Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C4 UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT
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Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C4 UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT
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Celeste felt her heart beating faster, as he strolled towards her like a predator. He stopped just a few inches away, while she could feel his hot breath fanning her face.

To her surprise, he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. Their bodies collided and they could hear each other's fast beating hearts.

He pushed a stray hair behind Celeste's ear and caressed her cheeks, staring in her eyes not understanding why he was not doing anything or why he felt like staring at her.

Not being able hold the desire in anymore, he leaned in and touched her soft lips with his warm plump one's.

She closed her eyes intinctively as those warm lips engulfed her's in a soft kiss. No one has ever kissed her so softly before, like she was a porcelain doll which will break if too much pressure was applied.

He pulled away and Celeste opened her eyes, finding him already staring at her intensely. She gulped not knowing what to do for the first time in her life.

His eyes shifted from her eyes to her lips. He gulped his saliva down and smashed his lips on her's again. He pulled her closer by her waist and devoured her mouth hungrily.

This was different than the soft kiss earlier. He dragged his tongue on her lower lip, asking for the entrance to her mouth. She obliged to his wish gladly and he slided his tongue inside her mouth ,swirling it around her tongue as their lips danced with hunger, passion and anticipation.

Pulling away as they were out of their breaths, his hands reached out behind her back to find the zipper.

He sensually slided the zipper down, looking at her who was busy catching her breath.

Just as he slided the zip down, the dress fell down her curves, pooling at her feets. He grabbed her thighs in a signal for her to jump.

She took this chance and jumped in his arms. He carried her to the bed, placing butterfly kisses to her bare neck.

Gently placing her down on the soft bed, he leaned away and his eyes roamed through every inch of her body, making her feel hot and wet.

She gulped and closed her eyed again, not being able to hold his predatory gaze any longer.

He smirked and pulled her up in his arms like a doll. She was sitting on his thighs stradling him with her legs wide open on both sides of hips.

“Undress me!” It was not a request, but an order that fell from his lips.

She opened her eyes and placed her hands on the hem of his sweater. He was staring at her intensely, licking his lips.

She grabbed the hem of his sweater and pulled it up his head. She threw the sweater away and looked up at him, who was holding her up by her waist. Her gaze travelled down to his body and unconsciously her hands reached up to touch him.

He clapped twice and the lights turned off, with only moonlight illuminating their figure in the dark. She dragged her soft hands softly through his chest down towards his perfectly shaped abs.

Before her hand could travel any further, he grabbed it and unclasped her bra with the other hand, making a gasp leave her mouth as the cold air hit her bare breasts, hardening her nipples.

He placed her down on the bed and hovered over her touching the soft skin of her stomach, with his warm hands.

He buried his head in her neck and started kissing and sucking harshly. Celeste's eyes shot open and she blurted out, “Stop!”

He groaned but still leaned his head away to look at her. She gazed at his messy hairs and his sexy face, but still managed to utter, “You remember the no hickey rule right!”

He stared at her for a second and nodded his head seeing her worried expressions. Feeling his disappointment, she didn't know why but she pulled him closer and their chest pressed together making them both moan.

He went back to kissing her neck again. His hot hand was sliding up her body, stopping just below her breasts.

He leaned down and kissed her right nipple, as she arcked her back in pleasure. He was making her want to beg for his touch.

She whined, when he kissed her left nipple softly. Noticing her wanting more, he smirked before opening his mouth and taking her right nipple in and pulling it back. He grabbed her left breast as moans of pleasure sneaked past her lips, even if she tried to control them.

Unable to move against him or have any control, she embraced the feeling drowing in the pleasure his tongue delivered with every swipe.

It seemed ridiculous the way this man paid attention to areas no one has bothered to touch before. He was pleasuring her and making her want more and more.

He slided down and kissed her naval, making her arck her back again, while moaning continuously. He trailed his way with kisses down to her legs, as she closed them involuntarily.

He grabbed the underwear and softly slided it off her legs. She opened her eyes after trying hard and their eyes met, before he slowly slided her legs open.

