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He started taking slow steps towards me and I took steps back to get away from him. I was really getting scared now.

" Celeste! You are still here. You have been gone for 15 minutes already and I was worried!" Tobias's voice rang from behind Dylan.

He came at the exact right moment and I internally thanked whoever God was up there. I was never this happy to see someone ever before. Dylan had stopped in his track but he was still glaring at me. I was scared about what he would do. What if he told everything to Tobias in rage? What would happen then? I had done a grave mistake slapping him on instinct.

Tobias moved past Dylan came near me looking worriedly at my scared expressions. Then he noticed Dylan who had suddenly changed his expressions to neutral. I was shocked at how fast he composed himself. A moment ago he was ready to pounce at me and now he looked like he didn't care about anything in this world.

" You two must be having a chat! That's why you were getting late, right!" Tobias chirped and looked at me smiling. I forced a smile on my face, nodding. My eyes were still taking a peek at Dylan's face once in a while. He was staring at us with a weird emotions in his eyes. I couldn't guess what he was thinking about.

His eyes were still red. I don't even want to imagine, what he could have done if Tobias have not come at the right moment. He woule have definitely killed me by now but Tobias came and he refrained from doing anything. which was surprising. I didn't take him for the kind who refrained himself for others.

Tobias could clearly notice the tense atmosphere between me and Dylan, so he asked, " What were you two talking about anyway?! " His tone was cheerful, but I was afraid Dylan will end up telling him something, because he was too angry at this point. He was hiding it well but I knew he was angry.

I opened my mouth to make an excuse but Dylan surprised me when he smiled at Tobias and patted his shoulder, " We were just talking about LIFE AND CHOICES" He was mocking me emphasizing the words Life and choices. Tobias still couldn't understand the meaning behind his words. He would have understood it if he knew what was conspiring between me and Dylan but he was clueless about it.

Dylan turned towards me and taunted again, " It was nice talking to you, Celeste!" Giving me a last glare of vengeance he turned around and started walking away from us, leaving me alone with Tobias. I was looking at his back until he disappeared around the corner. I have been doing this alot. I had been looking at him alot, I have realized.

"So baby! Should we go down?!" Tobias's voice made me focus back on him. He was still standing by me oblivious to everything.

Forcing a smile on my face, I nodded at him when actually there was a storm brewing inside me.








Me and Tobias came downstairs to the living room, which was completely black as compared to the other rooms and interior of the mansion. I don't know whats wrong with these guys, having different color combinations for different rooms or parts. It was like, I was stepping in different houses being in the same house.

I shrugged my shoulders and looked around the room, noticing that Cole and Daniel were talking while sitting on the sofas. I took a look again, but Dylan was not present anywhere, which made me sigh in relief. Thank God be was not here or the situation would have turned to awkward and embarassing again.

Tobias has excused himself earlier, saying that he was going to attend a call and I have just nodded, not being able to say anything else. I was again relieved that he left me alone for a while and I got the time to compose myself before he noticed that something was wrong with me.

I was standing at the door, not knowing, what to do when Cole chirped noticing me standing still, "Hey Celeste! Why are you standing there?! Come sit down!" He patted the sofa beside him, saying this to me. Daniel, whose back was facing me earlier, turned around to have a look at me.

He kept staring at me and I gulped taking steps towards the sofa to avoid him. His empty eyes often made me nervous. I sat down on the sofa which was on the far right of both of them. Every muscle in my body was tensed, feeling Daniel's empty gaze still fixed on me. I could tell what Dylan was thinking, but it was hard to know the thoughts of Daniel. He was confusing to me.

Mustering up my courage, I met his eyes and Daniel looked away, making me sigh in relief. Cole turned towards me and started chirping again in his enthuastic voice, " So Celeste! Tell us something about yourself. We didn't get time to get to know each other, earlier"

I nervously rubbed my hands together giving an awkward smile to Cole, which met with encouraging smile of his. Daniel was not looking at me and I thought no one else was present there so I started, " There is nothing much about me to tell" My voice was low saying this. I tried to dismiss the talk as I hated talking about myself.

" C'mon, there must be something!" He supported his chin on his right hand and looked at me with interest adding, " Okay atleast there must be something, that you love to do...!" He was trying to make me feel comfortable around him as I was his friends's Girlfriend. I looked at Daniel who was also looking at me now,but there was nothing in his eyes again. What did he wanted? What was he even thinking? I wondered.

Cole was insisting so much and I felt bad not giving him an answer everytime, so I decided to tell him about the thing that I loved to do, " I like to paint " My eyes sparkled unconsciously, mentioning about it. I shooked my head at my words andadded enthusiastically, " Actually!......I love to paint. I have this dream of becoming a painter one day!"

In that moment, I had suddenly forgot about my surroundings as I thought about the thing I loved to do the most in my life. The dream I wanted to make true even at the expense of my whole life. I was unconsciously travelling back to the abyss of memories again

"But you can't" I was startled hearing Tobais's calm voice so close to me. His voice stopped my train of thoughts. I turned around and noticed that Tobias was leaning at the back of my sofa with his arms supported on the headrest and Dylan was leaning behind him on the wall. I had not noticed when they both came there. Now I regretted even opening my mouth and telling everyone about it.

My eyes met Tobias's and went to Dylan who was simply looking at me without any emotions. I wondered what he felt now. He looked normal. Too normal which was scary and worrisome at the same time. I turned back around gulping when my mind registered what Tobias had just said.

Cole looked at Tobias curiosly and inquired, " Why can't she be a painter, Toby?!" I clenched my dress hard which didn't go unnoticed by Daniel. His eyes travelled down to my hands and then back to my face which has started to turn red. Not again! Please Tobias!

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