Billionaire wife/C5 Chapter 5
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Billionaire wife/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

It's not possible, I caressing his picture and hug the picture and remember our days and soon dozed off bcoz of tiredness.

Nishant povI went to my room change my wear and soon dozed off but in mid night my sleep disturb bcoz I want to water even I was hungry also so I went to kitchen and open refrigerator and drink some water then I decide to make Maggie so I pour water and break Maggie and stir it and add Maggie masala and after 4 minutes Maggie is ready, soon Maggie is ready, I take plate pour Maggie and I sat on kitchen slab and eat Maggie after sometime eat Maggie peacefully and after sometime I drink water and come in room I close my eyes to catch some sleep I shut my eyes but a face distract me I remember the incident the day when we watch movie together when she make Maggie for me first and last time even that time I don't know how to switch on the gas poor me I remember the the day

In Past

Nishant speak hey ishu are you free today I wanna feel borr no one in house even mom dad is out for attending a wedding so I thought if you free don't worry I will drop you at your hostel

Ishu speak Nishi but why I mean why I come at your place

Nishant speak wanna spend time together we can watch movie together plz naa ishu

Ishu speak okay but one condition you pick me from here and drop me also

Nishant speak Okay ma'am as you say get ready! i come in 15 minutes wait for me byy

Ishu speak oh hello wait drive slow okay take care byy and she hang the call

Nishant pov I don't remember where are my bike's key my mind speak up oh nishi where are your bike's key damm I thought to check my drawers and here I found key I grab my key and wallet lock the house and allset to go at her place I start my bike I drive slow as he say me drive slow nishi her words echoed in my mind but again my mind speak nishi if you drive in this speed we reach her hostel tommorow here I increasing my bike speed I reached but I say a board they say boy's are not allowed my mind speak ofcourse boys are not allowed because it's girls hostel I park my bike outside of hostel and call her

Ishu pov I am so Happy that I spend some time with him ofcourse I like him since our school days but my parents decide that I take admission in hostel that he stay away from me I thought maybe my parents is not like him my heart speak up but he is so sweet heart how can someone not like him but my parents not know that I still contact with him his kind behaviour always attract me toward him and I fall for him yes I love him but didn't confess but I thought that after a long time I spend some time with him, but my chain of thoughts is broken by a call I pick my phone it's flashed his name my eyes tinkling and my cheeks automatically turn into red blush I pick up the call I speak up hey Nishi what's up He speak up look ishu here boys are not allowed can you plz come I speak up sure just wait for me byy tc

I grab my purse and phone and once look at mirror I wear blue crop top and light blue denim jeans as Blue it's his favourite colour so I blushed little and hurriedly lock the room and go to downstairs I cursed my self for not taking elevator I come out side and find him with bike he wore red t-shirt and black Capri and blue googles as red is mah favourite my heart speak up looking handsome I was so lost in him that don't understand when he come to me and shake me and speak where you lost ishu last 2 minutes I say come ishu let's go but you he made balloon face and speak up you didn't listen to me while cupping his waist Here i pulling his cheeks and speak up aww my baby is angry with me and bite my lower lip in embarrassment what I just say in few minutes ago I blushed but I held his wrist and drag him toward his bike and speak up look nishi while covering my eyes with my hand and say it's heat much he remove his glasses and give me and speak you need this but i speak nishi u wear this it's suits you more than me But before I say further he ask me to sit I blushed bcoz we are so close to eachother I thought he come with car but bike my heart say it's not bad ishu I held his waist littly when he drive bike I dug my face into his back I don't know why I do bcoz i want to hide my blush I blushing my cheeks turn crimson red and a smile is automatically appear on my lips

Nishant povI call her, and I speak up hey ishu come but she didn't move a Inch I again call her hey ishu but she didn't move I was frustrated I go toward her and shook her and speak up hey ishu where are you lost last 2 minutes I speak up come Ishu come ishu but I cupped my waist and made a balloon face I don't know why I do but I say why u don't listen to me I complain like kid but he suddenly pull my cheeks and speak up aww my baby is angry with me my anger melt in second but before I speak she drag me toward our bike my mind even teasing me our bike but she speak look nishi while cover her eyes may be this heat affect her I thought remove my glasses and give her but he say it's suits me more but my heart speak it's also suit you ishu but I sit on my bike and ask her to sit even we are so close to eachother my cheeks turn into red blush automatically he held my waist and dug her face into my back I smile I thought maybe bcoz of heat she do I start the bike and smile like idiot in the whole journey sudden atmosphere change heat is lost and black clouds covering sky and thunderstorms voice here her grip is tight I thought maybe she scared bcoz of the voice of thunderstorms I speak up in calm voice ishu don't be scared we reach home in 5 minutes I increasing my speed and yaa we reached

Ishu pov I was so happy but sudden I was scared bcoz weather suddenly change the the voice of thunderstorms enchole in my ear I tight my grip I dug my face more into his back bcoz I like monsoon even I love but i don't like this sounds of thunderstorms he speak up don't be scared we reach home soon here fresh air touch my face soon we reach home thanks to nishi and his driving skills but here he unlock the house i enter in the house he hurriedly went to kitchen and come with glass of water I take this glass and give the glass to him he must be thirsty so I thought he speak ishu this glass is for you i littlly pushed on my way and sit on sofa and speak up nishi I am not your guests I am your friend why are you doing this formalities

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