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His expression turned to one of acknowledgement and he made an O with his lips. I laughed at his weird expressions and heard him chirp, " Dani's real name is Daniel, Teddy's real name is Cole and Dils real-"

" What are you two doing standing here?!" A voice interrupted us and my head automatically turned to the direction from where the voice came. That person was standing behind me.

I had never seen any pictures of Tobias's friends, so it was hard to recognize who it was.

I took a close look at the smiling person, who was looking at me with excitement and noticed his appearance. He was handsome with his perfect features. He was wearing casual clothes, consisting of a sweatshirt and sweatpant that seemed too informal, but who am I to judge. The watch on his left wrist was Rolex new model, screaming about his wealth and his walk screamed confidence.

He seemed like a jolly, humorous kind of person, who always knew how to lighten up the mood. He was walking towards us with a happy kind of walk, which is hard to describe in words, but confidence was radiating off him. He seemed like a person who was not afraid of stating their opinions.

From his appearance and the slight image I had made in my mind from Tobias's description of his friends, he was definitely Cole. Yeah! Cole, the Teddy.

He approached us with a smile plastered on his face and moved his hand forward asking for mine. I smiled politely at him and gave my hand to him, which he playfully kissed, sneaking a peek at Tobias's expressions, who was glaring at him. I blushed unconsciously at his antics. I knew he was trying to tease Tobias, which bought a genuine smile to my face. He is really like what Tobias had told me.

A giggle left my mouth and I covered it up with my other hand. Tobias stepped forward and hugged Cole like it was the last time he was seeing him, but I could see how hard Tobias was squeezing him in his arms, to the point his face had turned red with laughter and lack of breath. I stepped aside and smiled at this heartwarming interaction. They will be interesting to watch.

They left each other's embrace and Cole sighed before coming near me again, introducing himself, "You must be the beautiful Celeste we hear about all the time! And I am-"

I interrupted him, " Cole! You must be Cole!" He gave me a look of amusement as Tobias patted his shoulder with heavy hands. Cole glared at him from above his shoulder with a grunt.

" She is beautiful, isn't she?!" Tobias chirped, giving me his famous heart teasing eyes and Cole laughed shooking his head at his lovesick friend.

" Ofcourse, she is beautiful!" He looked at me politely, trying to get away from Tobias who was clinging to him and trying to kill him by squashing him with his weight.

Tobias suddenly looked around and inquired, "Where are the others?!" His eyes were roaming around the mansion, searching for other of his two precious friends.

Cole grabbed his arm and pushed it away from his shoulder sneakily, fixing his clothes and teased Tobias, " You mean to ask where is your bestie, right!"

Tobias playfully hit Cole's arm again, making him groan and made a funny face at him, making us both laugh. I covered my face to control my laughter.

A voice again interrupted our moment, " You only miss Dils, Toby! What about me?!" I turned around to take a look at the person who just stepped in and froze at my spot, like I turned to a pillar of salt. No, No! This can't be-

The person who had stepped in also stopped at his spot and stared at me with surprise clear in his eyes. He was also surprised seeing the familiar face.

We were looking at each other, standing our grounds in silence. Cole and Tobias were exchanging confused glances at our shocked faces.

" Is she that beautiful Daniel, that you can't even move?!" Cole broke the awkward tense silence with his playfulness, but Tobias was silently observing us.

Daniel was still staring at me, but Cole's attempt to break us out of our trance and Tobias's observing gaze made him force a smile on his face and he stepped forward, raising his hand politely towards me.

" I am Daniel! You must be Celeste!" There was something in his eyes that made me shiver. I was afraid that it was hate. He was the same person, who didn't judge me at all last night, but what about now. I didn't want to look at him, but I knew Tobias was watching. He was watching and Daniel was here in front of me. A lump formed in my throat.

Taking note of Tobias's observing eyes, I forcefully raised my shaking hand and placed it in Daniel's, forcing a smile on my face as well. He could feel my hand tremble. He gave a squeeze to my hand and left it, turning to Tobias who was questioning him,

"Now we all are here! Where is Dils?!" Tobias was getting impatient to meet his friend. In his impatience, he had ignored the secret glances I was stealing at Daniel.

Something clicked in my mind suddenly, that made my heart almost beat out of my chest. I internally shook my head trying to convince myself, that it was not going to be true. Coincidences only happen once Cel! Calm down!

I looked at Daniel, but he was not looking at me anymore. I oh so deperately wanted him to just look at me once, so I could clear my doubt, but he was not looking at me. He was looking at Tobias.

Before Daniel could answer Tobias, we all heard a calm voice adressing everyone, " Here I am!".

The voice was all too familiar. I wanted it to be just a dream. Please be a dream! This is not true! It's not happening!. It's just a dream Cel! You will wake up soon!

Tears filled up my eyes almost falling out, but I couldn't let them. I couldn't let them fall confirming my guilt to Tobias.

I heard Tobias's voice chirping , " Here you are Dylan!" I don't know what was happening behind me. I didn't want to look at my back. I could only look at Daniel, who was looking at me with an emotion, that felt like pity to me. He was pitying me, but I hated pity. I shooked my head. There are so many Dylan in this world. It's not him. Daniel was still looking at me, perhaps aware of my inner conflict that was eating me up alive.

Tobias's voice bought me out of the trance, "Celeste! See, here is the person I want you to meet! Please turn around!" He was happy for me to finally meet his long lost Bestfriend but what about me? I am dying Inside, Tobias! I wish you knew!

I clenched my hands in a fist and forced myself to turn around slowly. Even if I didn't want to, but I had to face whoever it was, for Tobias. I was hoping that it was not Dylan. Please God! For once in life! For once in life, Please listen to me! I prayed. I prayed hard in my heart.

I turned around completely and looked at the person, who was ascending the stairs with Tobias. I felt my throat getting dry and my eyes burning. He was not looking at me yet.

With every step he took, I felt myself falling deeper in a pit of darkness, from where there was no way out. There was never a way out for me. I was doomed a long time ago and God had never listened to me. Maybe there was no God. That's why he had never listened to me even once.

He stepped on the last stair and looked up, his expressions changing to one of confusion and then surprise. Only one thing left my mouth, that shattered my whole world, " Dylan!"

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