Billionaire's Surrogate In Love/C5 One door closes another one opens
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Billionaire's Surrogate In Love/C5 One door closes another one opens
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C5 One door closes another one opens

I didn't know how long I was unconscious because immediately they took me to the nurse's room. The doctor injected me with a sedative to keep me down but now I was awake and confused. I watched as my hard work came crashing down on me. Everything didn't make sense. I didn't want to feel the pain residing in my heart but there was nothing I could do to change what was happening. I already asked the doctor attending to me if I was clear to join my team but he refused

I hated myself so much, if I could cry and shed tears I would have but even if I was feeling the pain and tears lingering in my eyes but I just couldn't let my eyes water

Maybe this was my problem, my lack of showing any emotions I felt in my heart. Looking at my bandaged foot. I sat up pushing myself up. I hated hospital beds the most. Even the nurse's office was my enemy, but I had no choice when the various doctors working around ordered me not to move too much. My ankle was in such bad shape that even setting my foot down was a problem.

"Damn this' 'I muttered a curse and sat on the bed with my legs suspended down. I stretched my arms releasing the tension I was feeling. I tried to straighten my right leg hoping I could step on the floor and walk out of the darn hell I was in but immediately I did a rush of excruciating pain run through my body as I instantly put my foot up. I cursed under my breath and rested my hands on the bed and scanned my surroundings. I was the only one in the small room who smells like medications. I leaned down and stepped my left foot down and pulled myself off the bed but I was careful enough not to put my right foot down. I didn't want to stay, hence with all my strength I tried to take a step forward and to my relief, I could walk, then I used my toes to balance on my right foot. I bit my lower lip hard as I took another step focusing on getting to the door and when I moved closer to the wall. My little journey was easy as I used the wall as support to balance. With great difficulty, I managed to open the door and limped out until I came to a hallway. A long passage that extended to the exit. This part of the school was more like a clinic for sick students with various small rooms which were empty. I could hear people conversing and laughing but I ignored that because I just wanted to leave the school before my coach came to question me

"Boss just relax okay...I know you told me this but just chill" while walking down the corridor I heard a male voice say, the voice came from the door I stopped by. It wasn't like I was interested in whatever he was saying but I was taking a break from walking. My ankle was already swollen and if I exhausted it with so much walking then there was a chance I would be a cripple for the rest of my life

"Fine boos man, just give me a week to find your surrogate...I promise to lure them in with millions as payment"the same man continued saying this time he let out a chuckle and judging by the way he was saying, he seemed to be talking on the phone however that wasn't my concern. Whenever work was mentioned and money was involved I paid attention even if others called it eavesdropping. The conversation went on and on and I stood there listening. To be honest the man caught my attention according to what he said. Whoever he was talking to seemed to be looking for a surrogate. I was aware of how surrogates worked and knew the huge amount of money they were paid just to carry someone's child. Others considered it to be a risk having to carry a baby which isn't yours but for me, if money was the payment then why not go for it

It seemed risky but I was amused, I didn't even know I was smiling and before I could miss such an opportunity. I pushed the light down open forgetting my manners and I barged inside the room

"I'll get you one within this week and…"I stopped when I found a man dressed as a doctor, he had blonde hair, was slightly tall and a little lean. He wasn't so well built or with broad shoulders like the men I saw but his physique complimented his work which proved he didn't spend so much time in the gym but saving lives

I felt ashamed and embarrassed as I stood there, he seemed to have sense and introduced or walked in on him without knocking. Turning around he kept his phone slightly away from his ear and narrowed his eyes in a way that said he wasn't so pleased to see me

"And...what can I do for you?"Even though his voice was calm, quiet, pleasant and not so deep, I jerked back to my senses and moved forward a little. Not the way a human walked but I guessed the doctor noticed my unusual movement hence shifted his gaze to my bandaged ankle then to my face

"Well...I...can I do it"I stammered to say looking for any words that would make sense and not sound as if I heard his private conversation. But I was interested in whatever offer he had

"Excuse...miss, do you need help...I see your foot was already attended to...if there is nothing then I'll be happy if you left"like a professional doctor and someone who was irritated with my rude behavior of barging inside a room when someone was there. It was unprofessional of me and rather ill-mannered but I just wanted to take on the offer. It wasn't like I insulted him

