Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C11 CONFRONTATION
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Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C11 CONFRONTATION
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With his veins poking out of his neck and his face definitely purple in rage, he appeared scary. I struggled looking away and tried to get out of his hold.

" LEAVE ME DYLAN!" I whisper yelled at him, cautious of not ending up, making Tobias hear something, when I failed to get myself out of his hands that were gripping my arms.

He was glaring at my struggling self. I gave up on struggling and ended up glaring at him instead, enduring the ache his hands had been causing me. My eyes had been stuffed with tears, due to the excruciating ache that was

shooting through my arms accomplishing my fingertips.

He looked into my tear and pain crammed eyes. Taking pity on my hurting self, he left me with a push and my head collided with the wall at the back of me.

" Ouch " I yelped and glared at him in anger, rubbing the back of my head which felt like it had split open.

He turned round giving me his back to glare at, as he tried to calm himself down. He was taking deep breaths, while his right hand was pushing his hairs back continuously. My nervous eyes had started to move back and forth between him and the exit. I desired nothing greater than to run away from him. I was terrified of his behavior. I was terrified that he would damage me.

I ultimately decided to leave from there. I took gradual steps, as his back was facing me and tried to move past him. I thought he might not notice, however I was so wrong. His hand shot up and grasped my wrist in a death grip, stopping me in my way of escape.

He pulled me again toward him and I ended up coliding with his chest. My hands were placed on his chest and my eyes were fixed on his eyes that had darkened with rage. His panting breaths had been fanning my face, making me panic internally. What was he going to do now? What if Tobias came? I gulped and mustered up my courage to gaze in his eyes.

He sneered hatefully, "Where do you think you were going?!" He raised his eyebrow mockingly at me and I shivered in his grip. His bloodshot eyes were scaring me even more. He making fun of my weakness. I hated this!

Defeated and humiliated my eyes drooped down to look at the floor, when he grabbed my chin to make me look at him again. His grip was tight round my jaw, making my lips go in a pout shape.

I was done with him mishandling me like this. Who did he think he was to do this to me? I clenched my jaw and gave a hard push at his chest, that made him loose his grip on me.

Getting away from him, I rubbed my aching jaw. It was enough. Serves him right!

I stood my ground and glared at him. I won't run away anymore. If a confrontation was what he desired, than he was going to get it.

He appeared like he was greatly surprised by my retaliation. I hissed at him in hatred, "Who do you think you are to manhandle me like this?!" My eyes were also burning now with the identical rage his eyes held a second ago. His manhandling made me remember those memories that I never wanted to recall again. I was not angry at him, I was angry at myself for being so weak. Why did I have to undergo this behaviour? Why did he think this lowly of me? Was I no longer a human?

He had my weak point and he thought he can do anything to me, just like many people did. He was not any higher than those leeches that I hated. I hated human beings like him with all my heart.

He recovered from his preliminary shock and smirked, " So the cat has started to scratch huh!" His expressions screamed leisure and his tone was dripping with sarcasm.

I did not reply but kept glaring at him. He walked toward me and tried to preserve my arms again, but I raised my hand and stopped him harshly, " DO. NOT. TRY. TO. TOUCH ME. AGAIN!" I whisper yelled at him again, emphasizing every word. I won't tolerate him anymore. I was tired of humans treating me like a thing.

Covering his mouth with his hand he chuckled out in amusement as I glared at him. Glaring back at me he scoffed, " That is not what you had been saying last night!" He was trying to embarass me. But he did not knew, that I had been embarassed and humiliated far greater than just this, in my life. This was not going to work on me anymore. If I was a whore in his eyes than I didn't need to prove myself to him.

I smirked in return making an attempt to seem strong when I was once falling apart inside, " And you have been not mishandling me like this last night either!" His smirk dropped at my declaration and he went silent opting for squinting his eyes at me instead. Making him go speechless soothed the ache in my heart. I just wanted to conceal and cry however I needed to be strong or he will keep bothering me thinking of me as a weakling.

If he thought he will be able to manipulate and control me, then he was wrong, I won't let anyone manipulate or control me again. I already had enough humans doing that. I won't ever let anybody trap me


There was some thing I wanted to ask him, so I did whilst he was speechless " You did not inform Tobias! Can I ask why?!" I questioned smirking which made him glare at me with greater hatred if possible.

Looking away at the thought of Tobias he sighed out and started out strolling to the massive sized window at the proper facet of the hall. He stared at the outside world for a while. The day was so beautiful, in contrast to the atmosphere inside. It felt like the air internal was suffocating.

He turned back to me, but his expressions did not held that anger anymore. There was... what could be first-class described as guilt, " You want me to tell him?!" He laughed satirically making me confused. Why was he behaving like this?

" What do you assume I should have told him?!" He regarded questioningly at me, but Sarcasm still existed in his voice. I unfolded my arms and thought of making an attempt to discuss it out with him, " Look Dylan-" He didn't let me finish like he was not even listening to me. He was lost in his personal world.

" Should I have informed him that I, Dylan who is his bestfriend" He pointed his finger in the direction of himself, hurt was visible in his eyes " Slept with you, who is his girlfriend" He pointed in the direction of me and laughed again. His eyes held pain as a lump formed in my throat.

I felt responsible seeing him like this. I didn't think about this earlier, however If Tobias finds out about us, he possibly won't be able to look at Dylan ever again. Whenever he will look at Dylan he will be remembered of my betrayal or the reality that his bestfriend extra like a brother slept with the girl he had loved. We both knew how possessive Tobias was.

I could not look at Dylan anymore, as I felt guilt weighing down on my heart again. How many things

were left to make me guilty now? Was it still not enough?

He walked toward me when I was lost in my miserable thoughts and instead of making me face him, he lowered his head to come at my eye level.

He took few strands of my hair and placed them at the back of my ears spatting out hatefully, " Do you understand now? What you have absolutely done, Darling!". His tone was sweet like a cotton Candy however his eyes gave away the true hate he felt towards me in this moment.

My eyes wavered searching into his unwavering hate crammed eyes. He was right!It was my fault! It was always my fault!

"I-" I stammered making an attempt to hold eye contact with him. I wanted to say, that I was sorry, however I could not say it. If I stated it, then he would suppose that I was guilt ridden and he will use that guilt trap in opposition to me. I didn't have amy words to make it better. Maybe there was no way to make it better.

I shrugged his palms away and looked at him attempting to keep myself calm, regardless of the interior panic I was going through, " You are equally responsible, Dylan!" I tried to do the equal damage to him that, he was once doing to me. I desired to guilt entice him, so he would by no means be in a position to inform Tobias. I did not care at this point, that I was acting like a bitch. I was a whore in his eyes anyway. It did not matter if the idea of me became any worse.

Staring at me with entertainment clear in his eyes he chuckled out, " Really?! You will guilt trap me now?" My cheeks heated up in embarassment, that he had caught me proper on spot. He was able to see right through me and I hated it. I did not want anyone to know me. The Real me!

He caressed my left cheek and I felt my heart attempting to soar out, not becuase of affection but becuase of fear. I was afraid of him, afraid of the reality that my picture perfect life was in his hands now. He was in a position to destroy everything in a flick of his fingers.

"You do know what Tobias will do if he found out, right?!" He inquired fron me nonetheless amused and my gaze went to his chest reminiscising about something.

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