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My voice was stuck in my throat, due to fear that was overclouding ny better judgement. It was that moment in my life where I felt like I won't be able to speak anymore as my heart was beating in my eardrums.

The person who had dragged me, pushed me and I fell down harshly on the hard-dirty floor. Blood started to pour out my knee, legs and palms of my hands as I had scrapped then on the cold-hard road. My mind was not allowing me to focus on that wounds. I just wanted to know what the person who had dragged me to the darkness, wanted from me. Turning around suddenly, to find out who did it, I was met with darkness as the lights were too dim in that street that felt more like my doom.

Easing away my dreaded curiosity, the culprit stepped forward as I felt that my heart that was beating too fast a second before was now ready to slow down and eventually stop. It was no other than my so-called boss Carl that stood there like my doomsday had arrived.

He was glaring down at me angrily. His eyes were making me gulp in anticipation of what could happen next. Shivering slightly, I tried to ignore his eyes that were shooting daggers of fire at me.

"C-Carl W-What-" I stuttered but he cut me off harshly, " I told you to come at exact 11, didn't I? " His voice was low which made him sound even more scarier. I gulped down not knowning what to say.

" ANSWER ME! ” He shouted as my soul got ready to leave my body.

Dreading what he was going to do to me, I nodded my head at him. " Ca-Carl " I started again only to be shut down by him again. It was like my voice was not reaching to his ears at all.

" It's 11:45 already! " He nodded his head to himself looking down at me.

" THE CLIENT LEFT IN A RAGE AND I HAVE LOST MILLIONS BECAUSE OF YOU" He was seething at me in anger, while pointing his forefinger at me now.

Flinching at his outburst and his maniac behaviour with which I was too familiar, I unconsciously skipped a little away from him in fear, " I was s-stuck in Traffic C-Carl" I tried to justify myself again, hoping he would understand, but who was I kidding.

He walked towards me in a haste and grabbed my hairs with his right hand, making me gasp, not even giving me a chance to slip any further. I was trapped. When the reality dawned on me, tears welled up in my eyes. Hot scorching pain was spreading in my scalp as he was almost ripping out the roots of my hairs. I hissed and grabbed his hand, to make him leave them.

It was no use as my strength couldn't match his manly strength. I was just a weak deer caught in the teeths of a wolf who wanted to rip me apart and shred me to pieces. Pulling me up with my hairs as I kept screaming, he made me stand back up on my feet. I was slightly stumbling due all to the injuries that were making it hard to stand straight.

His face was near my face, making me get my face away from him in disgust. " Ple-Please Carl! I am S-Sorry" I stammered holding in the pain, while he was busy glaring down at me. He won't leave me. I know it. I have known it from the start, but I was so pathetic that I was still trying, still pleading for him to not hurt me when I knew it was inevitable. I was weak; too weak. I wished, I was a little braver than this.

He inched his face closer and I could smell the alchohol on him. He was drunk and this made more fear pour down on me.

His face was almost inches away now as I could feel his breath hitting my face and I tried hard not to puke my guts out.

" You are Sorry!" He laughed humorlessy mocking me, " You are Sorry!" He repeated the same words and his expressions changed. There was a murderous glint in his eyes that was making shivers run up my spine.

He slapped me on the cheek and I fell back again on the floor. He was not in his right mind. He was drunk and he was more animalistic. I can't let him repeat, what happened last time. I didn't wanted to end up like that again.

Last time when I was late, he kept beating me. No matter how much I pleaded, he just didn't stop. He almost killed me and then left me to die. That was before Tobias came in my life.

Finding courage in me again, I tried hard to slip away from his death grip, but he grabbed my hairs again and made me look at him, " Where do you think you are going?! You are sorry, aren't you?! " I glanced at his murderous eyes and nodded fearfully gulping down my saliva. It was no use to try to run. There is no place where I can hide from him.

He left my hairs and caressed my right cheek, making me flinch and plead again, " Pl-Please, Carl " Tears were continuously falling down my eyes. I hated crying but that was all I could ever do in my life.

"Then you must make up for it, dear!" He cooed and stood up, but my heart dropped at his statement. No, no, no.

I was shaking badly. I looked around, but there was no one who could help me. I wanted to scream so bad, but I knew If I screamed or retaliated, Carl will destroy me. I couldn't do anything, but see Carl standing up and undoing his belt, before rolling it a little around his hand and turning towards me.

He took threatening steps towards me, while I kept skipping backwards, " C-Carl Pl-Please" I was full on sobbing now, not being able to hold it in, due to fear. The incident of last time flashed through my eyes. This scene was giving me a sense of deja vu. A memory that was dreadful and left me with nightmares was flashing through my eyes repeatedly.

He grabbed my leg to stop me from moving any further and raised his belt in the air, before it came down hard on my arm making the skin rip, due to the force he hit me with.

" Ahhh!" I screamed in pain and looked at him, who had turned into a monster. He didn't even needed to turn into a monster. He was a monster. A monster who had no mercy for anyone. A monster who only cared about money.

After that, I couldn't count how many times that belt came hard on me or where it was landing on. I only remembered my blood curling screams, that died down with my dying conscious. The last thing I saw, was a shadow coming towards me in the distance, but maybe it was too late...It was too late to save me when I was already dead inside. Humiliation and Your own weaknes kills you from inside even if you are living on. A life like that is worse that death itself... But maybe, the soul was leaving me too now.

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