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With Dylan's words, My mind suddenly took me back to the incident that happened a few months ago. Tobias has found a hickey on my neck and he lashed out on me. We had a heated argument. He had been shouting at me and throwing things around, but I kept my calm trying to make him understand that it was not what he thought. I was not lying. I would have been guilty if the hickey was from some other person, but it was from Tobias.

He came home drunk and we had sex but he didn't remember it and he was taking it out on me. He looked angry with murder intentions clear in his eyes, as he kept repeating the same words, 'You are mine! How could you let someone touch you!'

I tried to convince him in any way possible. I tried to reason with him. I tried to make him remember about what happened between us, but he refused to listen to me. He was completely different that day. It felt like I was looking at a completely different person- a psychopath who had lost his mind.

Being angry, he suddenly grabbed me from my hairs and when I started crying in pain, he pushed me to the wall. My head collided with the wall behind me and I harshly fell on the floor with black dots starting to appear in my sight.

Not even looking back at me, he started walking away from me. I tried to call out to him, to get up and stop him but the only thing I could see was his disappearing back. I felt helpless lying on the floor that day as pain engulfed my whole figure. The pain was not new but it was from Tobias which hurt me even more.

My eyes went to the floor that was covered with the blood, that was pouring out from the back of my head. He didn't see it nor did I realize that it was this serious. He left me all alone.

I was conscious for almost half an hour as I realized life was slipping away as the crimson blood started to paint the floor. Everything seemed to be red. I thought I was finally going to be free! I was finally going to be free from this hell, that I called my life. I slipped out of consciousness, feeling my body giving up on me and all I could think about was how Tobias left me all alone. All alone to die.

He came back in the middle of the night. He regretted doing this to me and he remembered what happened between us. But when he returned I was on the same spot where he left me. Blood was gushing out of my head and I was unconscious. There was blood everywhere. He called the doctor and I was saved once again, because life wanted to punish me for everything I had done. It was not going to be this easy for me to die.

He looked after me and never left me alone. He apologized for what he had done and he promised that he will never hurt me like that again. Who was I to not forgive him? He was the only one I had! He was the only one who made me realize that I was not alone in this world. I needed him to stay alive. He was my life support.

He had been so loving and caring after that incident. He never even raised his voice at me again, but there was still fear in my heart after seeing him so enraged that day. The day he nearly killed me. I was scared that someday, I will have to see that face of his again.

A chill ran down my spine, remembering about that incident and it didn't go unnoticed by Dylan.

I looked up at him who was now standing at a distance from me, silently ovserving me. He was trying to look right through me and I didn't want it.

" What do you w-want Dylan?!", No matter how strong I wanted to pose, my voice broke talking to him.

His eyes relaxed at my straightforward question, about his demands. He didn't want to talk about it either. Maybe he knew what I could have been thinking about.

He demanded in a low voice, " Stop cheating on him, Celeste" He pushed his hair back and sighed, " It won't end good for you!" There was that hint of knowingness in his eyes. That knowingness indicated that he was aware of what Tobias can really do.

My heart started beating faster at what he said. It was not in my hands, I wanted to say it, but I couldn't. I didn't want him to pity me. His words made me think that he was worried about me. Why did he care if it won't end good for me? Maybe it was just my imagination, that he cared.

I couldn't tell Dylan that stopping was not an option anymore. It was not my choice, "I can't!" I simply refused and glanced at him whose expressions turned to one of frustration. He was getting angry again.

Staring at me with engraged, piercing eyes, he hissed, " Why can't you stop?! If this is about money then take it from me! But stop doing this!" I was angry at him for thinking that he was superior than me. I didn't need his money or his pity. Who was he to tell me to stop? What did he even knew about me to command me like this? My eyes clearly displayed the amount of hurt, I was feeling at this point.

I went near him and stopped looking at his pitiful expressions. It made me angry beyond words could describe. He was pitying me.

Unconsciously, I raised my hand and slapped him right on his face making both of us stunned for a while. What have I done? He looked confused, but then angry at what I just did.

I looked at him with apologetical eyes, whose head was turned to the other side due to the impact of that slap. How-

I retracted my hand and took a step away from him, fearing what he will do to me now. He slowly turned his head toward me and a shiver ran down my spine, looking at his red face and the fire burning in his eyes, which was screaming anger. Vengeance was visible in his eyes. I guessed, I was doomed. No one was going to save me now.

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