He looked down between her legs, where she was soaking wet. Smirking, he made eye contact with her again and leaned his head down to kiss her inner thigh.

“St-Stop! Wh-What are you doing?” She managed to stutter through the blinding pleasure, as he amusingly leaned his head back and questioned excitedly, “Has no one eat you out before?” His tone was mocking.

She embarassingly looked away and his eyes widened in realisation. That look changed into a smirk again. He didn't know why, but he felt happy at the thought of giving her the pleasure, she had never felt before.

He leaned down with new desire burning inside him. Kissing her thighs and unconsciously leaving hickeys behind, he trailed his way up her throbbing wetness.

She couldn't open her eyes no matter how hard she tried. The pleasure was too much for her.

He kissed her bud softly and her body jerked up. He didn't give her the time to recover and gave a clean long lick to her clit. She moaned loudly as her hands unconsciously left the bedsheet and disappeared in his hairs, pulling them slightly. He groaned and sucked on her clit, as she kept squirming, trying to close her legs. He grabbed both her thighs and opened her legs wide, keeping them open as he plunged his tongie inside her folds.

He sucked, licked and kissed swirling her bud around as she moaned and screamed in pleasure. This was too much for her. Each flick bought her closer to the edge, as he kept pleasuring her.

Sensing her approaching orgasm, he fastened his movements and she exploded in his mouth feeling herself getting ligtheaded.

He licked her clean and got up from the bed. Removing his pants along with the underwear, he grabbed the condom from the side drawer.

He looked at her, who was still busy catching her breath as she was panting heavily. He teared the condom open smirking and wore it on his hardened shaft.

He went back to the bed and hovered above her. She opened her eyes to look at him, but before she could open her mouth to say something he plunged his length inside her folds in one clean stride.

A scream left her mouth at the familiar stretch, but he was too thick and big for her. He groaned as her tight walls greeted his hard dick.

He threw his head back and supported himself on his arms above her. He forced himself to look down at her face. She bit her lips hard as she grabbed onto the pillow.

“Open your eyes and look at me!” He commanded and she forced herself to look up in his intense eyes.

After giving her enough time to adjust to his length, he grabbed her hand that was clutching on the pillow and interwined them together.

He pulled out and slammed right into her again as she jerked up screaming. He leaned down and kissed her hard, slowly fastening his speed as he slowly bought his length out and slammed it back harshly, hitting her g-spot again and again.

They both were a moaning mess. He leaned down and kissed her neck groaning, “Fuck! You feel so good baby!”

He left her hand and grabbed her thighs, bringing them up and wrapping them around his torso, finding more space to go deeper into her.

“Ahhh!...” She moaned loudly at the new position he was slamming into her with great force.

He leaned down again and started kissing her neck as his both hands were holding onto her thighs.

His body was deliciosly squishing her's, adding to the pleasure.

“ Moan my name!” He whispered, still kissing her neck and thrusting into her. He was pulling out slowly and then thrusting back with great force, stimulating her in ways she had never been stimulated before.

“I don-don't know your n-name!” She stammered panting heavily, being close to her climax.

“Dylan!” He whispered and kept thrusting.

He fastened his pace, driving her crazy as she moaned his name, “Dyl-Dylan! Ahhh!....”

He groaned loudly, starting thrusting into her with an inhumane pace.

Her mouth opened up as orgasm started building in her lower stomach. She dragged her sharp nails along his back, drawing out blood, as he moaned at the feeling of her nails and her walls tightening around him.

With a few more thrusts, she exploded in an Earthshattering orgasm, finally shouting his name, “Dyl-Dylan!”.

Her hands slided up his shoulders as her vision blackened for a while. He kept thrusting into her to reach his climax with sloppy thrusts.

He came with a few more thrusts and rided them both out of their orgasms. Still buried inside her, he fell on top of her, panting heavily.

She unconsciously rubbed his nape making him feel better. After recovering his breath, he slowly pulled out of her and looked down at the figure beneath him, who was already passed out.

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