"You are not allowed to come here! "If you come back, I'll shoot you!" Lee Hao had seen quite a lot of scenes, big ones and small ones, but this was his first time encountering a dangerous situation like this, where he was surrounded by hundreds of gang members. What's more, they all had vicious looks on their faces. Their large and small tattoos were all over their muscles. Just any one of them standing out was as big as Tang Chen and him …

"Lee Hao …" Tang Chen, who was backing out of the restaurant, reminded him in a low voice, "Your hand is shaking."

"I know, my hand is cramping." Lee Hao glanced at Tang Chen and looked like he was about to cry.

"Stop resisting and put the gun down." A man wearing a black vest walked out from the crowd. The strong muscles almost broke that vest of his. It made Lee Hao want to faint, it was better to lose face than get beaten up.

Tang Chen walked out of the restaurant with the hostage in his hands. His chopsticks were still holding onto the man's throat as he said, "We will pay for the noodles."

The man spat on the ground with a smile, causing the others to immediately burst out in laughter, as if what Tang Chen said just now was just a joke.

"It's only two bowls of noodles. Consider it as my treat." The man walked towards Tang Chen with a smile, "But you guys injured Master Qiao's guest, this debt is not easy to settle."

Tang Chen frowned: "They made the first move."

"Is it time to investigate who attacked first?" The man pointed at the chopsticks in Tang Chen's hand and said with a serious expression, "I only know that the two of you don't pay after eating, and you still want to force the customers in the restaurant to run away."

"All of you are slandering us!" Lee Hao was so excited that he almost jumped up: "They were the ones who kidnapped me and even broke Chen's head, how are we going to settle this debt!"

"This is Master Qiao's territory, of course Master Qiao is in charge." The man's eyes shone with a murderous light, and the exposed tattoos were even more terrifying.

"You all …"

"Who is Master Qiao?" Tang Chen suddenly opened his mouth and interrupted Lee Hao who had a red face and thick neck.

A trace of light flashed across the man's eyes. He slowly walked to Tang Chen like a strong bear, "Master Qiao is the biggest here."

"Then take me to see him." Tang Chen looked at him calmly.

"Chen!" Are you crazy! " Lee Hao was so scared that his face turned green. He quickly shouted at him: "They clearly want to cause trouble, why did you send yourself over for them to slaughter!"

The peach blossom eyes on his tail narrowed slightly, Tang Chen repeated: "Take me to see Master Qiao."

The man was stunned as he obviously did not expect Tang Chen to make such a request. "Kid, who do you think you are? Is Master Qiao something that you can see whenever you want to!? "

Tang Chen pursed his lips, making his already swollen lips turn even more red and moist, like a candy wrapped in honey. Seeing this, the man felt his throat tighten.

"Is Master Qiao looking for our boss?" Tang Chen didn't notice the man's burning gaze. His eyes were clear and bright, which was exactly the opposite of the red wine's color. Pure and charming, they really could appear in the same person …

Not only that, he didn't feel the slightest bit of disharmony.

The man looked away and took a step back to keep his distance from Tang Chen. Only then was he able to control his restless movements. "Where is Zhang Quan now?"

"I don't know."

"You don't know?"

Tang Chen bit his slightly swollen red lips: "I haven't seen him since last night. If you know his whereabouts, please let us know. We also want to find Boss Zhang as soon as possible. "

"..." That's it? " The man stared at Tang Chen with a constipated expression.


"…" The man was speechless. With a dark expression, he waved his hand towards his subordinates. Hundreds of people aggressively surrounded Tang Chen and Lee Hao.

"Wait a minute!" Tang Chen stopped the man and frowned.

"What else do you want to say?"

Tang Chen glanced at Lee Hao and pushed the hostage out of his hand, "Since I'm the last person who has seen Boss Zhang, then the person you're looking for is me. It has nothing to do with my friend, just let him go."

"Chen, you …"

"If you don't release my friends, even if I know something, I won't reveal it to you." Tang Chen threw the chopsticks in his hand and walked towards the man, "You can't be bothered to explain to Master Qiao."

