C2 Confused

Chapter two

Stepping into the office after she ushered me in, I was welcomed with the back view of a lady, dressed in red beautiful short gown, which stopped before her knee lines, a pair of red heeled shoes, which seemed to be six or seven inches long, were fitted on her feet, her dress was clinging to her body, bringing out her sexy shape, and finally, her brown long curly hair, were cascading down her shoulders. She was looking out of the window.

"Hi." I said simply, as I stopped walking.

She turned slowly to face me, and that was when her face became visible. She has a long V shaped face, a pointed nose, a small lips, a pair of grey eyes. She looked like she's in her mid forties.

"Wow, this is crazy, she's older." I said inwardly. I don't do older women, and here she is. Gosh!

She walked majestically to her seat, and sat down, before crossing her legs, after which she beckoned on me to take a seat.

I nodded and went to sit on the visitor's chair opposite her, waiting for her to start the conversation.

She scanned me with her eyes, like she was trying to see through something, before raising her gaze to look at me, with a smirk on her face.

"You look more handsome than what I saw on picture, I must confess it." She said with a seductive smile on her face.

"Thank you." I said simply, feeling uncomfortable.

An awkward silence filled the atmosphere, as none of us talked.

"Well, I heard you do a part-time boyfriend stuff?" She said, more like in a question.

I nodded.

"Ok this is it, I'll go straight to the point. There's a company I wanna bond with, and the CEO happen to be celebrating his birthday in three days time, so there's no entry without a boyfriend, that's why I need you." She explained.

I scoffed inwardly, as I looked at her. Like heck!, how does she even expect me to do that shit with her?, can't she fucking look for someone else to do that for her?, and come to think of it, why's she not married at this age?

"One of my bouncers will take you shopping tomorrow, so you'll get some nice clothes to wear for the party. Send your account details to the number in the card, and expect your pay tonight." She said, as she brought out a card from her bag, and dropped it on the desk before me.

I stared down at the card for seconds, before raising my gaze to meet hers.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm not interested." I said, and stood up, ready to go.

"What if I pay ten million dollars?" Her voice sound through.

I stopped in my track, and clenched my fist, as I closed my eyes briefly, processing what she said. Ever since I've been into this business, I've never taken any money more than five million dollars before, and here I am, being offered ten million dollars. I quickly did some calculations in my head, and fuck!, the money will go a very long way for me. I can finally buy at least a not too expensive car for Nora.

"Additional of five million dollars." Her voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

My eyes widened in shock and disbelief, as my mouth dropped opened. It's very obvious she's in need of something else, not just this contract stuff, but that isn't necessary for now, I need to grab this opportunity, before it passes me by.

Turning to face her, I found her still in her sitting position, with her legs crossed, and her fingers clasped together on the desk, as she looked up at me calmly, waiting for my reply.

"Do we have a deal?" She asked calmly.

Without no choice, I nodded in affirmation, as a smile crept its way to her face.

"Ok then, make sure to send your details to the phone number there, and expect your pay tonight." She said in conclusion.

I stared at her for seconds, before picking the card from the desk, after which I left her office, and drove straight to Kay's empire, where I work with one of the swimming teams.

Stopping my car at the parking lot, I alighted, and walked briskly inside, waving at the receptionist, who were busy smiling at me. I got to the natatorium, where I met our coach, Mr Rooney, and my other swimming mates, who were already in their swimming trunk.

"Yo! Look who we have here." My buddy, Alex said, as soon as he sighted me walked in.

I smiled, and went to give him a side hug, and we did our usual handshake, before I exchanged greetings with others.

"Is he the only one here?" My crazy buddy, Jeff rolled his eyes, as he stretched his hands flexibly.

I chuckled and hit his chest playfully.

"Cmon buddy, don't be a jealous freak." I teased.

"Hey Ivan, what's up, we haven't been seeing you here, is everything ok?" Our coach asked with concern.

"I'm fine coach, just needed to fix some things, but trust me, I'll be with you very soon." I crossed my heart playfully.

He chuckled as he nodded, before turning to face one of the swimmers, whom he was giving instructions to.

"You look disturbed man, what's up?" Alex asked, facing me with curiosity in his face.

Letting out a sigh, I placed my hands on my waist, contemplating on whether to tell him or not. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing now, accepting miss Becky's offer, but I really need the money, and telling Alex won't help matter at all, coz he'll sure laugh at me, and tell me that I'm being stupid, for not accepting it wholeheartedly, and thinking about it, but I really need someone to talk to. He's the only one that knows about my dirty work, and he's always there for me, whenever I needed help.

He stretched his hands flexible above his head, and doing some exercise.

Alex have always been my childhood friend, who always got my back, each time any problem arise, whether big or small, and I really love him. He's like a brother to me, that's why I don't keep anything from him, he knows almost all my secrets.

"Alex, I got a new contract with one miss Becky, but I'm having a hard time coming to a conclusion." I finally said, as we both went to sit on the long bench beside the pool.

"What's the problem man?" He asked sarcastically.

I calmed down and explained everything to him.

He gave me a funny look for seconds, before bursting into laughter. Gosh, I know it's gonna turn out this way, such an annoying jerk he is.

"Forget it man, I know you're gonna do this." I scoffed dismissively.

"Don't mind me man, but seriously, that's crazy, how could you even..."

"Alex, over here..."

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