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C2 Stuck with him

I was so tense to think clearly, it was getting late. The restaurant was empty, all the customers had already left except for a couple and the drunk man. I didn't know how to get rid of him. After he grabbed me by force, I got scared that I thought he would do something bad to me. The way he gripped my waist so tight had me sweating from fear and I wanted to scream for help since people were around and if the man wanted to do anything bad to me in public then he would get arrested however to my surprise the man was sobbing. It was rare to see a man crying and looking at the man I wondered how a good looking man like him would act so carelessly. He was too drunk to move or lift his hand. I stayed there sitting in his lap while he said so many weird things I didn't understand

He was cursing and calling all women cheaters, to my understanding I figured he was hurt or maybe his girlfriend dumped him. I had nothing to say to him to give him comfort other than listening to him.

I patted him on his back a little hesitant because it still felt weird for me to be sitting in a man's lap. You could call that a first time I let a man touch me let alone lean on my shoulders and cry drenching my shirt in salty tears

After another twenty minutes of listening to him, I finally got a chance to slip away from the man and rushed away from him.

"Thanks for coming, "I said to the couple who handed me a tip and left the restaurant. I sighed heavily and glanced at the watch and it was nearly midnight. I had to change at least by the time I would come back then the man would have left

After making a quick change in my normal clothes, blue faded loose ripped jeans with a small black crop sweatshirt with sneakers. I took my small backpack and my phone. I made sure the alarm clock was on and nothing in the kitchen was out of place then I left. I glanced at my boss's office and it was locked

"Idiot" I cursed, recalling how a bastard our boss was. He made us work hard and earned him a lot of money while he squandered like the scoundrel he was. Putting that to the back of my head, I walked back to the dining area grabbed the keys from the cashier's counter and prepared to head out when I heard a loud noise of a bottle breaking

"Oh no!"I muttered and made a run for it towards table ten. It seemed I was cursed to meet such a man. I was worried he could hurt himself with broken glass pieces and once I got there, I found him trying to stand but he was stumbling around and losing his balance knocking over some empty bottles hence with the speed I reached to him nearly falling but rested my hand on the table and tried to keep him from still but he shrugged me away with force

He muttered with hiccups keeping me at arm's length "Don't...don't touch me"I narrowed my eyes as I watched him dig through his coat. I was shocked he even remembered he had a black coat seeing the state he was in. It was fascinating how he was fighting with the coat, not sure what he was getting but my eyes widened when he took out his black wallet. He couldn't hold his balance and was shaking with his head lowered and his hair falling over his forehead. He looked handsome even in the worst state he was in, however, I wasn't concerned about his good looks. Rather, I shifted my eyes to his wallet and he opened it and took out a lot of money. I didn't see how much exactly but just the way he was getting had me thinking. I guessed he remembered to tip me. Of course, I deserved a tip for the trouble he made me go through with him but the many notes he was taking out made me frown

"H...here...thanks…hiccups...thanks for listening"to my shock he walked closer to me startling the living daylight out of me as he nearly fell on me but rested his large hands on my shoulders then connected our forehead, he was breathing heavily and his breath smelled like liquor. I was perplexed not sure what he was doing but when he shoved the money in the back pocket of my jeans he whispered something about being a good listener, I moved back from him out of fear and just like that he walked past me and stumbled away leaving me shocked but I didn't think much as I shrugged knowing I deserved the tip after all. It wasn't free money hence I smiled as I heard the restaurant door slamming shut and I exhaled in relief

"One customer down...zero to go...Vivie, now you are free to go"I said with cheers as I reached my hand to my back pocket and retrieved the cash I was given and immediately I brought it to my front, my eyes widened in shock when I held a large amount of money. It was even more than what normal people tipped, some gave as low as 1$ even 5 bucks was heaven to me but the fresh smell of banknotes made me feel scared as my eyes lifted towards the exit door because the man gave me so much money

"No...no, what if he comes back and says I stole from him"I said in a worried tone and took to my heels as I rushed after them not realizing that I forgot to grab the keys and lock the restaurant. I hoped the man was still out there and once I opened the door and rushed out into the night, my eyes had to narrow a little to see properly because it was too dark outside. A cold breeze was blowing so much that I felt a cold shiver run down my spine unfortunately I was too anxious looking around for the man

