows the power and status of the owner. The villa was called the dream of heart.

Inside, the whole villa was lit with colored lights and decorated with the most expensive flowers, paintings, and chandeliers.

The luxurious party was full of wine and food

and the scenes were extravagant. The French architects, interior decoration, and couturiers' designs were eye pleasing. The dinner tables were lavishly decorated with embroidered tablecloths. Everything was beyond perfection. The party hall was decorated with saffron crocus, orchids, white lilies moonflowers which were imported from different countries.

Gorgeous women wearing beautiful gowns and men in expensive suits were laughing and chatting with the most expensive drinks and wines in their hands. The waiters in tuxedos were serving wines and snacks. A beautiful waitress wearing a skirt and a pretty smile on their face was attending to every guest respectfully. The party hall was not only pleasing to the eyes but also smells sweet and natural. The world's top pianist was playing melodies on the piano. The group of musicians was playing the violin. But the main attraction of the party was not the lavishly decorated hall, good smell, or melodious music but the man who is still to arrive.

All the women and men waiting eagerly for him. Not only the guest even the reporters from different media houses outside the villa were queuing for his arrival.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged woman was welcoming her guests with a beautiful smile on her face. She was wearing a beautiful evening red dress from a famous fashion house in Paris. The dress was made of the most expensive real silk with rare diamonds with a thread of gold and platinum embroidered on it. It was a regular sleeve with heart shape neck fishtail gown. The most attractive thing at the party was her dress. Her hair was beautifully tied in a bun. Her expensive jewelry was designed by a famous jewelry designer in the country.

Only looking at her, people can say what royalty means. All the women present at the party were envious and jealous of her nobility.

She was the mother of the richest man in the entire M country and the top richest man in the world. The woman was very happy but a thin layer of worry can be seen on her beautiful face. She was attending to her guest but her eyes were glancing from time to time at the entrance. She was waiting for her most precious treasure, her son. He said he will be here by the evening, it has been late at night but he hasn't shown up yet. She has dialed his number more than fifty times but his cell phone was still switched off. Where has he gone? He has already boarded the flight from M country. It has been hours since his plane landed but his cellphone was still switched off not only his but also his assistant Max's. Now she was so worried that her focus was only on entrance not on her guest.

In an old-looking villa, the man was wearing an expensive suit and shoes sitting in the living room and drinking his favorite tea made by an old lady who is chatting and laughing so excitedly.

"Granma you have become more beautiful and young than before. When are you planning to bring my new grandpa home."

"Yes... yes.. recently I have hired a beautician and I am following her beauty tips. Haa haaa".

She laughed out loud. She pinch his cheek and pulled it hard.

"Ouch granma it hurts ."

He said with a pained face.

"You naughty brat. Tell me why you directly came here. Why you're worrying about your mother hmmm??"

" Ouch granma it hurts I am not a small baby now. "

He said with some irritation.

" Granma I missed you. "

But the old lady didn't give up and pulled it harder.

" I missed you too naughty boy."

There was an endless joy on her face. It has been hours chatting with her grandson. She was tired but she was not ready to go to her bed. He has noticed her tired expression he clearly knows she is sick and old, she can't sit for too long. Granma you should rest now, I will come to see you again. He coaxes her to go to bed and left the old residence of Qing. The driver opened the door of his Rolls-Royce. Sitting in the car and just closing his eyes were just small actions but it was so noble that it shows he is the king of the business world. There wasn't any joy or sadness on his stern face. No one can guess what was in his mind.

"To the dream of hearts. "

He ordered his chauffeur. It was one of the most expensive villas he own in the city.

" Mrs. Qing isn't this party to welcome your son but why still can't see him??" A lady with a wine glass asked.

Before Mrs. Ray could get her answer she saw her beautiful smile widen up and her eyes were fixed at the entrance of the party hall.

For a moment people forgot to breathe. Women started to scream and faint. Finally, they can see their prince charming, their male god. Men can feel a cold and powerful aura around them.

Mr. Ziyan Qing, the president and CEO of Qing group was finally back in M country. He was fair and 1.9 m. tall. He has dark and dreamy eyes. His lips were thin and seductive and have a very masculine body with thick and dark hair. But his aura was so cold and noble. He gives the impression of the king who rules the world. His cold expression clearly shows 'stay way' written on his face. He was reserved and a man of few words from a young age.

He leisurely entered like the king who rules the world and this party is merely a thing for him and has nothing to do it.

When he stepped inside a girl aged fourteen or fifteen years old ran with her barefoot, her hair was very long and beautiful and billowed in the air along with her princess dress. Her movements were so elegant and beautiful. He can't see her face. But he knows who she was his bewitching gaze fixed on her movement. He can't take his eyes off her. There were very soft expressions on his cold and aloof face .his lips rise in a beautiful arc.

Suddenly she fell down. The man's expression changed in a movement he was so horrified and took his two steps in hurry but before he could reach a boy around eighteen or nineteen years old ran anxiously towards her.

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