Billionaire's Surrogate In Love/C4 Her dreams shattered
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Billionaire's Surrogate In Love/C4 Her dreams shattered
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C4 Her dreams shattered

The next morning I was woken up by the loud buzzing of the alarm and the banging of hands-on my door so loudly. The sound was deafening that I groaned in frustration and covered my head with a pillow. I was so sleepy and tired that I didn't want anything or anyone to disturb me. Whatever sounds I was hearing felt like a nightmare. A bad nightmare which I wanted so badly to wake up from but I couldn't. The noise continued and I was irritated beyond reason

My damn body was aching and with every position I turned to, it hurt even more that I couldn't sleep as my eyes flew open only to look around and my room was so bright that I had to close my eyes to prevent the blinding lights from the sun sipping through my window however that wasn't my problem

"," I said as I jumped out of bed taking the sheets with me. I was so shocked as I rushed to the little dressing mirror where I kept the alarm clock which had snoozed off and when I picked it up, my head spun seeing the "9:30 AM "I was doomed as I tried to move around but my mind was a mess. I couldn't think straight because I was so late for school. I only had an hour to get ready, to talk of running to school because I wasn't going to catch any bus which goes to school. All buses arrived at the station early in at morning and around 8 AM, they stopped and getting a taxi was twice as expensive and I was trying to save money here

"Now who is it?"I whined and tied my hair in a bun not sure who was busy banging on my door so loudly disturbing my sleep. I left my bedroom and walked to my small living room which was well furnished. The apartment had a self-contained bedroom, a sizable kitchen with everything there and a living room. I quickly rushed to the door because the loud knowing was likely to stop if I did how and as I unlocked the door and opened it. I was greeted by a short fat lady wearing a colorful blue dress that reached to her feet. Her facial expression was not a happy one and as soon as I opened it, I regretted it because it was my landlady visiting me

"What took you do long to open huh!" like every time she came the lady yelled with disdain in her eyes. I didn't know what to say to her other than stare at her. She owned the building and I owned her a lot of money and she was furious

"Well...Mrs...I…"I couldn't even say her full name as sweat dripped down my face, she was so loud and hated me because I always gave her excuses each time she came to get her house rent

"Shut up...I'm not here for your stupid excuses...pack your bags now because I'm throwing you out!" she yelled pointing her meaty finger at me, I was stunned not believing what she just said but unlike every time, she was upset, she had no smile or anything on her face and I grew scared

"Please madam...I'll pay you just give..just give today" I begged her with folded arms, she was so mean that no amount of begging would make her change her mind

"Save you begging missy...I already took money from someone willing to pay have until 5 PM to leave my worthless girl...such a slut who can't even use her body to make money" it was heartbreaking to hear such words from a woman who also had children, girls, for that matter I was the same age as her daughter, I tried to pay her on time but my boss paid me less and cut my salary. Tears lingered in my eyes as I ran after her. She couldn't do this to me. I told her I would pay her. I knew this but she was walking away.

"Ahh!"I screamed when I slipped on some sticky liquid and fell down in the most uncomfortable way and hurt my ankle. I screamed as pain rushed through me as I sat down on the wooden floor wincing in pain

"Ahh...please...I'll give you the money today I promise"I shouted for the lady to hear, unfortunately, she was already gone down the stairs which led to the first floor. My little apartment was on the second floor, not like the building was luxurious but a shabby building and nearly falling apart. Despite everything I've lived here my entire life and couldn't afford to be thrown out

Pulling myself up, I rested my hand on the wall as I tried to stand up but my right ankle wouldn't let me. I shook my head and tried again biting my lower lip and finally got to my feet, the pain was too much to bear but I had to stand and get ready for school. It was my last option and my ankle wasn't going to stop me from achieving my goal

Rushing to my room with an amazing ankle, I went straight to the bathroom. I only had fewer minutes to get ready and go to my school or else everything I ever worked for the entire season would go to waste. The entire year I trained day and night just to get ready for this. My ankle was swollen and red and touching it was even more painful