The place wasn't isolated but enclosed by two tall old buildings which acted as casinos, cheap casinos and nightclubs. I ignored that and ran towards the parking lot which wasn't big and well lit so that I could see some parts of it and to my luck, I spotted the tall man fighting to get his car open. He was bending down and patting his hands on the dirty gravel and I guessed he dropped something

"S...sir!"I shouted after him from afar, unfortunately, he wasn't paying attention hence I took to my heels and ran to him, I played basketball running was my speciality that was why my coach chose me as the team captain "sir...oh god"I said with heavy breaths when I reached his car and rested my hand on my beating heart turn chuckled and I leaned to his car to catch my breath, unfortunately, he didn't even notice I was there he was looking for his car keys I'm sure. My eyes narrowed as I bend down to help him out

"You must be looking for your car keys huh...let's look together," I said with a smile and went on my knees and started helping him out, he was focused and seemed kinda disturbed. I was wondering why no one came to get him. He was drunk so how would he drive the car "found them!"I exclaimed with cheers as soon as my hand touched something and unexpectedly pressed a button when trying to retrieve the keys and the car made a noise. The man straightened up and I guessed he heard me

"Give" he simply said but I shook my head keeping the keys away from him. He could barely look up or stand, so how was he going to drive

"Look here sir...have you ever heard of don't drink and drive...well I have and I've seen many people die in road accidents all because of drinking and driving"I explained to him in one breath but he didn't say anything but ignored my lecture and returned to his car. It looked expensive and I guessed he was not an ordinary man. Even his car screamed millions of dollars

"No no..you can't drive...m...move back" I rushed to him stopping him from getting to the driver's seat, he was stumbling all over and couldn't see where he was going hence I quickly held him up and opened the back seat of the car

"S...sir...hold still...get in"I struggled to say and tried with all my might to settle the man in his car but he was hard to move. The man was twice my weight forget that he was well built and I was just a 19 years old high school basketball player who barely lifted anything to make me strong "c...come on"finally I shoved him in and secured his legs further in so that he was half sleeping and exhaled as I stood there wiping sweat from my forehead. I was tired from morning, from working and running around and now I had to carry a full-grown man who was drunk

"What to do?"I muttered with a long sigh as I rested my hands on my hips and glanced up at the dark blue sky. I was damned and I knew my night was cursed. All I wanted was to go home and rest before tomorrow but now I was sure it was past midnight. "Where does he live…"I asked, not sure what to do with him. I could leave him in the car until morning but then again that wasn't so safe, many thugs passed around the shabby area and if they saw the car they would try to steal it and if they found him then the chance of killing him was there

I didn't know what to do even biting my lower lip which was my habit whenever I was thinking about plans didn't help me and now I was trapped in my nightmare but when I glanced down where I dropped the cash he gave me. An idea clicked in my head which made me snap my fingers with happiness as a smile appeared on my face

Of course, he had money. How about I rented him a small motel so he could sleep there. I could pay with his money then leave him there by tomorrow morning I was sure he was likely to find his way home

Quickly I got in the car settled in the driver's seat and slammed the door shut, the man wasn't moving and I guessed he had fallen asleep

"Some men just let themselves go...I wonder if he's married...I'm sure his wife is going crazy waiting for her husband...such men"I scoffed with disdain looking back at the man then reached my hands for the steering wheel. I exhaled, not sure how to drive a car, it was different and seeing it, I was scared. It wasn't like he had never driven a car before but the very car was a different male what if I damaged it then the man would accuse me. But again I was doing it for him. He was a lot of trouble and now he seemed to have targeted a poor girl like me to handle him. Why did his girlfriend even break up with him? He seemed miserable or did he fight with his wife or maybe his wife cheated on him. I settled with the last option, the man was saying women were cheaters so there was a chance he was cheated on

"Focus Vivie...it's none of your business...just find a way to get rid of him and go home and sleep"I reminded myself and focused on the task at hand. I needed to drive the car hence I started the engine and hoped I didn't crash because if I did then I was going to be in big trouble and the man sitting comfortably as if he were some king would be to blame.

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