Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C5 HER THOUGHTS
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Billionaire's Sugar Baby/C5 HER THOUGHTS
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He gazed down at the sleeping innocent face and rolled over to the side, removing his weight from above her.

Sighing and taking a last glance at her sleeping pouty face, he got up from the bed. He bent down and grabbed his boxers, discarding the used condom in the dustbin.

Disappearing in the bathroom, he appeared after a while with a wet towel and cleaned Celeste off. He didn't know why he was doing this, but he just felt like doing it.

He covered her up with the blanket and laid down on the other side of the bed, staring at her. No matter how hard he tried to ignore the fact, but she seemed familiar to him.

He pushed his hand forward and placed her hairs behind her ear, getting a clear view of her resting face. She looked innocent and better this way.

He sighed and turned his back to her, closing his eyes. If he had looked at her for longer, she might have drove him crazy.







Sunlight was peekingt hrough the glass walls of Dylan's room. He woke up due to the bright light that annoyed him momentarily. Turning around and stretching in his bed, he was expecting Celeste to be still sleeping, but she wasn't there.

He turned back again and threw away the comforter, to find himself only wearing his boxers. Thankfully what happened last night was not a dream.

He wore his slippers that were placed just beside the bed and stepped outside the room, pushing his fingers through his hairs, trying to fix them. Originally, he had thought that he was going to find her outside, maybe in the kitchen or living room, but he checked the whole pent house and she was nowhere.

He was disappointed and he couldn't understand why. Why did he wanted her to be here in the morning? Why did he felt like seeing her again?

How could Celeste make him feel addicted to her? He felt himself needing her again. He shooked his head and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

He dropped the boxers down stepping inside the shower room and turned on the shower. Water started pouring down like rain.

Water was dripping down his head tracing the outline of his body, but he was lost in her thoughts.

He was unconsciously thinking about how she felt under him, how smooth her skin was, how good she felt. No matter how hard he tried, she was still occupying his mind. She was just a fantasy for one night and he should have forgot about her already, but she was not leaving his head. It felt like she had made a permanent house in his mind.

The sugar baby company informed him, that Celeste was only going to attend him for once, he knew about that fact, but he wanted her. He was Dylan Gray, he always got what he wanted. It was impossible that he wouldn't have her again. If he wanted her then she had to come to him no matter what!

With this determination, he turned off the shower tap with a thump and grabbed the towel wrapping it around his waist. He stepped outside to the dressing room and took a look around.

There were rows of cupboards filled with clothes surrounding the room. There was a cupboard placed in the center that was filled with watches and ties. He wore black sleek pants and grabbed a white button up shirt from his collection of white shirts.

He stood in front of the door size mirror and dropped the towel. Looking in the mirror he noticed claw marks stretched across his shoulders. He smirked and turned around gazing at his back where wounds were visible that she had made last night dragging her nails across his back in pleasure. He shooked his head smiling and pushed his arms in the shirt buttoning it up slowly still lost in her thoughts.

She had asked him to not mark her, but she had marked him last night. There were hickeys visible on his neck, chest and naval that he didn't even notice how or when she made. Smirking again, he thought about all her nail marks that were everywhere on his upper body. He could still feel the sensation of her nails dragging along his back as she moaned his name in pleasure again and again. He must have gone crazy! He laughed at himself shooking his head.

Grabbing the hair dryer, he dried his hairs and fixed them back with the gel exposing his forehead. The expensive cologne bottle that was placed screamed wealth as he grabbed it and sprayed it on his neck and inner wrists. He grabbed his phone from the table, not wanting to wait anymore and started dialing the sugar baby company's number. He was going to have her, that's what he was thinking all along. Even if he had to pay a fortune for her, he was willing to just do that. If she didn't come to him for even a fortune, well than he could kidnap her for all he cared. He wanted her and he needed her badly while he didn't know why!

He was still finding the number in his contacts, when the phone started ringing. It was Daniel, one of his close friends. A beautiful smile tugged at his plump lips and he didn't waste any time in attending the call.

He noticed his cuffs open, so he fixed his phone between his shoulder and head as he fixed his shirt.

"Hello!" The cheerful voice of Daniel chirped from the other side of phone. He was too loud like always.

Dylan had buttoned up his shirt, so he grabbed the phone in his hand and directly inquired, " What is it Daniel?! So early in the morning!" Dylan moved around opening the glass drawers thinking about which tie to wear today.

" Do you not remember what it is today?!" Daniel almost screamed at Dylan. He grabbed his phone, rubbed his ear and placed his phone back on his ear. Did he have to be so loud? He grabbed a black tie from the glass case and closed it back

"What is it Daniel?! Tell me already!" Dylan was unphased. He often ended up forgetting events, so he just asked Daniel to make him remember, about what he forgot today. He didn't mind much about it as he already had too much things to remember being the CEO of a billion making company.

Daniel was close to hitting his head on the wall in frustation, due to his weird friend, but he refrained himself from doing that and ordered Dylan instead, " Come to my house immediately! We were supposed to meet his girlfriend today!" Daniel rubbed his head on the other side.

Dylan snatched away his phone from his ear and checked the date. Yes, they were supposed to meet her today. He immediately hanged up the call, while Daniel was still saying something and started getting ready in a hurry. He really forgot about such an important event! How could he?

He couldn't be late today or he was going to be angry. He wore the tie and grabbed his jacket almost running to the main door.

Admist of all this, he forgot about calling the company to ask for Celeste.

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