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C2 suspense

“Ella!” Thelma exclaimed in horror at her daughter for putting her backpack on the floor again. After their fun trip from the ice cream shop, Thelma got a call from Emma her co-worker at the Sweet dreams hotel saying her shift had started twenty minutes ago and she needed to hurry up before the manager checks in. And with Ella’s messy nature she might have to take more time before leaving.

“I am coming mom!” Ella yelled from the top stairs.

Thelma slightly pulled her hair in frustration. “Ella I have told you many, many times never put your bag on the floor, take it to your room now.” She rubbed her temples feeling a slight throb ache there.

“I’ll pick let me just-“ Thelma cuts her.

“Do it now! Oh God Ella I don’t want to raise my voice at you just do as you are told, please.” Thelma was getting irritated with Ella’s messy nature ‘she takes after her father’ who wouldn’t know, like father like daughter. ‘Mi Valentino’ she groaned, silently holding the grief that was once dead.

Ella came back instantly sensing her mother was really pissed, it was not the regular scolding she receives from her. Ella did not want to offend her mother than she already is, so she behaved like a good girl and picked up her bag from the door entrance. She grumbled all the way up to her room, Thelma did not mind her at all she did not want Ella to manipulate her with pure emotions.

Thelma ran a shaky hand in her hair thinking of what to next, ‘my bag and keys’ she remembered. She went to grab her keys and head upstairs into Ella’s room, as much as she wanted to get mad at Ella she just couldn’t.

“Hey.” Thelma greeted her with a small smile on her rosy lips. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“It’s okay mom, I am not mad.” Ella sat up to look at her mom, her expression a bit sad.

“You sure?” Thelma asked still confused about her sad expression.

Ella nods her head to reassure her mother all was well, but Thelma sensitive motherly instincts told her otherwise.

“Ella? Are sure you feel fine?”

“Why won’t I be fine mom? I have never felt so better.” Ella glanced up at her mother. Ella knew her mother very well, this little covering cannot blind Thelma. Thelma is as sharp as a sword, a strong woman, a woman of virtue, a woman who what she is doing.

“But you are sad.” Thelma scoots closer to her daughter but restrained from engulfing her in her arms.

“Noooo… I just miss home that’s all.” Ella quickly respond. Thelma’s eyes widen a bit, she felt tension and worry fill her system, it was as if her heart had just dropped in her stomach.

“Home? Urr- what home?” She cautiously asked her little girl, trying not to scare or startle Ella. Thelma was a bit paranoid Ella will remember their old life and want to continue with it or worse ask about her father.

“I don’t know.” Ella’s eyebrows furrowed as she stared in front of her. “I don’t know, but I still like it here except for school though.” Ella looked up at her mother, her small eyes glinting with happiness.

“You always hated school. I don’t know why.” Thelma pet Ella on the hair.

“Because school is so much boring.”

“How about this house? Don’t you like it?”

“I love it, it is way better than our old house, but I will like if we can move somewhere much bigger, with enough room to play and stroll, you know, because you don’t let me out most times.” Ella made know some of her emotions, she wanted her mother to also understand her just like she does. Instead of seeing an angry look plastered on Thelma’s face a sigh only escaped her lips.

“Well, that was good.” Thelma muttered very low under her breath.

“Mom, what happened you seem quite shaken.” Ella asked.

“Nothing just starting to you know…” Thelma drift off almost forgetting there was a curious ten year old by her side. ‘I need to get used to Ella growing up’ Thelma reminded herself, never has she since the day of Ella’s birth raised her voice at her. This kind of treatment was new and it pained Thelma to see Ella sad.

“I’ll be leaving for work now and I want you to be a good girl. Please finish your homework before I am back, okay?”

“Now? Why can’t you stay?” Ella complained feeling left out again. Just like any day, she wonders if her mother would take a day off so they could spend it together. Another reason could be that her mother was getting tired of her.

“I wish I could, you know I have to go, I am the breadwinner here and I have to make enough cash to help pay the rent and feed our stomachs.”Thelma tried explaining to Ella hoping she understood why she left every single day.

“Okay, but promise you’ll be back early.” Ella brought out her pinky finger to seal their words, it was a normal ritual between them.

“Promise.” Thelma crossed her pinky with her and kissed it. “Lock the doors and answer no one no matter who it is or what they want. Only open the door for me. And if there is an emergency, call me, if it is something serious and I haven’t gotten here yet go to Mrs Docks okay.” Thelma passed important instructions and regulations Ella was to follow during her absence. She is still yet to trust anyone especially around her daughter and someone like Grayson will target little Ella just so he could get to her.

Ella nods in understanding, this rule was always the same, it wasn’t the first time she was alone at home it won’t be difficult to abide with something you hear everyday.

“I’m being serious this time Ella, don’t joke about it.”

“I swear it mom.”

“I have warned you about swearing haven’t I?”

“Oops, I am sorry I forgot.”

“It’s okay, I just need you to do this for me. Keep all the light on, do your homework, take your bath and stay safe for me.” Thelma couldn’t explain why she felt the need to keep Ella safe. From who?. She couldn’t point out, it was better safe than sorry.

“Yes mom I get it you have nothing to worry about I’ll be good.” Ella assured her mother but Thelma was restless and hoped all will be fine by the time she got back.

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