After I was done with my shower I didn't even waste time as I put on a black sweatshirt and sweatpants, some sneakers and tied my wet hair in a bun. Took my already packed backpack with my uniform in it and took my phone which has been ringing for quite some time

"Liv...I'm on my way...just tell coach I'm that the school got"I quickly answered my phone because it was my best friend calling. I knew she would be able to stall for some time until I reached there. I didn't have a choice than to take a taxi even if it took all the money I made from yesterday including the money I got from the drunk man

"Where to miss, "the taxi driver asked me as soon as I settled in and slammed the door shut. I was breathing heavily from running to the station to get a taxi and I exhaled feeling sweaty all over.

"Ridgeway high school please, "I said with heavy breaths and the driver started the car. I was agitated as I sat there thinking about the game. It was already 10 AM and in thirty minutes the game had to start. My heart raced rapidly, my palms sweating as if it was cold and my body trembling. With every stop the driver made, I flinched waiting for the red lights to turn green. At some point, I had the urge to jump out of the car and run my way to school but that wasn't the case when my ankle was delicate. It was throbbing with pain and I didn't even want to think about it

After a long drive, the car stopped right at the gate. I didn't waste time as I rushed out and headed straight to the basketball court. The entire school was quiet, of course, all the students were gathered and ready to watch the game. As I reached there I could hear cheering and chanting. My heart skipped a beat, the game already started. I took to my heels and went straight to get changed, I had to be quick and enter the game before it ended

"Where have you been huh!?" immediately I reached the court to join my team who were gathered as if our coach called for a time out, he yelled at me and the rest of the team looked at me with disdain

"I'm sure she wanted us to wait for her. ''I heard voices rising amongst my team members and everyone commented saying bad things. I was scared and shaking as I looked up and saw banners hanging. All the students wore the purple-red uniform which was for us, the wolves. Our team was the best and I knew how to win for us.

"Get ready...they seem prepared for this"my coach ignored me and we gathered around him. Everyone including those on the bench gathered to hear instructions. My mind wandered off to my ankle which was burning from the tight sneakers I was wearing. Nothing from right




'Wolves!' We put our hands together to boost our morale and the game began. I looked at the timer and sighed. I still had time. I smiled feeling a strange emotion run through my body because even if my team was down by 30 to 0, I was there to revive us. Every team from other schools knew who I was, Vivienne Payton never backed down. I was a good runner and it took a lot of people to keep me down. Once I had the ball no one was safe. I felt even more energized when my fellow students were chanting my name

It felt good to be recognized as the best in what one did with all their heart. I loved to play basketball not just for the money but for the passion I had and for working hard.

With every basket I made, chanting increased, I was on fire that the other team started pushing me around when they couldn't get the ball. Our coach was tense. I saw as he shouted for a foul which the umpire didn't make. I was running about and losing my cool

We were ahead by 185 and the other team had 100. We were winning and I was feeling proud until

"Ahh!!"I was knocked away by two defenders sending me flying across the court and I landed hard. Someone from their team stepped on my injured ankle with so much force and I screamed in pain. So loud that the entire hall went quiet. My couch rushed to me so did my team members

"Vivie...are you okay...someone brings a stretcher!" my coach yelled seeing how my ankle areas were bleeding, stabbing my white socks, the sneakers were already off and I was tossing and turning. It felt like the Adidas the person who stepped on me was wearing had thorns or nails under. The same weak ankle was hurting like hell that I couldn't keep my eyes open

"She can't play...warm up a substitute" this time I heard our second coach say as I was raised on the stretcher by some paramedics. I shook my head not wanting to go off because I had to finish the game. I was doing well and the thought of not playing made me frustrated

"Don't...don't touch!"I yelled so much and tried to get off the damned stretcher but they put me back

"Take her away and treat her...she can't play...she's too hurt...I'm sorry can't play"my coach muttered and rested his hand on my shoulders. I shrugged him off not wanting to hear his words but I was taken away to the nurse's office to be attended to by the professional doctors the school hired from various well-known hospitals. My dreams were shattered.

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