"I heard you wanted a surrogate...well I can do it"I blurred out not sure if the words came out right but I was agitated, my heart was thumping loudly making me anxious. The man had a serious straight face which made it impossible for me to read his mind. He fully turned to me and lowered his hand

"Ms...this isn't a joke...please if you have nothing to say...leave from here...I'm still on the phone," he said walking to me. He didn't sound happy and I knew he took my words as a joke but I was serious, I desperately wanted him to give me a chance. It was just being a surrogate it wasn't like I had to sleep with anyone which was a no for me

"S...sir, please...I know you think I'm ill-mannered for coming in like this...but I overheard you talking about looking for a surrogate...j...just give me a chance I can do it"if it was begging her would listen to them I was willing to do something just to be accepted. I know my approach was the wrong one, however, I had no choice, plus from what I heard, the doctor hasn't found the surrogate yet, hence it was a perfect opportunity I didn't want to miss and see his angry look morph into a helpless one. I knew he reconsidered my words and that I was serious about my claims

"Ms...this issue is delicate and quite's not a joke because we are talking about carrying someone's child in your womb for...9months" again he seemed irritated with me, I didn't know why he failed to see how important this was. I didn't even know why he kept on looking at me as if...yes I had red hair, a rare face with green eyes but what did my looks have to do with being a surrogate? I didn't have to hear him say I didn't look like someone who would want to be a surrogate, carry a child and watch as her stomach grew into a giant watermelon but I was damn serious and to prove it. I limped closer to him, straightened my back and held up my head and looked straight into his dark brown eyes.

"And I'm damn serious doctor...just tell me what to do and I'll do it...just give me a chance," I said boldly, giving nothing away and for a second I saw a smug tug at the corners of his lips. He stared at me with warmness in his eyes, as if he was bewildered by my words or was it my determination and courage, yes I was beautiful that was a fact and I was tired of hearing people say it but what was wrong with people. The man didn't say anything or look at me with doubt. I waited for him to at least say something and to my relief, he dug in his pockets and took out a card. I smiled and extended my hands to him but he just chuckled at my childish behavior. I was happy and whenever I was happy I failed to hide my happiness

"Here...I'm not sure you are the right one...but if you could go to this address and get interviewed...if you pass then…" he explained while handing me a card, I thought it was him I had to see but it turned out that I had to go to some company and get interviewed. My eyes narrowed vividly as I read what was on the card, not sure why it had to be interviewed. It wasn't a job position was it

"It's not a job interview..go there and the man who wants a surrogate will see you...if you pass then I'm sure you won't have a problem" he added as if he read my mind about job interviews which I preferred not to do. I looked up at the man and he was facing the table

"But...okay...when should I go?"I wanted to ask more but I shut my mouth and agreed. If I asked so many questions then there was a chance I would think I wasn't being professional hence I held the card and the man turned to me with his brows arched

"As early as tomorrow morning...8:30 AM sharp...and please abide by the man's rules if you want this to be a success"

I failed to understand what he said, were there harsh rules, what sort of man was he that the doctor emphasized about going earlier than the time expected. I nodded in agreement and just like that I had a little hope. Lost in thoughts about what I was about to indulge myself in. I heard eating of a throat and I was jerked back to my senses the doctor was looking at me with narrowed eyes and then said

"Please...excuse me Ms...and if you don't mind me saying this...don't walk so much" I want embarrassed as I glanced at my leg and knew I was told to rest

"Thanks" I mumbled and turned to leave. All I had to do was go to the building the doctor told me. I knew I was rushing things but at this time I was left with no choice I had so many problems which require money and of what I heard, surrogate got paid with millions

I left the doctor's office not sure where to go. I wanted to know if my team won't or lost but once I got outside, I heard my fellow students complaining about not doing anything to win. I felt a sharp pain rush through my body as I was walked to the opposite side still limping. I didn't even bother to change my clothes. It was best if I went straight to the restaurant. At least if I went early I could work two shifts which meant double money. Even if I was hurt I still had to go and do my work. unfortunately when I got to the restaurant what greeted me shattered me completely.

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