Billionaire's Surrogate In Love/C3 A long night with him
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Billionaire's Surrogate In Love/C3 A long night with him
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C3 A long night with him

My eyes fixed on the man I just laid down on the double-sized bed. I exhaled heavily, wiping sweat off my forehead and rested my hands on my hips. I was sweating just from carrying the man not as if I carried him myself which was ridiculous

But as soon as I found the nearest cheap hotel around, I booked a single room for the drunk man and the manager of the small hotel helped me to get him out of the car to the room which was on the second floor. He was already sleeping and I wondered how a grown man would be so careless

I already paid for one night hence it was legal to stay and sleep as he wanted.

" you need anything?" while lost in thoughts taking in the man's facial features which were rare for a man. The manager's voice jerks me back to reality and I instantly turned around and he was looking at me with that facial expression which said 'I was a golddigger more like a slut bringing a man to a hotel'

"No… Nothing"I answered him with a faint smile and he nodded before he shifted his gaze to the man sleeping on the bed then back to me. A girl who was dressed like a savage, with her toned belly showing. Beautiful red hair tied in a ponytail with a killer cute face which shouted, I love all men. Well, that was my reputation even at school. These people judged me at first glance. And the man's behavior since I came in was the same with disdain and disgust. I waited for him to leave and only when the door closed did I let out a long exhale of frustration

"Damn everyone"I muttered, feeling anger circulating in my body, making my blood boil. I failed to understand why all these people choose to see me as a characterless girl just because I was exceptionally beautiful like they said. Yes I was just 19 years old and about to finish high school, I was a little crazy with a tough personality but I had to be this way, intimidating because unlike others I had no older brother to protect me from society. No father to defend me if ever I made a mistake at school and no mother to teach me manners or about how to act like a lady. I was my brother as well as my parents. I had to be tough in this cruel world even if I was painted bad for the way I looked. My hair was naturally red and curly, they said I was beautiful naturally and my smile was something which attracted people to me, especially men even older ones but I wasn't kike that. I had a goal in life and that was to be successful, build my empire until I became the best, I had no time for boyfriends

Unlike other girls I didn't wear a lot of makeup or dress to impress men or people, I was myself, Vivienne Payton never imitated anyone.

Putting such thoughts aside, I stood beside the bed and lowered down to make sure the man was comfortable. I already took off his shoes and now I was debating on what to do with his money. I wasn't a thief, yes I lacked money and I had a whole lot of problems which could lessen if I took all the money he gave me back at the restaurant but I had principles. I didn't take what I didn't work for

"Okay, so seem like a careless got so drunk, "I said and took my backpack which was lying on the floor and dug in to get my notepad. I was a thorough person, I knew math more than anything because it was my favorite subject" so I'm gonna charge you for all this...look here, sir...I worked for you just now...I brought you here and it required great skills to drive a car like yours"I pointed out dropping on the bed beside him and smiling as I made calculations on my notepad. I listed all the services I rendered to him, carrying him with his heavyweight there was a fee. Driving him to the hotel had its fee and adding to the tip I deserved for serving him at the restaurant the total amount was 50$, I know I was being greedy with everything but I was so tired and he already wasted a lot of my time attending to him

"And 10 and another 10 equals 50$"I counted from the tip he gave me and carefully put the remaining money together and I climbed on the bed to get his coat which I had put on the other side since I wanted his wallet. Without knowing my body slid on top of him and I sneezed and he stirred a little. I grabbed the coat and prepared to pull back when suddenly a strong arm draped over my back, flipping me down and dragging me beneath him that I was lying on my back with him on top of me. I grew afraid realizing the situation I was in.

I was jinxed because now his entire weight was on me and he was snuggling on my exposed belly like a harmless child while his hands tasted on my chest

On my chest, the darned man had his filthy hands touching my breast and no man has ever done that

"Oh no"I cried out as I looked down and his breathing was low, he seemed to have relaxed a bit and the tension I saw on his brows earlier disappeared. Looking at his face he was cute. His hair, which I thought was black back at the restaurant, was brown and curly, a bit longer because he had tied it in a small bun behind his head and I guessed he had messed it up by running his fingers through it constantly. I was bothered as I tried to keep him off or at least remove his hands from my poor breasts but he gripped me even more tightly than I felt embarrassed, irritated and ashamed because if the manager happened walk through that door. Then his assumption about my character will be confirmed. He already thought I brought a drunk man to the hotel for something disgusting

"S...sir please...this is sexual harassment" I muttered and shifted a little, unfortunately that was a bad idea because now his parted lips were on my belly and I could feel his wet soft lips brushing on my skin and I automatically sucked in my breath not sure what to do. I was trapped but I had to leave. It was 1 in the morning and I had school tomorrow

While lying there with a strange man on top of me. I managed to get his wallet from his coat, struggled to get it open and when I did, a card slipped out and I grabbed it with my other hand. It was a business card and when I turned it to the sides. There was a name engraved in gold black writings

"Victor...Ellison...oh so my troublemaker is sexy and cute" I said out loud not forgetting to chuckle to lighten up my situation. The man was Victor, his name sounded familiar but I had no time to think where I heard it from

After a lot of struggling I managed to get away from the man who was now lying on his belly like a child and I quickly put the paper, I ripped from my notepad where I made all the necessary calculations as proof that I didn't steal from him and folded his money back and put the little paper in his wallet and shoved it back in the coat

I was done. My niceness was done for the night and glancing at my wristwatch. I gasped because the time was 1:30 AM

"I should will have my head if I sleep in late"I quickly said, took my backpack and stormed out of the room. I had to go home and immediately I was out of the building. The quietness of the city of London at night greeted me, the sky was dark blue andthe air around was serene and a little heavy. one of the things the mysterious night held. everyone had already gone home, of course, it was late and I was the only one walking around

Without wasting time, I took to my heels. The building where the apartment I rented was a few blocks away with dark alleys along the way. No taxi worked after midnight hence I had to run as fast as I could hoping I didn't bump into any thugs on the way as it is I was a creature of the night. I was used to going home at such a late hour but this time I went overboard by involving myself in some man's problem. I had a basketball tournament at 10:30 AM and my coach ordered me to have enough rest. I was the star player hence everyone and the entire school relied on me to win and bring victory to our school but again I was thrilled because if I scored a lot then the school would give me a scholarship even if I wanted to go to college they would sponsor me that was why tomorrow was so special to me. My life and future depended on the game.

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