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C3 Back to work

“Isaiah don’t you think this is all too fast, I mean Orlando has zero interest in the family business, he is just like Uncle Sam in the fortune stories who hates life and everything. Orlando just goes about doing what he likes he doesn’t very much care about anything or anyone.” Ruby tried talking her husband from pushing Orlando to forcefully take over the family business.

She knew Orlando too well, and throwing all the family’s hard earn inheritance into his hands will surely lead to a forever disaster. Isaiah looked at his lovely wife, she has no idea how important it is for the first son of the Chester family to take over the business. Isaiah Ivan Chester popular by the name Ivan Senior has worked so hard to build his successful shipping company (I his company has been awarded the best shipping enterprise in America and his legacy must continue, this is when his eldest son Orlando Ivan Chester Junior comes into the picture.

“Ruby baby this is the only choice we have, I can’t hand over all I have worked hard for to a complete stranger, Ivan JR is my first child, our firstborn son and it’s his right and duty to carry on my legacy.” Isaiah tried explaining to his wife so she could calm down and stop being paranoid but Ruby wasn’t up for that she was more in a state of losing it.

“What about Nicholas he can manage the business till Orlando gets back.” Ruby suggests.

Nicholas was their third child the last of their children. “Try to consider it, what if Orlando says no or what-“ She listed out possibilities of Orlando backing out of the family business that has gone far in its ages.

“He won’t Ruby trust me. And Niko is still young he needs to focus on his studies and sooner or later he will join his brother in managing the company.” Isaiah told her, then reached out for the dietary supplement on his table, downing it with cold water, he grimaced when the tablet touched the back of his throat showing how he hated medicine especially supplements.

Ruby thought hard about what her husband said ‘Maybe I should give in and stop being so paranoid. It’s not that bad to admit, but what if Orlando runs away again? I don’t think I will be able to bear it’ she rubbed her forehead to smoothen the worry lines forming on her delicate skin.

“You’re overthinking Ruby, there is nothing to worry about. Orlando is perfect and he can’t keep running away forever, this is his home, he will return.” Isaiah assured Ruby.

“I hope so Isa baby, I hope so.” She muttered, her eyes still focused on the floor.

“You should call him, tell him to come back to Florida.” Ruby rose her head to look at her husband in disbelief

‘Is he you joking, what makes him think Orlando will listen to her and come home’

“How sure are you he will listen to me?” She stared right at her husband with an expression that usually makes him uncomfortable. Her brown eyes holding his green ones unblinking.

“He’ll listen to you, he always does. Ruby baby can you stop giving me that look, it’s really creeping my skin.” Isaiah cringed nervously.

“What look?” Ruby asked pretending not to understand what Isaiah meant.

“Baby, you know it, please stop.”

“I will stop today, but if Orlando refuses me then get prepared because you will be seeing this face for ten more years.” Ruby gestured to her face.

Isaiah looked away from Ruby and smiled, shaking his head at the memory of young Orlando telling Ruby about his first crush like he was some sick lover. “He will because he is mama’s boy.”

“Okay. I’ll try, but I am not promising he’ll listen as you said.“ She walked around the table to meet Isaiah and kissed him on the lips. “I’ll leave you to work now, call me if you need me.” She whispered the last part seductively and winked at him then she made her way out of the office. Isaiah knew what that meant but he was not ready now. For years Isaiah has tried fighting against the sexual urge filling him, his wall only weakens when Ruby decides to play naughty on him and she was fully aware of the effects on him, if he gives in to the temptation the whole house will hear the beast in him is back.

Ruby knew this she knew he was a sex god and knows how to provoke the beast in him, he might be old but he sure got a wild beast down there and Ruby was his weakness.

“Shit Ruby what have you gotten me into.” He groaned in pain and frustration.


Orlando has always wanted a new life, a different free normal life than just being an heir. He became an explorer at a young age, making his own world. Taking over the family business wasn’t what he wanted, in other to avoid the responsibilities that came with being in charge of such a global enterprise, Orlando decided to leave, he traveled far away from home in hopes of losing contact with the people he called family.

For fifteen years he lived in California as Jack Wells a retired mechanic, and joined a secret agency disguising himself with a temporary look, he wore green contact lens, his was dyed blonde and his clothes were casual jeans a sweatshirt and sometimes a hoodie to hid his identity.

Orlando knew someday he will have to stop hiding and take his place in I as the CEO. All he wanted was to find his own life before it gets dictated by someone else.

“Hey Jack got any booze for us.” Mike his partner asked him as he stepped into the minivan.

“No man I got none.” Orlando replied animatedly his attention focused on the screen in front of him, he typed codes into the system and was going through the network settings in the van. He spent five years learning to code and later worked with the CIA and FBI at that time, on some occasions the Army or Navy will invite him to work with them because of his great skills in technical aspects. He used this to gain trust and integrity with all the alliances he made. “Mike where is the file Devon said we should look into.” Orlando asked.

“Here.” Mike handed a yellow file to Orlando and stepped back.

Orlando opened it analyzing the contents before Mike decided to interpret for him. “Well people say he is a psycho, he once murdered twenty people in three weeks and now he’s into hiding, and possibly stalking. No one knows for sure who he is or where he came from, the dead bodies were the proof of his visit. only his eyes can be seen in the picture.” Mike concluded the story. Orlando opened the file record of the suspected serial killer and looked through it.

Name: unknown

Age: unknown

D.O.B: unknown

Crime: suspected for unsolved crimes on the border of Canada and the US.

ID: No physical records with no proper identification.

Orlando frowned this wasn’t what he was expecting there isn’t any useful information that can be used. “Mike this file is empty, there’s no detailed information written here.” Orlando scoffed and groaned. “We just wasted our time coming here.”

“Yeah I know, it’s kinda why we are here.” Mike scratched his five weeks old beard. “The investigators couldn’t find any trace of him. It looked like he vanished in thin air but there was only one camera that got a glimpse of him.” Orlando raised an eyebrow at his discovery..

“How sure are you it is him not she?” Orlando asked him.

“Check the file you will see a photograph behind the papers.” Mike told him.

Orlando opened the file once again and found the picture, it wasn’t clear enough to make out anything but one will know it was taken at night, from the green background. A silhouette of a person running through a dark alley was the only thing present on the frame, the person was covered in black from head to toe and it was hard to identify the gender only the eyes were slightly visible. Orlando pondered who this person could be.

“What year was this taken?” Orlando asked his partner.

“2015 I guess, that was the same year of the first incidence in Chicago.” Mike answered.

“Then why are we working on this case our job is to track not toy around,” Orlando asked wondering why they had been handed the job of investigators.

“They believe you can not only track them but bring them to book. They need your spying skills.”

“I am no longer a physical spy I’m now a tech spy so why me? There are other amazing spy in California.” Orlando spoke

“That’s why you are needed, think about it Jack, this could be your shot." Mike told Orlando then left the van.


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