The man frowned. "Let him go, will you tell us everything you know?"

Tang Chen sniffed and replied with bright eyes, "Of course."

After staring at Tang Chen for a while, the man waved his hand to make a path for his subordinate: "Your friend can leave."

"Chen …"

"I want to see him off."

"What did you say!" The man looked as if he was choking sh * t. Did this brat really understand the situation!?

Tang Chen innocently shrugged, "Who knows if you guys will go back on your word and capture my friend? I have to see him leave safely before I can be at ease. "

Lee Hao was moved to tears.

Blue veins popped out from the man's neck as he said, "Fine, I'll see what other tricks you have up your sleeve!"

"Let's go." Tang Chen waved to Lee Hao. "I'll walk you out."

Lee Hao quickly followed.

"Hey, Chen, are you really going back with them?" Lee Hao carefully hid behind Tang Chen and secretly communicated with him in Chinese. Compared to those foreign barbarians, they could not understand what Tang Chen was saying.

Tang Chen twitched his mouth: "Whoever goes back will be an idiot."

"What!?" "You …" Lee Hao instantly felt the murderous gaze around him. Every step he took was filled with fear.

"If I don't say it like that, would I have a chance to escape?"

"But Master Qiao is very influential here, I'm worried …"

"This area?" Tang Chen wrinkled his nose, "Then let's escape from this area."

"…" Lee Hao choked. He was afraid that before he could escape, the people would be chopped into pieces.

"Halt!" Seeing the two leave the circle, the man immediately shouted, "You've already sent him out!"

Tang Chen had no intention to stop at all. When the man shouted, he immediately dragged Lee Hao and ran forward: "I'll send you off again!"

The man was shocked. "Capture them both!"

"AHH!" Lee Hao who was about to be caught up shouted miserably: "Chen! "Chen!

Tang Chen stopped and turned around immediately: "You go first!"

"But Chen …"

"Hurry up!" Seeing the black mass of hulks rushing towards him, Tang Chen immediately pushed Lee Hao on his waist, turned around and knocked down the hulking hulk that was rushing to grab Wu Tie. Taking advantage of the other party's muffled groan, Tang Chen immediately stepped on his bear's waist and leaped into the air.

All of a sudden, those hoodlums who saw Tang Chen's skill did not dare to take even half a step forward, and were quite wary of him.

A hint of pain flashed across Tang Chen's eyes. He, who was in a fighting stance, almost couldn't resist squatting down with his hands on his waist …

My back hurts.

His butt hurt even more.

"Kid, you're quite skilled!" The leading man sneered as he pushed his subordinates away and walked towards Tang Chen.

Normally, it would be great, but after last night … Tang Chen pouted, feeling wronged. Why did all these bad things come to him?

"Since you can fight so well, then compete with me." "As long as you can beat me, I'll let you go."

Tang Chen wrinkled his nose, "Can we not fight?"

"Then don't even think about leaving!" The man roared and immediately punched towards Tang Chen's face!

Green veins exposed the strength of his fist, whistling as he swung it towards Tang Chen. If Tang Chen wasn't quick in dodging, a bloody hole would have been left in his face!

Tang Chen did not dare to fight him head on with another punch, so he could only continue to dodge. Seeing that he had nowhere to run to and wanted to retreat to front of those people, Tang Chen suddenly fell back, the man's fist that was swung by him could not be retracted any longer, and 'bang', it broke his head and caused blood to flow out of his hands. Tang Chen saw the right opportunity, and in the brief moment when the man was stunned, he clenched his fist and rushed towards Tang Chen's chin.

Tang Chen held his waist that was filled with pain, while his expression was no better than a man who got beaten up.

Wiping away the blood all over his mouth, the man's expression suddenly became extremely ugly. He didn't give Tang Chen any chance to catch his breath, and immediately rushed towards Tang Chen with his fist raised!

Tang Chen lifted his waist and a heart-wrenching pain filled his entire body …

It's over.

His waist flashed.

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