Black Ambition: Sleep with Bodyguard/C10 Obediently Obedient
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Black Ambition: Sleep with Bodyguard/C10 Obediently Obedient
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C10 Obediently Obedient

"Mmm mmm …" When Tang Chen was confused by the kiss, his shirt was pulled out from his belt. His body that had never been touched before suddenly touched Chu Lingfeng's hot palm. Tang Chen trembled as he retreated, eager to escape from the man's clutches.

Chu Lingfeng tightened his arm around Wu Tie's waist and tightly held him in his embrace. His pair of eyes that seemed like a smile yet wasn't, stared at Wu Tie's lips that had been kissed like a snakehead and snorted, "Hmm?"

Tang Chen felt embarrassed looking at him, the gaze that just bumped into him quickly moved away, and he looked at another place in silence with a twinkle in his eyes.

Chu Lingfeng let go of her soft lips and gently licked along her smooth white neck. Finally, he directly put her pointed Adam's apple into his mouth and repeatedly sucked.

"Goo …" Tang Chen trembled. Every kiss from the man seemed to have an electric current, quickly brushing past his neck. The strong feeling went straight to his head, causing him to grab onto the man's clothes with both of his hands. However, this man had a wicked heart and refused to let go. Every time he swallowed, his Adam's apple would be wrapped by the soft tip of his tongue, as if it was going to be sucked into his belly.

Chu Lingfeng ran his fingers along his silk-like skin. The feeling of almost melting into his body was irresistible to Chu Lingfeng. "Why don't you say it?"

Tang Chen's eyes were immediately covered by a layer of water vapor after being tortured by him like that. He looked at him with misty eyes: "You …" What exactly do you want? "

"Do you want to know?" Chu Lingfeng suddenly stopped his actions, which made Tang Chen, who was still immersed in his gentleness a moment ago, a little uncomfortable. Chu Lingfeng suddenly stopped his hands, which made Tang Chen, who was still immersed in his gentleness, a little uncomfortable.

Chu Lingfeng stared at Tang Chen for a long time before chuckling. He bent down and pressed his lips to Tang Chen's ears, "He previously robbed me of over ten million goods at the dock …" "Say, your boss is so stupid, to think he would swagger over to my place and bet money …" Saying that, Chu Lingfeng paused for a moment, he raised his finger and caressed Tang Chen's chin, "I was worried that I wouldn't have the chance to deal with him, but now he dares to make a fool of himself in my place, don't you think this is sending himself to my doorstep? "Hmm?"

Tang Chen was shocked when he heard this. He finally understood that his boss had a grudge with this man. This time, he had been cheating in the casino, but it just so happened that he got hit by this guy's gun.

"Can you let him go?" Knowing the whole story, Tang Chen's tone became weaker. Moreover, the man's lips were almost touching his own face, causing him to not even dare to move a muscle: "He's the first …"

"The first one?" Chu Lingfeng raised his head and narrowed his eyes charmingly: "If you don't know how to say such words, can you provoke a man?"

Tang Chen raised his head and looked at him, his eyes were filled with tears, "My first job..." "Work..." Suddenly, Tang Chen was afraid that the man would misunderstand his relationship with his employer, so he blurted out his explanation without thinking.

"What would happen to you if something happened to your boss?" Chu Lingfeng had a gentle and graceful look on his face, while his tone was low and sexy. This made Tang Chen blush again: "I was fired."

"Don't want to be expelled?" Chu Lingfeng curled his lips in interest, while a little more interest appeared in his eyes.

Tang Chen nodded with a red face. He finally managed to persuade his family to let him come out to work. If his parents and two older brothers found out that he was fired, they would definitely call him back.

"Do you know who I am?"

"The boss of the casino." Tang Chen answered honestly as if he didn't notice that his tofu was being eaten like a pig.

"Then what did you do in front of me?"

"..." Out of nowhere. "

"Each branch has their own rules and regulations. According to what I said, you have to be cut off with one hand and one leg before you can leave my casino."

Feeling her body trembling in his arms, Chu Lingfeng smiled more gently.

"Can I afford it?" Tang Chen was in Chu Lingfeng's arms, not daring to raise his eyes. Without a hand and a leg, how could he still work?

"No, like I said, I'm not lacking in money." Never forced anyone to do anything.

"Can you not chop off my limbs …" The woman's voice became softer and softer. If he continued to bully her, she would probably cry.

"Then you have to listen to me obediently."

The Tang beauty is a warm and oily little rabbit.

Tomorrow at the tournament!"

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