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Awkward! That's the best word to describes the atmosphere between me, Daniel and Dylan.

We had come to dining room, almost half an hour ago. I was astonished seeing the table filled with alot of dishes, that were too much for four people, but that was a rich fanstasy.

I sat down and didn't say anything, slowly trying to keep forcing food down my throat, when I wanted nothing more than to curl up in a ball and hide. Hide from Dylan's penetrating gaze! Hide from Daniel's scary glances! Hide to not hold Tobias's hand for a while!

Tobias, Cole and Dylan had been lost talking about their memories, but Dylan's momentary glare at me once in a while made it clear, that he was watching my every step. Daniel was silent throughout this half an hour, ocassionaly nodding to something his friends said but keeping an eye on me nonethless.

I thought Tobias would forget about me, while being busy in catching up with his friends, but I was wrong. He ocassionally held my hand or rubbed my knee, making me feel his presence, just like he always did but today his presence was not helping me. It was making me want to throw up as Daniel and Dylan too noticed his loving gestures.

I was looking down at my empty plate, not having the courage to look up, as I will be directly face to face with him. The person I dreaded the most in this moment, DYLAN!

Yes, the seating arrangement was making it more difficult as Tobias and I were sitting together on one side, Daniel was sitting opposite Tobias and Dylan was sitting exact opposite of me. Cole was sitting at our right. He was oblivious just as Tobias from our little glances. He kept munching on the food nonstop, throwing jokes to lighten up the mood from time to time.

I grabbed the glass of orange juice and while taking a sip, my eyes accidently met Dylan's. He was glaring at me. I immediately looked away from him, my heart almost leaping out of my throat.

Unconsciously, I started choking on my drink and placed the glass back on the table coughing wildly.

Tobias immediately started rubbing my back, " Hey Cel! I always tell you to be careful! Look what you have done now!" Worry was dripping in his tone. I looked up again and met with Dylan's emotionless face. He was sipping on the juice glaring at me.

"Yes! She should be careful! Look what she has done now!" He exclaimed in a normal tone maintaining eye contact with me, while Tobias just nodded at him, not understanding the true meaning behind his words.

Tear were coming out of my eyes and Tobias thought, it was because of me coughing wildly.

Dylan still glared at my tears, but he was familiar with the reason behind them. He knew I was crying at my fate.

I stopped coughing after Tobias made me drink a little water. He was still worried, " Are you alright now?!" He was wiping my tears away with his thumbs lovingly as Dylan kept glaring, trying to drill holes in my head. It was making me uncomfortable.

I stood up making a screech sound of the chair, which made everyone wince, " I " I took a deep breath to calm myself down and looked at Tobias, " I want to go to the restroom" I explained apologetically and took a step back from my chair, afraid that Tobias will follow me. I needed to be alone for a second to control myself again or I would end up destroying everything on my own.

Daniel stood up from his chair before Tobias could, indicating that he might be the host, who I was wondering about earlier, " Follow me, Celeste!" Tobias smiled at me, trusting me with Daniel and turned back towards Dylan, remembering, " So how did it go in Paris?! I forgot to ask you that!" He was smiling curiously at Dylan.

Dylan smiled back and they started talking, as I turned towards Daniel who was waiting patiently for me. I was thankful to him!

"Let's go" I avoided eye contact with him and started walking ahead of him. He came after a second and held the door for me.

Stepping outside in the hall, I breathed in relief. Finally! I was out of there even, if it was just for a few minutes, but I was out of there. I could breath for a second without feeling like the space was closing up on me.

Daniel cleared his throat to grab my attention, as I didn't notice when he walked past me and reached the corner. Looking up at him, I started following him, shaking my head.

He was not saying anything and I didn't have the courage to say anything either.

We reached the restroom, which was present on the first floor in a hall. We were just outside its door, when Daniel stopped and turned towards me, " You can get back on your own, right!" He was looking at me without any hint of emotions.

It was hard to find out, what he was thinking about, so I just nodded my head and he turned his back towards me, getting ready to leave. He wanted to be away from me as soon as possible. I was not that dumb to not understand this!

I suddenly grabbed his arm and he stopped turning back towards me. I couldn't say anything, as something got stuck in my throat. He took a glance at my state and sighed heavily, " I won't tell him. Rest assured!" He removed my arm that was holding him back and walked off, while I kept looking at his back until he disappeared completely from my sight.

I don't know what to think anymore. I grabbed the restroom door's handle and pushed it open, stepping in and tears finally started falling off my eyes. What will happen now? This was the only question on my mind.

Grabbing the wash basin I looked at my reflection in the mirror, that screamed disheveled.

I stood there for almost five minutes, crying and finally decided that it was time to get back. I turned on the tap and splashed my face. After that, I grabbed the tissues and slightly wiped my face.

My eyes were a little swollen and red, but they were not that noticeable. Fixing my dress, I stepped out of the washroom.

Just as I took a step forward, someone grabbed my arm harshly and pushed me to the wall, my back smashing harshly with the hard wall behind me, making pain shoot up my spine and a wince to leave my lips.

I opened my eyes to look at the person who was grabbing my shoulders so hard, that it felt like blood had stopped flowing in them.

It was Dylan and he was glaring down at me, making me gulp in fear.

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