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Cole noticed my expressions that were turning cold and then he looked at Tobias who was looking careless and clueless as ever.

Holding Cole's gaze Tobias added, " Becuase she is too bad at it! ” He nodded to himself and Cole frowned at Tobias. Daniel too had shifted his gaze away from me to focus on Tobias now. They were interested to know about me.

“ No art gallery wants to showcase her paintings!" He chuckled out stomping on my pride, my hope, my one and only dream and my self respect. There it was, the wave of embarassment that heated up my cheeks, turning them bright red as my lips unconsciously quivered. There was nothing worse than someone letting other's know that you were not capable of fulfilling your one and only dream; that you were not able.

I avoided eye contact with Cole and Daniel, who were looking at my embarrased face. I was embarassed at the fact that they must be sneering at me in their heart. They must be thinking how big of a failure I was!

Yes I was a failure! I had tried at every gallery and had only faced rejection; Rejection after rejection and then again Rejection. That was the only thing I held when I stepped out of those art galleries.

With every rejection, I felt like a part of my soul had chipped away. They always said I was not good enough to be a painter, without even looking at my portfolio. Without looking at those paintings I have put my heart and soul into. Those paintings that were more valuable for me than my life, but were unworthy for others.

Daniel placed the glass back on the table and stared at Tobias with nothing in his eyes, " You shouldn't talk like this Tobias! It's her dream. And you are embarrasing her! " My eyes went up to meet Daniel's and I ended up averting my gaze. Maybe- Maybe he understood what I was going through, but even if he understood he couldn't feel what I had been feeling all this while. I clenched on my dress harder, trying to shift my expressions back to neutral but I knew that was impossible for me.

Tobias leaned down towards me and chuckled out again, "Oh C'mon! Things like these don't embarass her. Anyway she doesn't needs to do anything. I can take care of her. All she needs to do is to look after me. Right babes!" He placed his hand on my shoulder and a lump formed in my throat. I wanted to say that I was not a Ragdoll but I couldn't say it. I was hypnotised by his love. He was the only person in my life. I needed him to stay alive.

I forced myself to look back at him, who was looking at me with amusement. I forced a smile on my face and nodded at him like a robot who didn't have any emotions at all. My gaze unconsciously shifted behind him where Dylan was standing, but he was not there anymore.

Maybe he left seeing me embarassed like this. He must have felt happy that finally his revenge was served not by him but by his childhood bestfriend. He must be so happy right now. But why did I care? I scolded myself internally

Turning my head back, my eyes met with Daniel and Cole's disappointed faces. I didn't understand what they were so disappointed about. Were they disappointed that this show ended so early? or were they disappointed that I didn't say anything back to Tobias? My mind was falling into the dark abyss of negative thoughts again.

Not being able to say or do anything, I kept my silence after that.

When Daniel asked his butler where Dylan was, he informed him that Dylan had left earlier. I felt a weight lifting off my shoulders, that finally he was not arround. Finally one calamity was away from me, but Daniel was still here.

Tobias and both of his friends kept talking, as I stayed there just drinking on juice, having Tobias grab my hand once in a while to make me feel his presence. I wanted to push his hand away and tell him about how he had embarassed and hurt me, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I hated being like this. I hated being so weak but it was not in my control anymore. Tobias was that straw, that I found when I was drowning and I was holding onto it for my life. If I let it go now, I will drown and there will no one to save me this time






I was sitting in my car which was parked at the edge of the mountain, my favourite spot in the city. I was thinking about what happened today.

It all feels like a dream, no a nightmare. I went to meet Tobias's, my bestfriend's girlfriend today and who I met had shocked me to no end.

I still can't believe that his girlfriend was Celeste! I was so angry at her, but I couldn't take my eyes off her either. She had been on my mind since last night. I wanted to see her again, but not like this. I have never imagined meeting her like this.

I tried to convince her to quit this job and stay true to Tobias, as I knew well what Tobias was capable of. I was scared for her but she was stubborn as hell. When I mentioned this to her, she went in a trance, making me sure that she knew what Tobias was capable of too. Maybe something had already conspired between her and Tobias.

When I offered to help her, she slapped me. I can't believe she slapped me. No one had the audacity to raise their hand on me ever and she downright slapped me right on the spot. I was shocked for a while at her courage or more like stupidity. She was nothing but an emotional fool who acted on impulses.

I touched that spot where she slapped me earlier. I sighed out heavily. Maybe I deserved it. I was too angry to realize I was manhandling her. I need to learn to control this anger of mine. I don't know what I would have done if Tobias wouldn't have come. I didn't wanted to hurt her but I just couldn't control myself and ended up scaring her even more. I regret doing it and I don't understand why I regret doing it!

I disappeared for a while to have a smoke to calm myself down and went back to the living room, where she was telling everyone about how she loved to paint and how it was her dream to become a painter. There was a spark in her eyes talking about her passion, which made me mesmerized by her and smile slightly

Tobias was leaning over her listening when he suddenly interrupted her. His words confused me. She turned around and her eyes met mine. There was some hint of fear in her eyes about what Tobias was going to say. She looked humiliated and I didn't know why I felt so bad for her.

She turned back around and Daniel looked at me with a knowing look. I sighed and stayed there listening to Tobias, which made my hands clench into fists.

He was treating her like she was his property. I knew he was possessive, but he was going too far. I turned around and left from there knowing, that If I had stayed, I would have definitely said something which I would have regretted later. He was my brother and I couldn't bring myself to stop him from breaking Celeste's heart as she was nothing to me at all.

I have been here since then trying to clear my mind. I don't even know what I have gotten myself into. There are so many questions in my mind and there is no one to answer them.

Why is she doing this? I want to know. Why does she seem so familiar to me? It feels like I know her from somewhere. This familiarity is attracting me towards her. I want to find the reason behind the lingering sadness in her eyes. I also want to figure out why do I even want to get answers to all of these questions? This is all so frustrating. I have met her for only two times and she is already occupying a huge space in my mind and I don't know why I care so damn much.

Picking up my phone from the passenger seat, I dialed a number, " Hello! Good Afternoon Sir!" He picked up on the first ring and adressed me formally, like he always did.

" Harry! I want you to find anything you can, about Tobias's girlfriend Celeste! Do it as early as you possible" I came straight to the point and ordered my personal assisstant Harry. He was a trustworthy person for me.

"Okay Sir!" He answered obediently and I hanged up the call, throwing the phone back to the passenger seat.

My eyes squinted looking in the distance as I adressed her in my mind. I will find everything about you Celeste! There is something that is urging me to do so. With this determination in my mind, I started the car and drove off not knowning what the future held for me, Celeste and Tobias

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