Even before the night in Las Vegas really falls, its booze is lit up by flashing lanterns, like a mirage rising from the desert, attracting sightseeing and profligacy from all over the world. In contrast, the moon, which only revealed half of its face at the end of the sky's curtain, was dim and dim. Hiding behind the extravagance of the Nightless City, it peeped at its bustle and charm.

"Dong Dong Dong —"

"Come in." A low, magnetic voice came from the electronic screen embedded in the door, sounding a little tired.

With a heavy mechanical sound, the automatic door opened on both sides. The man in a suit immediately walked inside, and the door automatically closed behind him.

The apartment that took up the entire top floor of the Plum Tall Casino was like a vast labyrinth, with elegant restaurants, miniature golf courses, luxurious pools of green marble, and a large gymnasium." Extremely luxurious interior design shows the reverence of its owner.

The man walked along the corridor until he reached the end of the room. Before he could knock on the door, he heard a deep male voice clearly from inside, "Come in directly."

"Yes." The man pushed open the door and entered. Standing in front of the wide and elegant desk, he respectfully bowed. "Chu."

The man who was resting with his head supported on the leather chair frowned slightly. He did not open his eyes and asked, "What's the matter?"

"Someone cheated in the casino."

With a slight frown, the man slowly opened his eyes. "Just follow the rules. You know what to do."

"Chu, you will be interested in that person."

A trace of light flashed through his black eyes. The man lazily laid on the leather chair, his thin lips slightly curled up as he looked at the person in front of him with a smile that was not a smile, "Oh? Is it more interesting than cutting off your hands and feet? "

Even though Lu Shaotang had gotten used to seeing his good friend's skin, when he showed that fox-like cunning expression, Lu Shaotang would still be shocked by him to the point that he would forget everything that he said later on.

"Lu Shaotang, the one in your family didn't feed you yesterday?" The man smiled as he squinted his eyes. He then turned on the computer beside him. All the scenes within the casino could be clearly seen on it. While Lu Shaotang was stunned for two or three seconds, the man had already played out one of the frames. It was the scene of the gambler giving out a lot of money.

Sitting in the middle of the screen was a middle-aged man, wearing a flowery shirt and a golden necklace. He had a face full of sharp eyes. He was the type of nouveau riche that most casinos avoided.

"Not much." The man squinted his eyes. His gaze stopped at the middle-aged man's actions. "However, he's quite bold. Since he doesn't want to leave anyone behind, let's chop them all down."

Lu Shaotang coughed dryly and said seriously, "Chu, he's called Zhang Quan and is a drug dealer. A while ago, he robbed a batch of goods from us at the dock."

His sword-like eyebrows raised with a hint of interest. "So you're saying that he stole something from me and came to my casino to sell it?"

"You could say that."

The man called 'Chu' stood up with a smile, "Open up a VIP room and give him a hundred thousand chips."

Lu Shaotang was stunned: "Chu, you want to bet with him?"

The man smiled without a word and walked towards the door.

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