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I came back home, but she was still lingering at the back of my mind, making me feel irritated. Standing in front of the glass panel in my penthouse, I focused on the building, that was little far away from here, but could be seen clearly. That was where she was, that was where she belonged.

Snap out of it, Dylan. I scolded myself internally and sighed, trying to ease my mind. I need to get her out of my mind before she becomes a problem for me but maybe, she had already become a problem for me.

I decided to take a bath, to calm myself down, but before I could go towards the bathroom, my phone ringed in my pocket.

Taking it out of my pocket, I glanced at the caller ID. It was no wonder Cole. He keeps calling me like a wife. If I had a girlfriend, she surely would have been jealous by him.

Smiling and shaking my head, I answered the call, " Come to my club at 11. We singles need to have some fun.." He uttered hastily and hanged up the phone. Seriously?

I looked at the phone for a second pouting and muttered, "Bloody Bastard! He always hangs up on me like this" My lips pluckered out a little more, when I decided that it was okay to have some fun.

Maybe I can hookup with someone and forget about that problem 'Celeste' who is clouding my mind. Her again! I shook my head to stop myself from drowning in her thoughts again. I swear she is a Witch. She had done some voodo voodo on me and I am hell sure of it already. I just need to find the nonexistent proof.







It's already 11:45 already and I have finally reached the club. I wanted to make Cole wait for hanging up on me like that earlier. He had been constantly calling and messaging me, to which I am not responding, but he knows I will end up coming. He knows me too well. He knows that I never reject his invitation and that's why he always hangs up on me like that.

Smiling to myself, I got down from my car before handing the keys to the chauffer. I could hear the loud music from here, but something caught my eyes.

It was a child sitting at the roadside like he was lost who, caught my eyes. What was a Child doing here? A place like this was not suitable for children at all. I was aware of the sick mindsets of those Rich Bastards. Frowning to myself, I started walking towards him.

Getting close to him, I noticed that he was clenching on a brown teddy bear, making me sure that he was scared. He was scared of being alone as he was looking around with wide blue eyes.

I got down on my knees in front of him and he flinched, turning away from me in fear. I raised my hands up in surrender, " Hey, Hey! I am not going to hurt you or anything buddy! I spoke in a soft tone making him look suspisciously at me. What a good child!

"Pomish (Promise)!" I was dumbfounded but still managed to utter, " Promise!" He turned back towards me and kept staring while not saying anything. He was too easy and gullible, I guess. I am glad someone with bad intentions, had not seen him sitting here.

Seriously! This is making me uncomfortable. I smiled awkwardly, making him look at me with crooked eyebrows. I sighed, " What are you doing here kid! Do you know what time it is! Where are your parents?!" I asked all the question in a single breath. Cole must be waiting for me.

He looked down at the mention of parents which made me slightly confused, "C'mon dude! Tell me!" I urged him making him glance behind me at the club.

My eyes followed his line of sight to the club and I turned back towards him, who was fidgeting with his fingers now, " My mommy worksh in there ( My mother works in there) !"

Smiling at his cute language, I inquired further, " Did she leave you here?! " I was frowning internally at the irresponsibility of her mother. Does she not realize how dangerous it is out here?

" No, No! I ran alay from homee to weet her ( I ran away from home to meet here) " I looked at this wide eyes boy and asked confusedly, " What?! Why?!"

" Because she pomished, that she will come homee early but she didn't (Because she promised that she will come home early but she didn't) " I clenched my fists and looked at the boy.

He was making me remember something I shouldn't, " She promised to come, but she didn't" I gulped and shook my head to clear my thoughts. It was not something I should think back to.

I needed to get out of this situation, which was making me nostalgic and uncomfortable.

Taking out my phone, I dialled Cole's number and asked the child, "What is your mothers name?!" He confusedly stared at my questioning gaze and uttered, " Cassandra"

I held the phone against my ear and Cole picked up on the 3rd ring, " WHERE ARE YOU?!" He screamed making me flinch. I ignored his question and ordered instead, " There is a woman named Cassandra who works in your club, Let her leave for the day!"

I bet Cole was frowning on the other side," Why?!" I rubbed my temples while the boy's eyes were filled with anticipation. He was clutching his teddy bear, hard. There was hope in his eyes and a shine I was familiar with.

"Don't ask Why! I will tell you later....Just let her leave and send her to the front of the club!" I was making Cole confused but he still agreed.

"Ok" I hanged up the call and focused on the child," Don't worry! Your mother is coming!"

He nodded excitedly to me and I looked away. It took 5 minutes for Cassandra to come outside. It was a long wait for me as I sat with the child in silent observing his excitement to finally meet his mother. The moment she stepped outside, she noticed her boy sitting at the roadside.

She almost ran to him and inquired in a worried tone, " What are you doing here?!" Before the boy could answer, I replied lazily standing up, " He ran away from home and came to see you, because you promised that you will come home early"

My tone was accusing which made the woman's head bow in shame. It was time to walk away from here and let them handle their own problem. I slid my hands in my pockets and started walking but my sleeve was clutched in tiny hands.

I looked back at the boy, " Thwanksh Uncle (Thanks Uncle) !" This boy was so innocent. Maybe all children are innocent but the world takes away the innocence from some of them. Cassandra walked forward and detached the boy from me, " Thanks alot Sir for looking after my child" I nodded to her.

She grabbed the boy's hand and uttered" Let's go home, Dylan" This made my smile drop. She was not addressing me. She was addressing her Son. The boy nodded and those two left leaving me in my own thoughts. This is such a hectic day. I rubbed my sore neck.

It was time to end the wait for Cole. I started walking towards the club, but someone's slight screams and sobs stopped me. I turned around and my gaze went to the alleyway in confusion. What was it? Was it my imagination or was someone really crying and screaming?

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